Introducing DoNotTrackMe 3.0: stop online tracking, even when you shop


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DoNotTrackMe-3.0To celebrate Cyber Monday, we’re introducing a big, shiny, beautiful new version of DoNotTrackMe, the most popular way to stop being tracked when browsing the Internet.  Version 3.0 is big not just for its good looks, but for also for its brains: innovative new features for stopping the tracking of your personal information, including the information collected when you shop online.

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Over the years since it was introduced, DoNotTrackMe has done just what its name says – allows millions worldwide to stop being secretly tracked by hundreds of data collecting and advertising companies.  It just works.  That’s why people love it.

Online shopping: taking tracking one step further

But people love shopping too and when shopping online, every Web site in the world wants to track you.  Every click, every item viewed, every shopping cart added to: it’s all carefully tracked and recorded.  And after all that tracking comes the purchase: the credit card and address are typed in, everything is checked over, and the BUY button is finally clicked. Now the tracking of shopper’s personal information starts. But not for people using DoNotTrackMe 3.0.

Using DoNotTrackMe 3.0 to shop online means people don’t get tracked, don’t get hacked, and don’t have to worry about all the ways their privacy can be invaded. It powerfully limits the information shoppers give out when completing their online transactions.  It enables anyone to shop anywhere while limiting tracking of their purchases and their credit card information.

Try Masked Cards 

There is so much more technology used to track what consumers shop for online during the 2013 holiday season that it is impossible to know what happens to all that information after purchase – and what information is personal versus anonymous.  To shop more privately (and more conveniently) everyone should try using DoNoTrackMe’s Masked Credit Cards.  Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Sign up securely for free Masked Cards for the holiday season here:

Step 2: Go to any e-commerce site, and buy anything, just like normal.

Step 3: When asked for your credit card, just click “Mask My Card” and get a new private credit made for you instantly.

That’s all it takes to shop with privacy and to reduce the risk of identity theft, fraud, or data breaches that expose your personal information.

So shop until you drop without dropping personal information into cookies, credit card fields, or databases where it just doesn’t belong.  It’s smart and simple.

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  1. The Mask Me masked cards is great. I personally enjoy it and even wrote a review on it.

  2. thanks for sharing review on it, now i feel like buying it

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