How you can use Abine’s Blur App with iOS10 and iPhone 7


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apple-inc-logoIt’s become a regular September event with Apple—the tech giant has once again delivered its latest news: the iPhone 7 is here.

Apart from the fact that every iPhone user will eventually have to switch over to wireless headphones, the iPhone 7 introduction did not appear to be a breakthrough announcement by any means. 

If you don’t yet have Blur mobile – get it here in the AppStore and here in Google Play.

Also, Apple, unfortunately, has not made any material improvements towards protecting user data, aside from its differential privacy implementation.

How can I use my iPhone 7 with Blur?

One of the coolest features of Blur for iPhone is the Blur Private Browser. We’ve built an extremely private browsing experience directly inside the Blur mobile app, which blocks targeted advertising and gives you direct access to your logins and passwords, all with the peace of mind that your data is being stored securely.

Just like when browsing with Blur on your desktop browser, look for the tracker blocker counter in the top right corner of the screen to see how many trackers are being blocked on the website you’re viewing:


With Blur for iPhone, quickly (and securely) login to your favorite accounts in just a few clicks:


If you prefer to use Safari as your mobile browser instead of Blur, you can use the Blur Action Extension in order to access your stored logins and passwords and login to your favorite accounts on the fly. To utilize the Blur Action Extension, look for the ‘share’ button inside your Safari browser:ios-action-extension

Blur for iPhone is the must have tool for any privacy advocates on-the-go.

Signup for Blur today, and receive a 50% discount on a 1-year Blur premium subscription if you subscribe within 24 hours of creating your account.

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