ZXX: the privacy font to derail the NSA


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privacy fontGraphic designer Sang Mun introduced a privacy font to thwart the NSA this week, called ZXX.

The font has several styles, the most promising of which is called False. False hides its true message in tiny letters scattered inside big letters. In theory, text scanners would only pick up the big letters, and thus nonsense text, while the real words go undetected.

We downloaded the ZXX font pack and wrote out the message “This is what privacy looks like” using it below:

privacy font

On his website, Mun writes:

This physical, mental, and technological growing invasion of privacy and surveillance dehumanizes us. The militarization of cyberspace must stop. If not, it’s only a matter of time before we live in a Tectologic Orwellian Society. . . This project will not fully solve the problems we are facing now, but hopefully will raise some peculiar questions.

We need more people out there like Mun thinking creatively about how to fix this whole “lack of privacy” problem. It’s multi-faceted, and it’s going to take work from people in a lot of different fields–design, law, engineering, politics, and more–to improve things.

5 Replies to “ZXX: the privacy font to derail the NSA”

  1. Thomas Burnett says:

    1) It will take the NSA ten minutes to grasp that a nonsense post needs to be rescanned looking for the other font.

    2) Try loading that font into Gmail or Yahoo or any other major email provider. You cannot.

  2. Framerguy says:

    Yes, but it is a start in the right direction in an attempt to keep these people, who have nothing better to do than hack into other people’s private affairs, from making their living off of other people’s private information. That is called theft, stealing at it’s highest level and is illegal by any means!

    I understand that “hacking” has become a big money business but so has prostitution and drug sales and we don’t allow those concepts to go on legally. It’s easy to pick apart another person’s attempts to solve a problem, but it adds nothing to the solution, in my opinion.

    • JoJo says:

      yes it is a start..how dare those idiots STEAL my info! any other theft has consequences..but on line stealing is still going on everyday and nobody gives a crap !

  3. EdB says:

    In my humble opinion it would make sense to help the data/privacy thieves with their collection efforts! If every one who considers the revelations to be a personal affront to their dignity , privacy, and freedom were, at a some uncoordinated and theoretical point in time drastically increased their daily email and search engine web traffic might have a similar effect as a DOS flood ? -just asking.

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