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Over 157 million US credit card holders have been notified of a breach in the last 18 months while the typical web surfer is tracked by 11 companies at each site they visit – resulting in over 2,500 unique tracking and data collection attempts weekly. This is the new reality of the Internet in 2014 – and 2015 will see increased threats.

In the past, consumers had no simple way to say “NO” when asked for their personal information by mobile apps and web sites- which have all become increasingly intrusive, spammy, and insecure. Nor have they had much choice about being tracked. Until now.

Blur is the first all-in-one solution that protects your passwords, payments, and privacy. It gives power back to people making it simple to choose what amount of their personal information they are OK providing to any website: no matter a) what they are doing- surfing, creating a new account, or shopping, or b) what device they are using – mobile phone, browser or tablet.

Blur’s features:

  • Creates and remembers strong passwords to log you in fast from any device
  • Protects and fills logins, addresses, & credit cards into forms without typing
  • Choose to share or to “mask” your email, phone number, & credit card anywhere
  • Automatically blocks tracking by Facebook, Google, and 100’s of data collection companies and targeted ad networks
  • Encrypts and syncs personal info across phones, tablets, & computers

“To share or not to share, that is now, finally, the consumers option,” said Rob Shavell, CEO of Abine. “Blur users surf worry-free because it’s virtually impossible for their passwords, credit cards, and other private personal information to wind up in the wrong hands.”

What Blur users have to say about the add-on..

  • “The hands down best service on the internet (tied with a good VPN)… 5 million stars. Use over a year and love it more each day.”
  • “Really happy with this one. Masked emails are quick and easy. Masked credit cards let you shop online without worrying about over-charges or theft of your card. They did a great job integrating with the browser (Chrome, at least, which is what I use) so that everything is just a few simple clicks. Nice job, Abine.”
  • “I have been using this since Feb. 2014 and have never looked back. I feel safer and even more anonymous than ever online. I have blocked close to 90,000 trackers in total. No annoying popups suggesting you buy additional features or anything. If you want free; it stays free. Couldn’t be happier.”
  • Excellent. Upgraded to Premium within hours of using it.” 

Blur is free. Even the strongly-encouraged premium protection will be available free to all users for 30 days (and costs less than $4 per month ongoing). Premium service includes a second dedicated private phone number, unlimited new credit cards, as well as the ability to add unlimited devices to an account for one subscription price. To download and use Blur immediately, click the ‘Get Blur Now’ link below!

19 Replies to “Introducing Blur: Protect your passwords, payments, and privacy”

  1. Duncan Jones says:

    Last time I looked, masked my Credit Card only worked for the US. Is this still the case…??

  2. Piet de Vries says:

    Firefox 31.0.2 long-term support breaks when proxy settings are used in combination with DoNotTrackMe. Took me a few hours to figure out why and how to fix. Unfortunately, unless this is patched, I will have to disable DNTM

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am confused. I currently purchased the premium version of DoNotTrackMe 4.0.1234 for Firefox for $45/year. It looks like Blur is an upgrade. How do i migrate to that from DNTM w/o purchasing another premium version and w/o losing my current masks?

    I can also relate with what Piet de Vries says about the tracking function and FF “Firefox 31.0.2 long-term support breaks when proxy settings are used in combination with DoNotTrackMe.” I have been unable to get the tracking function to work.

  4. Steve says:

    Will it protect against the supercookies that Verizon and AT&T add to the URL?

  5. Jamie says:

    I am also very confused. Whenever I click on the DoNotTrackMe icon on my toolbar, it says I need to log in. But, when I try to log in it tells me that is a MaskMe login. Like Anonymous on 11/8, I also have the premium membership for $45/yr. Please explain this and what is going on to your users.

  6. Jack Handy says:

    Something very fishy here! Was Abine sold to the highest bidder? If so, who bought it? Was it a foreign corporation, or a large multinational looking to exploit our online habits?

    Why run parallel services under different names with different prices? Why make things so confusing for paying customers? Why give misleading answers when paying customers ask for clarification?

    Abine has snappy marketing and great connections with the media to get good press coverage. But things are so pristine when a customer pays and expects consistency.

    Please clear up many customers doubts…

    • Hello – Abine was not bought. We have rebranded DoNotTrackMe Blur. We are, at the same time, migrating all of our MaskMe users from MaskMe to Blur. Due to the overlapping features of DoNotTrackMe and MaskMe, it no longer made sense to maintain both as separate products. We therefore combined the two into Blur.

  7. Florian says:

    I’m got DoNotTrackMe so id DON’T have to give anyone information. So now I can only use your service when having an account? -> Uninstall.

  8. Chris says:

    When will you be ready to migrate those of us paying for MaskMe to Blur?

    • Hello – you should see an option to upgrade from MaskMe to Blur right at the top of your MaskMe dashboard. That is where you will see the migration instructions. I’m sorry for the lack of notice. If you have specific support inquiries, please email me : olivia at abine dot com and I can assist you with the migration.

  9. Jim Henry says:

    I registered my credit card info with your site and was simply not able to complete the process. I was instead iformed to upgrade to premium and other multiple products. I am recovering from a stoke and amnot willing to gothrough a multifaceted process.

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