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At Abine, we believe that LastPass is an excellent choice as a Password Manager. Now that LastPass has been acquired by LogMeIn , hopefully, they will continue to be excellent. However, we’re now getting many more questions from LastPass users about how to switch over to Blur, and how they can import their LastPass password manager data into Blur.

In this post, we’ll cover how to easily import your LastPass data into Blur – and for fairness – also show you how to export your Blur password manager data to be used with LastPass, or another password manager.

Import your LastPass Data into Blur

If you’re attempting to move your password manager data from LastPass into Blur, the first thing that you’ll have to do is export your LastPass data into a .CSV file. LastPass Export

-Login to your LastPass account, and then open your LastPass Password Vault

-Once inside your vault, click “tools” in the sidebar, and then look for the “Export” option

-Once you’ve entered your LastPass Master Password, you’ll then need to save your Lastpass.CSV file in a secure location on your computer, and one that can be easily located for future reference

-Then, navigate to Blur, and login to your account

-Once logged into Blur, navigate to your Blur settings page

-Now, look for the “Import Data” option on your Blur settings page

-When you get to the import page in your Blur account, select the “LastPass” option from the drop-down menu:

Lastpass Import 2

-Next, click the “choose file” button, and then locate the Lastpass.CSV file that was created in the first step

-Once you’ve selected the correct file, you’ll see the accounts populate in the Import screen

LastPass Import 3

-Then, click the “Import” button, and check to see that all accounts were successfully imported

LastPass Import 4

-Now, when you navigate back to your Blur Dashboard’s Account Page, you’ll see your successfully imported LastPass accounts

LastPass Import 5


Import your Blur Data into LastPass

-To move your Blur password manager data into LastPass, you’ll first have to export your Blur data into a .CSV file

-First navigate to your Blur settings page, and then locate the “Export Data” option

-Then, you’ll want to select the “Export CSV” option. You need to save this data file in a secure location that can be easily located for future reference

Blur export 1-Now that you’ve exported your Blur data, you’ll have to import this data file using the LastPass browser extension. Once you have the LastPass extension installed, click the icon in your browser’s toolbar, then scroll to “Tools”, and then “Import From” and then “Generic CSV File”, and then click “Import”

Blur export 2-Then, locate the Blur export .CSV file that was previously created in the earlier steps

-Now, LastPass will bring you to a new page, and will display all of the accounts that it’s about to import for you

Using Blur with a Different Password Manager

We understand that you may not want to use Blur’s password manager if you prefer to use one that you’re already comfortable with. You can easily disable Blur’s password management feature if you prefer to use a different password manager.

-To disable Blur’s password manager, first click the Blur icon in your browser’s toolbar

-Then, click “settings” at the bottom of the Blur pop-up window

Disable PW 1-Now, click “settings for all sites” at the bottom of the Blur pop-up window

Disable PW 2-Finally, you’ll want to disable “Account Saving”, “Account auto-fill & login”, and “Suggest Strong Password”

Disable PW 3-Once you’ve disabled these options, you’ll have to refresh your page in order for the changes to take affect

At Abine, our mission is to bring easy-to-use online privacy tools to everybody who wants them.  Check out Blur and Blur Premium today.



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