Valentine’s Day privacy tips: 5 ways to make your online love life less public


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vday_privacy_tipsHappy Valentine’s Day! Yesterday we posted the results of a 1,000-person survey on social networks, online dating, and privacy. Today we present 5 easy ways for people to keep their relationships more private. Feel free to spread the tips (and the love).

vday1Keep your passwords and usernames to yourself. Relationships are all about sharing, but draw the line with your login information: you never know how your partner, an ex, or even a partner’s ex will use that data to harm you.


vday2Find and remove your personal information from data brokers’ websites. Data brokers have access to a wealth of information, including photos and home address, that can end in the hands of anyone willing to pay a small fee, including stalkers or upset exes. Visit our website for DIY tips or subscribe to a privacy service like DeleteMe.


vday3Restrict privacy settings. Manage who sees your status updates and photos on social media sites. We suggest limiting sharing to friends or making custom lists of friends with greater access. You may want to block exes or other people you knew through a past relationship after it ends.


vday4Regularly check your account privacy settings. Revisit your settings on all social media accounts to make sure the website hasn’t changed the default (and exposed your private info in the process).


vday5Don’t be an over-sharer. Ask yourself if you’d be comfortable seeing the intimate details you’re posting about your love life as front page news. If not, rethink posting it.

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