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donotcallAt Abine, our #1 priority is helping consumers keep their private information private. In addition to Abine Blur’s Masked Emails and Masked Cards feature, one of the cool premium features included with a Blur subscription is Masked Phone.

Just like Masked Emails and Masked Cards, we recommend that you give out your Masked Phone number online—or in person—whenever you’re uncomfortable giving out your real phone number. The Masked Phone number that you receive from us acts as a ‘forwarding’ phone number that will forward all calls and text messages to your real phone number, without sacrificing your privacy or being forced to give your phone number to slimy companies who will sell your phone number to the highest bidder.

Brief aside: I personally setup a brand new Yahoo Fantasy Sports account earlier this week; within the first hour of verifying the phone number on my account, I received a telemarketing call….coincidence???

Getting Started with your Masked Phone

You can setup your Masked Phone through the Blur webapp, or through the Blur mobile apps for iOS or Android devices.

When you setup your Masked Phone through Blur, we’ll give you a monthly $3.00 balance to be used towards your Masked Phone. The $3.00 is included within the subscription fee that you already paid, and it is not an additional charge. You will see the $3.00 balance decrease with use of your masked phone number. You can also purchase additional minutes if you’d like.
For U.S. users the charge is $0.01 cent per minute for receiving calls, and $0.02 cents per minute for initiating calls. Currently, you can only receive texts through your Masked Phone and respond to texts that are sent to your Masked Phone, but you cannot initiate a text message conversation using a Masked Phone.

Can I get a new Masked Phone number?

One question that we get all the time is if you can choose the Masked Phone number that is given to you. Unfortunately, the answer is no, you cannot choose your Masked Phone number. This is because we technically do not own the phone numbers that we provide to our users. When you setup your Masked Phone, our system will search for an available phone number with the same area code of the phone number that you want Masked (e.g. if you have an 818 area code, our system will try to assign you a Masked Phone number with an 818 area code).

At any time, however, you can request a new Masked Phone number at any time through the Blur webapp, by clicking the “Change Masked Phone” button. Requesting a new Masked Phone number will result in a $7.00 fee.

Additionally, at any time, you can always edit the phone number that your Masked Phone is forwarding to (e.g. you currently have Masked Phone calls forwarding to your cell phone, but you’d like them to be forwarded to your home phone instead) by editing the phone number that we have on file for you.

How do I initiate a Masked Phone call?

Once your Masked Phone is setup, you can initiate a Masked Phone call through the Blur webapp, or through the Blur mobile apps for iOS or Android devices.

Starting a Masked Phone call on your Blur iOS app:

masked phone call (ios)

Starting a Masked Phone call on your Blur Android app:

masked phone call (android)

Starting a Masked Phone call from the Blur Webapp:masked phone call (webapp)

Once you start the Masked Phone call, you’ll immediately receive a call from your Masked Phone number. Once you answer this call, we will then begin dialing the phone number that you wish to call.

One of the great features of Masked Phone is that you can easily block any phone number that is trying to contact you, directly from the Blur webapp or the Blur mobile apps. And, even if you block a number from contacting you, they’ll have no idea that you blocked them; if they try to contact you, they’ll just receive a message saying that your number is no longer available.

If you have any additional questions about Masked Phone, check out our FAQs page or email us at support [at] get abine [dot] com.


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