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small_3554301066Fun fact from the National Retail Federation: Gift cards are consistently the most-requested holiday gift item. This year is no different. Sixty-two percent of people want a gift card for the holidays, the NRF reported last month.

If gift cards are on your shopping list, have you thought about where you’re going to get them? Not everyone will have an easy time spending $50 or $100 at one store – and the card companies’ own gift cards have a fee tacked on, so you’ll pay more for them than their face value.

For a gift card option that’s fee-free and retailer-independent, consider a Masked Card from Blur.

When you create a Masked Card from your Blur account, you get a 16-digit card number that works at any online merchant. Masked Cards don’t include a name, so anyone can use them. (You just have to enter Abine’s address as the card’s billing address. It’s 280 Summer St., Boston MA 02210.)

Masked Cards are safe to buy, too. When you create one, only we get your real card number – merchants never see it. You’ll simply see a charge from “ABINE INC” on your statement for the amount of the Masked Card.

Plus, Masked Cards are great for kids. When you opt to give a Masked Card as a gift, you can select the ‘Parental Control’ option to gain visibility into where the card is used.

To create a Masked Card for gifting, visit the Blur Dashboard in your desktop browser and navigate to Wallet > Masked Cards > ‘New Masked Card’. Select the ‘Gift’ radio button to have the card emailed directly to the recipient:

aa47Here’s what that person will see in his/her email inbox:

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 3.39.02 PM

In this case, Olivia would simply click the link in the email to get her Masked Card number.

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