Apple Pay isn’t gaining traction – it should go online


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ap_imageA recent report has called out Apple’s lack of traction for Apple Pay – especially outside the US where it only has a handful of banks as partners:

The report and mainstream media also compare Apple Pay’s figure of $10 billion in transactions in 2015 to Apple’s more than $100 billion of iPhone annual sales.  We’re unsure why, because iPhone users paying with their phones (for other goods and services) is unrelated to how much they spend buying their phones or phone plans. 

One thing is clear, however, which is Apple can’t immediately affect change “the Apple way” in a big global ecosystem.  Apple prefers closure and control for their services and this is – and will continue to – hurt them in payments.

One thing Apple Pay can do to grow faster, however, is enable Apple Pay to work online where users can make faster more secure e-commerce purchases.  Recode believes Apple will do this first (as usual a closed approach) in the Safari browser on devices that have TouchID:

By being more integrated into e-commerce, Apple Pay can accelerate spending more quickly than in retail where working with banks and merchants to change can be extremely time-consuming.  Meanwhile, an Apple Pay checkout button available to merchants and Safari users could be a big time-saver, especially for mobile commerce. android-pay-logo

Google gets this and just announced its Android Pay button for Google Chrome.

The problem with Apple and Google beginning to integrate their payments into their browsers is that they don’t or won’t work well across platforms.  This is why Blur’s wallet offers fast and more secure online payment today, no matter what popular browser or mobile phone / tablet is being used.

By the end of the year, everyone should expect to see more and better payment options for mobile and e-commerce at many merchants they shop with.  However, a key issue will remain – which ways to pay work everywhere?  Blur’s wallet, unlike Apple Pay or Android Pay, does work everywhere and with whatever credit cards you prefer to use as well.

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