A collection of NSA memes and crowd-driven activism


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nsa memesSometimes the best way to explain a complicated, sweeping violation of people’s civil rights is through a stupid picture with some words on it. In that case, we’ve got you covered for the NSA, PRISM, Edward Snowden, and overall surveillance fiasco of the past week and ongoing.

We also want to point out two crowd-driven activities protesting this surveillance in which you can participate:

1. Mozilla, the EFF, and other nonprofits started StopWatching.Us, which lets people easily send a letter to Congress about NSA spying.

2. Operation Troll The NSA, a partly serious effort designed to overwhelm the NSA’s “risk word” detection system if one exists, happens on Wednesday, June 12 at 7 PM EST. There’s more background info in this article.

Your faithful privacy blogger will be participating in both 1 and 2, so if a nondescript black van comes and takes me away after Wednesday, you’ll know why. Half joking.

Onto the NSA memes, with a brief forward: although some of these memes target President Obama, we want to be clear that the lack of privacy is a bipartisan issue and a bipartisan problem. Laws enacted under the Bush Administration have evolved and grown under the Obama Administration. Surveillance of this scope couldn’t happen without both Republican and Democratic support, and it won’t end without everyone standing up against it.  


nsa memes

Overly attached NSA girlfriend

nsa memes

nsa memes

nsa memes

nsa memes

nsa memes

Lucius Fox called it back in The Dark Knight (and we blogged about it).

nsa memes

Sales of George Orwell’s ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ increased 126% this week after the NSA news broke. If you haven’t read it, we highly recommend it.

nsa memes

In case you missed the Verizon/NSA story, here you go.

And please pardon us for Captain Picard’s language, but it’s pretty accurate:

nsa memes

And lastly, it’s not a meme, but it’s pretty striking:

nsa memes

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  1. Elise says:

    People don’t seem to notice what ill can come from actions when they perceive those in power to be benevolent. But we need to never allow intrusion into our lives even when there is a threat to our nation, or when we trust those in power, because some day, those in power will have that power grated to them and will use it for their own purpose.

  2. irony says:

    A discussion about NSA mass spying, the loss of privacy and anonymity, and then you have:

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    Yeah, right.

    • Sarah Downey says:

      We do it for spam-blocking reasons. You’re free to leave a fake name and fake email. We encourage it!

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