Life-ruining Facebook searches are the focus of a new Tumblr


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Girls who live nearby and are interested in getting drunkA new Tumblr powerfully illustrates how Facebook’s new Graph Search could bring up devastating results. The straightforwardly-named site, “Actual Facebook Graph Searches” (hashtag #ActualFacebookGraphSearches), displays screenshots of real Facebook searches and their results.

Some of the searches on the list so far:

  • Islamic men interested in other men who live in Iran…and the places where they’ve worked
  • Married people who like prostitutes (and those people’s spouses)
  • Current employers of people who like racism
  • Mothers of Catholics from Italy who like Durex condoms
  • People who like Focus on the Family and Neil Patrick Harris

The site’s creator, Tom Scott, invites anyone to submit their searches. He’s using the site to make a point: many people don’t understand how to use Facebook’s privacy settings, and repressive governments, employers, or others can exploit this with Graph Search. Scott says that some searches he’s gotten are so unsettling that he won’t post them.


His advice to Facebook users? “If it’d be awkward if it was put on a screen in Times Square, don’t put it on Facebook. Oh, and check your privacy settings again.”

Graph Search is currently in beta, and Facebook says it’s a big project that will take years to mature. For now, you can check out the early version at

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