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small__8255322598It’s taken some highly publicized hacks, and more than 300 million compromised accounts in 2014, but the nation is finally paying attention to digital privacy. The question is, what can an individual person do about privacy protection?

While it’s true that there are more digital threats than ever – private hackers in Russia, government-affiliated hacker groups in Syria and China and even our own government – it’s also easier than it’s ever been to secure one’s identity.

Yep, you can continue to shop online, create accounts on websites, subscribe to email lists and so on. The solution is masking – and it’s available today in Blur.

Blur makes it possible to mask (or “blur”) nearly your entire online identity. Your email address? Your credit card? Your phone number? Blur will mask them all. And it blocks hundreds of invasive trackers, so marketing companies and ad networks won’t know what you see and do on the web.

Make it your resolution to mask your identity this year!

Masked Emails
Unlimited in all Blur plans

Create one in just a click, on desktop or mobile (this is the Blur Dashboard on a desktop):

aa53If you start getting spam at a Masked Email address, you can simply delete it. Perfect for email newsletter signups or websites that require an email address to register.

Masked Cards
Unlimited in Blur Premium

Simply add your real credit card number to Blur. Then, any time you shop online, create a Masked Card. Each one will charge your real card – but merchants never see your real card number.

In the Blur mobile app, you’d tap the “Create New” button to make a new Masked Card:

2014-10-27 14.36.08Masked Phone Numbers
One included in Blur Premium

Don’t want to share your real phone number? Use a Masked Number instead. Calls and texts forward to your actual number – soon, you’ll be able to send texts via Masked Numbers, too.

Tracker Blocking
Included in all Blur plans

Blur blocks tracking on both desktop and mobile. Blocking starts as soon as you install Blur – no configuration required.

If you’re using the Blur desktop browser extension, you can view the complete list of trackers by clicking the extension icon > Settings > “View tracking companies” under the Don’t track my browsing subheading:

aa54And stay tuned – we’ll be making Blur even better in 2015!

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