What can password managers do on Android?


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The world is going mobile, and so is your life. You now use your mobile device to play games, check emails and read articles, but you avoid logging in to accounts on your phone because you don’t remember your passwords. Forget mobile shopping; typing in those forms at checkout is time consuming and frustrating.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Password managers for Android are pushing the limits of what mobile can do using auto-fill and digital wallets, and it is becoming almost as simple as using your desktop.

We’ve done the hard work and researched what is most important to you: how much does it cost, what do you get and what makes it great? In the matrix below, we compared popular password managers Blur, Dashlane, LastPass and Keeper to help you get on your way to a faster, more secure online life.

The best digital wallets and password managers for Android, compared

Blur Dashlane LastPass Keeper
What Android devices and versions does it support? Android 4.4 – all major devices Android 4.0 Varies with Android device Varies with Android device
Does login info autofill in app? In browser? Yes, both Yes in App, No in browser Yes Yes
Does secure payment info autofill in app? In browser? Yes, both No Yes No
What does the free version include? Password manager, digital wallet and Masked Emails on all devices plus tracker blocking Password manager and digital wallet on one device Password manager on multiple devices; backup & sync on one device Password manager on one device
How much does the premium version cost? $39/year (with discounts for multiple years) $39.99/year (with discounts for multiple years) $12/year $29.99/year
What does the premium version include? Unlimited Masked Cards, 1 Masked Phone number, backup and sync information across all devices Sync across all devices and get secure backup Sync across unlimited devices Sync across all devices and get secure backup
What is it best for? Tracker blocking and Masking features allow you to choose whether or not to share your real personal information online Monitoring and changing passwords with one click and sharing passwords with coworkers Easy access to information across platforms through any browser; Good for use in corporate environments Good for personal use; Uses advanced 2-factor authentication technology to keep you secure

Blur’s unique Masking features allow you to choose where you share your private information, including your email address, phone number and credit card information. Additionally, the tracker blocking feature for desktop browsers stops secret data collection on your computer. Beyond being a password manager, Blur’s #1 priority is your all-around online privacy protection. Blur’s new Android App is now available in the Google Play store.

Dashlane is best known for its ability to easily change passwords with one click. It is also a popular way to share passwords in the office among coworkers so that multiple people can access logins for various platforms such as the social media profiles or email services. Dashlane also alerts users if a website they use has been hacked so they can promptly change their password.

LastPass works everywhere–on all browser extensions and devices, even Blackberry and Windows Phone. LastPass Enterprise is a way for companies to manage employee passwords in one platform, with a password security check that indicates when passwords are weak and need to be changed, helping companies to avoid data breaches. LastPass also makes it easy to share passwords with trusted friends and family.

Keeper is a popular password manager for personal use. They have a unique approach to 2-factor authentication called Keeper DNA, which uses all of your IoT devices to create your unique Keeper DNA profile. When logging in, Keeper uses these profile elements to safely log you in and eliminates the need to type in a randomized numerical code.

Password managers make it easier to keep your passwords strong and secure in order to protect your private information online. Still have some questions? We’re happy to help. Contact us or check out our FAQ.

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