The 4-Step System To Sure-Fire Private Browsing


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private browsingThe term “Private Browsing” can be somewhat of a misnomer. Simply turning on your internet browser’s “Privacy Mode” (a.k.a private browsing, incognito mode, etc.) does not keep all prying eyes away.

Sure, a browser’s privacy mode can definitely protect your browsing habits on your own device when you tell your browser not to keep any recorded history of your local activity. To learn how to turn on privacy mode, please see this article.

But while private browsing is useful for blocking information available from other users of your computer or mobile device, private browsing does not block tracking by most entities, including the sites you visit, your employer, spyware, advertisers, social networks, the government, or your ISP.

To remedy this shortcoming, you can add some tools to your privacy cache, including privacy mode, to give you a truly private browsing experience:  

1. Get DoNotTrackMe to bolster your private browsing

One of the simplest ways to ensure that advertising companies aren’t sopping up your information soup with their data collection bread, so to speak, is to stop these advertisers from tracking you before they have the chance to ever get your information.

Our free DoNotTrackMe tool not only has the ability to increase your browsing speed, but it blocks over 600 trackers from tracking your browsing habits and is available for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers. It far exceeds the capability of any browser’s private browsing mode.


2. Beef up your privacy with additional tools

In our never-ending quest to provide you with the best tools to protect your personal information, we compiled a list of  privacy tools that we think will benefit you the most in assisting you with staying private. This post contains over 20+ tools to assist you with staying private. It details the best browsers, encrypted/private emails providers, proxies, and more. Check it out for some added protection.


3. Take privacy policy shortcuts

Want to know the sure-fire way to ensure private browsing? Don’t give out your information unless you absolutely need to. Every time you create a new account or give out an email address, you’re dispensing personal information, things you may not want third parties seeing.

Before you give anything out, quickly check the website’s privacy policy or terms of service for the words “third parties,” “data,” and “personal information.” These key words are shortcuts to the most important parts of the policies that’ll details exactly why your data is needed and where it’s going.

private browsing

4. Try MaskMe to keep your email, phone number, and credit cards private

Let’s face it: many of us give out our personal information on an almost daily basis. Whether we’re signing up for a new promotion or creating a login for a new website, we give out our data. Our new product MaskMe, available for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, allows you to keep your personal information, including email addresses, phone number, and credit card number, secure and private.

For more information about how MaskMe can help keep your information private, see our FAQs at

21 Replies to “The 4-Step System To Sure-Fire Private Browsing”

  1. Diamond says:

    I do sometimes wonder if the private browsing works completely, and nothing tracks you, but that’s not true. There are some exceptions, and I wonder if there are others.

  2. Nunyabzwx says:

    It seems that while there are apparently some ways to slow down tracking, spying, etc. in reality there is truly NO SUCH THING as “privacy” any more. The very best way to keep things truly private is never to divulge them at all anywhere. …ESPECIALLY on line.

    Get off of your lazy azz and GO to the bank, use the telephone for TALKING (if you can text you can TALK!!!), make friends IN PERSON and NOT on line. Respect THEIR privacy by NOT even mentioning them on line.

    Use programs only to do offline activities like photo/video editing, offline games, computer protection, privacy protection, etc. ONLY use your computer for what computers were when they first came out first brought about: to do math problems and word processing and other menial tasks. Use only removable media or a special external hard drive to store your personal records/info/data on. UNPLUG it when on line.

    Only use the web for learning and an Encyclopedia, but use plenty privacy enhancing tools such is described in Albine and other site like it.

    ***Remember three age old adages:

    1. “If you don’t want it used against you, do NOT write it down” …or divulge it in any other way.

    2. “Speed kills.” Well, not really. It’s the sudden stop at the end. In the case of privacy that ‘sudden stop’ is the lack of privacy. Have patience with privacy enhancing techniques and software that slow your computer and/or the pace of your life.

    3. “Patience is a virtue.” This is the bad guy’s greatest weapon against you. They know that if they wait long enough they will get what they want from you – your personal info. Why GIVE it to them on a silver platter? Why give it to them at all??? Remember rule number one? If not, then go back in this post and read it again.

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