1 trillion trackers blocked by DNTMe community: use hashtag #dnt1trillion


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DoNotTrackMeCongrats DoNotTrackMe users: you’ve blocked 1 trillion trackers (use hashtag #dnt1trillion)

Abine is proud to announce that DoNotTrackMe has helped over ten million people block one trillion attempts to track their browsing. This highlights the enormous and continuous increase in how companies are tracking and recording your activity online (and then using it against you).

Even the most (seemingly) harmless websites have third party companies tracking your activity. Curious where you find them? Everywhere…

  • Checking out the weather? Weather.com has 15 trackers.

  • Quick scan of the sports headlines? ESPN.com has 5 trackers.

  • Want to look at the news? CNN.com has 10 trackers.

DoNotTrackMe is a simple way to protect your online privacy, which is not-so-private in light of sneaky online tracking companies and recent data breaches. While the 1 trillion trackers milestone demonstrates the magnitude of online tracking, Abine and its users are proof that there’s a way to fight back, and to protect your personal information.

Not already a part of the community? Get DoNotTrackme and join now for free.

Why am I being tracked?

Simply put, companies make money off of your browsing activity data.

Tracking companies collect your personal information to create profiles of you that often include the sites you visit, articles you read, videos you watch, things you buy, and much more. Your data is bought and sold, and used to show you ads you’re statistically more likely to click on.

The more you browse, the more activity that is collected, stored, and analyzed, and the more valuable your data becomes to that company. Without your consent (and often knowledge), companies are profiting off you.

Who are these tracking companies?

You probably don’t recognize most of the companies you see in DNTMe, which is just the way they want it.

In an earlier series, Abine privacy analyst Sarah Downey answered, “Who are these tracking companies?” to bring greater awareness to who these companies are and how they operate. Click below to meet a few of our (least) favorite tracking companies.

  • Meet Adroll, a popular and fast-growing ad networking specializing in helping other advertisers “retarget you”.

  • Meet Gravity, an internet display advertising network that relies on partnerships with large companies to track and service targeted advertising to users as they browse the web.

  • Meet KISSmetrics, a web analytics tool that businesses use to measure and analyze their web traffic.

To block these sneaky companies and hundreds more from tracking your browsing, get DoNotTrackMe.

If you already use DoNotTrackMe, share the love on Twitter and use hashtag #dnt1trillion.


2 Replies to “1 trillion trackers blocked by DNTMe community: use hashtag #dnt1trillion”

  1. Linda Anne Quinlan Gasper says:

    This what I posted on my Facebook page today and for a whle, will leave it up as public. Thanks for all you do and the info you give.
    Linda Anne Quinlan Gasper


    I strongly reccommend, for all of us who “share things” on FACEBOOK especially, visit http://www.abine.com and download for free “Do Not Track Me”. They are a small-Boston-based start-up that currenty has only one thing they charge for, “Delete Me”, which I think, sadly to say, is going to be a neccesity real soon. They also have another program if you have IE10 or higher called “Mask Me”, but the biggy for me, is “Do Not Track Me”. Below is the link to Abine’s site with links to the blog about the latest nefarious tracking companies and how they are actually harvesting our names and the names of our friends, tracking everywhere we go on the Internet and worse, Facebook is a quite willing partner of this blatant invasion of privacy. Look, if you are a writer and even have copyrights or trademarks, once you post to Facebook anything that you believe is your intellectual property is no longer so. It can be easily lifted and someone else can take your idea, works, ideas and research and put their name on them and there’s nothing you can do as it’s all part of Facebook’s new privacy-not-settings.
    So please go to http://www.abine.com and go over to the Blogs to read about tracking companie’s and the links to what they really do. Many have already been nailed by the government, but went back and made their evil stuff even better. Please install Do Not Track Me as they block these companies and are adding more bad guys weekly. Also, stay tuned to this company. They are going to grow.

    LINK to Blog about tracking companies(no you can’t delete them from your browser cookies-it’s far more complicated than that!) Scroll down and read it all and yes, further investigate. They are a very safe site and really are looking out for all of us.REMEMBER: Download “Do Not Track ME”, but look at what else they have too.


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