DoNotTrackMe 3.0: now available for Opera!


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donottrackme-3-0-available-for-operaThe DoNotTrackMe community just got bigger. We are excited to announce that DoNotTrackMe, the privacy tool used by millions of people across the globe, is now available for Opera users.

Opera has over 350 million users worldwide. It is an excellent browser; it is beautiful, fast, and reliable. We are particularly fond of Opera because of their privacy policy. It is short, sweet, and to the point, which is a rarity these days. They state, “No personal information is collected or shared. The Opera user’s Web usage is not tracked.” No technical, confusing jargon to decipher. Phew.

DNTMe has already blocked over 1 trillion trackers, and we look forward to Opera users helping to block the next to the next trillion…

Why use DoNotTrackMe?

Today, data breaches are a common occurrence and consumers need to take steps to protect the info they give out to various companies and websites. The implications of data breaches range from simply annoying (i.e. cancel your credit card) to immensely detrimental (i.e. your identity is stolen).

Nearly every site you visit either asks for or collects your personal information. If sites don’t explicitly ask for your info, whether your name, email address, or phone number, they are collecting your information behind the scenes: analyzing the way you use their site, inferring who you are, and selling the marketing profile they create through your activity.

How DoNotTrackMe works

DoNotTrackMe not only stops companies from tracking your web behavior, which allows you more privacy and control over your browsing experience, but also allows you to create safe and protected “masked” information.

DoNotTrackMe generates safe, one time use email addresses, phone number, and credit card numbers, so if your information is ever hacked, or even “compromised” you can feel safe knowing these hackers don’t have your real information.

Register for DoNotTrackMe for Opera today.

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  1. Cecil says:

    Re: DNTM for Opera

    Which versions of Opera is DNTM now compatible with? You do not state in your article, which seems very strange that this was omitted. At a min I know there are 3 that I would use, PC, Android 4+ and mini for Android 4-. There are probably more and with mini I do not see a way to get DNTM.


    • Hello, sorry for not being more clear. At this time, DNTme is available with the Opera browser on laptops and desktops only. Within the next few weeks we will be releasing a mobile app of DNTMe that will be available on iOS and Android devices.

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