Meet the Facebook Privacy Dinosaur (a.k.a. @PrivacyDino)


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meet-facebook-privacy-dinosaurIf you’re using the “public” share option on Facebook, chances are you’ve already met the prehistoric creature of the moment—the Facebook Privacy Dinosaur.

The benign-looking blue dinosaur, unofficially dubbed the Privacy Dinosaur, is being tested with a limited number of Facebook users who choose to share posts publicly, rather than with only friends.

The dino appears in a popup window that asks users if their post is being shared “with the right audience.” Users can then choose to share publicly or with just friends.


Tech bloggers like Will Oremus and Kim Komando have already blogged on the Privacy Dinosaur’s emergence, and what it means for Facebook, a company that has historically shrugged off privacy.

Oremus speculates that the Privacy Dino is an attempt to regain users’ trust, as well as a PR strategy. Some privacy groups are even commending Facebook on this new effort to protect users.

It may be too early to tell whether the Privacy Dinosaur is a cute cover-up to distract from recent concern over Facebook privacy or if the little blue dino is a genuine attempt to protect users from their own oversharing.

In light of this, Abine invites you to participate in a Privacy Dinosaur caption contest in honor of Facebook’s new privacy representative.

Tweet to us @Abine with the hashtag #privacydino: tell us something funny that the Privacy Dinosaur might say!

When you do, you’ll automatically be entered to win a 1 year Premium subscription to DoNotTrackMe ($45.00 value).

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  1. Victoria M. says:

    Have the blue Dino. say Ab o Ab o Hay hay hay like Fred Flintstones used to say and then launch onto his speech on which ever topic needed.
    I don’t really tweet, so. Please consider this my entry.
    Thank you,
    V, Mathis

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