Who is watching you open your emails?


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Snooping Email Marketers are Tracking You

It’s been a long day, your email inbox is full of messages – many of them unread. You quickly eyeball them, a few catch your attention, maybe you’ll come back and open them later. After lunch, perhaps, or maybe after that meeting.

But one of those emails seems interesting enough to open right now – so you do.

However, as soon as you open it, whether you find it interesting or not, chances are you’re being watched by multiple companies, right from your own email inbox.

These email marketing and delivery tracking companies insert small invisible pixels in your email so that if you open them, they can track you and your behavior. They don’t need you to click on anything in the email… they already know things like:

  • how long you looked at the email
  • what time you opened it
  • if you re-opened it
  • if you opened other emails from campaigns they are marketing
  • how you compare to others
  • etc, etc

Some of these pesky email marketing companies include:Mastering-Mailchimp-large

And on and on…

Abine’s Blur service now helps protect your email privacy by automatically blocking these trackers from silently reporting which emails you open – and which you don’t.

Here’s what it would look like if you use Gmail:

This image shows two email trackers being blocked


email UI injection for trackersLike with most features of Blur, you can easily turn this feature on or off, according to your personal preferences.

Blur of course also protects your actual email address – not just your privacy while reading emails. Blur’s Masked Emails are actual email addresses, meaning they work like real email addresses, they just cannot be tracked back to you or abused.

With Blur, you can take back control of your privacy and email addresses. Not only can you control who knows your real email address with Blur, but you can also stop spam, control who can send you those special offers that you’re waiting for during the holiday shopping season, and you can even use Blur to Mask your Credit Card information as well.

Check out Blur Premium.

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