Experts Warn About the Next Victims of a Sensitive Data Breach: You


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Historical data breaches

ashley_madisonMost people probably had the same overall reaction to the Ashley Madison data breach, or the infamous nude photos of celebrities that were leaked in 2014, “Not my problem” or “I’m not a celebrity.”

However, bloggers and tech. enthusiasts are beginning to warn internet users of the next likely victims of a data breach containing sensitive information: You.

Am I actually at risk?Incognito

If you’ve watched online porn during 2015, you’re likely at risk, even if you’ve been using “Incognito Mode” or “Private Browsing”. Truthfully, these “Private” browsing modes don’t do much other than hide your browsing history from other users of your computer. As Brett Thomas writes, “All that’s needed are two nominal data breaches and an enterprising teenager that wants to create havoc.” He implies that this kind of data breach is just around the corner.

Basically, if a vindictive party was able to get their hands on the logs of a website that knows your name, and at the same time, were able to see the logs of an Adult site that you’ve viewed, they could very easily piece the information together, and make it viewable and searchable for anyone on the internet to see!

How can I lower my risk of becoming a victim?

Digital-FootprintAny website can be hacked, and if someone’s telling you otherwise, they’re not being truthful. Whenever you visit any website (even while using Incognito Mode), your computer will leave various pieces of information about you (and your computer) behind, referred to as your “Browser Footprint”. This footprint can be easily tracked and pieced together via user tracking.

One way you can partially combat this is by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network), such as IPVanish, AnchorFree, VyprVPN, or Anonymizer.

Additionally, you can use Abine Blur, which makes it easy to give out less of your real personal information online when browsing the internet. Your email address basically acts as an online identifier that helps data mining companies learn about you and build a personal profile about your likes and dislikes. Not only does Blur help you easily create anonymous email addresses, it also blocks these third-party marketing companies from Tracking your online activity.

Check out Blur and Blur Premium today.

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