Your favorite journalists’ next data breach article (a.k.a. Monday Mad Libs)


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Need a break from your Monday? Want a small retreat to your childhood? Interested in keeping up with trending news?

Look no further—Abine Mad Libs is here.

Abine likes to stay in the loop about current data breaches, but they occur so frequently that, after a while, all the data breach articles start to look the same. We could list out the details of each breach we’ve come across today—at Experian, at the Chicago doctors’ group, in LA county, and in Germany, for example—but instead, we decided to let you fill in the blanks.

While our mad lib word game is a whole lot of fun (humor us!), the reality of data breaches is not so chummy. But let’s be honest – data breaches happen far too often, and organizations are not taking adequate measures to secure user and customer data.

Nevertheless, enjoy!

Directions: Fill out the lines below with the word type indicated to the left. Do it with a friend or by yourself without looking at the story that comes next. Once you have all of the words, read the story, replacing the parentheses with the words you came up with. PRO TIP: Journalists can use this template to assist with their next data breach story!

  1. Adjective ____________________
  2. Number ____________________
  3. Plural Noun ____________________
  4. Company or organization ____________________
  5. Name ____________________
  6. Plural Noun ____________________
  7. Bit of Data ____________________

Data Breach Investigation Under Way

( ____1____ ) information for more than ( ____2____ ) ( ____3____ ) may have been compromised in what could be one of the biggest data breaches in history. ( _____4_____ ) publicly announced the breach yesterday. Investigations are currently under way.

The CEO of ( ____5____) released a statement that apologized to customers. “We are very sorry that this incident occurred. Maintaining the integrity of ( ____6____ ) is of the utmost importance to us.”

The company assured the press that no ( ____7____ ) were exposed in the breach.

Notices were sent out to those potentially affected, offering free credit monitoring for two years.

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