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  • Jeffry Kirkland says:

    I really wish you had the full range of products for Internet Explorer. I don’t particularly like Firefox. It causes me problems that Internet Explorer doesn’t. I have all of your products for Firefox, but I don’t prefer to use it.

  • Great information. I get calls periodically from people looking for help resolving this type of fraud. It is not my area of expertise as I focus on criminal defense in Florida. Even though my career helps those accused of the fraud, my heart still goes out to those devastated by this crime. As your family members get older pay closer attention to what they are doing. The elderly are so often abused by fraud.

  • Great post! Been reading a lot about ways to prevent credit card fraud. Thanks for the thoughts!

  • Mark_Walburg says:

    I was reading an article which says that around 40 million credit and debit card complaints were registered across the world for the year 2013. Stunned! Keeping Fraudulent transactions aside, I think personal negligence is also a prominent reason for failed transactions. Thanks for sharing these points, I am sure we can change the face of this problem with awareness.

    • Steve says:

      Identity theft and fraud is the #1 consumer complaint each year. And you’re right, the majority of those incidents are directly related to negligence on the part of the victim. If people wouldn’t be so careless with their personal information, it would be considerably more difficult for the id thieves. Here’s some good preventative measures everyone should start using today. http://www.identitytheftaid.org/prevent-identity-theft

  • mamusha says:

    I personally found that the best way to keep my activity safe online is by using this privacy software (http://tinyurl.com/pr326fr) it keeps deleting all relevant personal information as credit cards, passwords and whatever I decide based on settings, so nothing is there to be used and it automatically keeps cleaning whatever information I may expose..

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