Don’t be an April Fool: avoid credit card scams


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april-fools-credit-card-scamBrian Krebs – the security blogger who first broke news of the Target breach – has reported a new rash of credit and debit card scams. This newest hack posts bogus sub-$15 charges to your credit card from a company called BLS*Weblearn and may be listed alongside a 1-888 number. While a charge like this may not warrant a frantic call to your bank, the scam isn’t any ole April Fool’s joke. Micropayment fraud poses a serious threat to your financial security.

We recommend checking your credit card statement to make sure you haven’t been pranked by this newest hack.

If you do find suspicious charges on your card, we urge you call your bank, report the fraud immediately, and request a replacement card. Once your information is in the hands of hackers, it’s likely that you will be targeted—and charged—again.

Moving forward, the only sure way to protect yourself from future credit card scams and data-breaches is to use DoNotTrackMe’s Masked Cards.

Play a Prank on Hackers

When used properly, Masked Cards let you turn the tables on scammers. Masked Cards are disposable, one-time use credit cards, that become valueless once your purchase is complete. When the next inevitable data breach occurs, you can feel safe knowing that hackers don’t have access to your real information. They will instead have this masked (and now valueless) credit card number that you’ve created through your DoNotTrackMe dashboard.

When hackers try to charge your Masked Card? April Fools!

How It Works

Follow along in your own DoNotTrackMe privacy dashboard if you’ve never made a Masked Card before.

1. Click on the blue “+ New Masked Card” button in your privacy dashboard. Enter the purchase value and make note of where you’ll be using this Masked Card.


2. Click “Create” and your new masked card will popup with a unique card number, CVC number, and expiration date. You now have $25 of value to use on any site you’d like.


3. The new card will appear in your privacy dashboard. The green “on” button shows that it is active. If there is extra money left on the card after your purchase has gone through, you can deactivate the card (which refunds you the excess value) by switching the “on” button to “off.” It’s literally as easy as 1,2,3.


Get in the habit of using Masked Cards when making purchases online, and you’ll be less vulnerable to real credit card fraud. As for the silly April Fool’s pranks, you’re on your own.

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  1. Cecil says:

    You state emphatically “the only sure way to protect yourself from future credit card scams and data-breaches is to use DoNotTrackMe’s Masked Cards” This is blatantly false. There is one major way which is virtually identical to yours called VisaShopSafe. It is provided by Visa to Visa card holders and creates a one time card number, expiration and CCV with a purchase amount cap. You might want to research your blanket statements before posting them as fact. Not to detract from yours, but it is not “the only way.”

    • Hi Cecil, thanks for bringing this to our attention. The advantage of Masked Cards over other solutions like this is that our DoNotTrackMe browser extension allows you to create a new Masked Card directly from any eCommerce checkout form. In other words, you don’t need to navigate away from the site on which you’re making a purchase to create the card.

  2. dumb says:

    cool do not track me

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