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how to block calls Picture this. It’s 6:00 PM after a long day of work and dinner is steaming in front of you…

*RING, RING, RING.* “Hello?” 10-second pause on the other side… “Hi, is this Mr. (insert your name pronounced incorrectly)?”

Ugh, another telemarketer trying to sell you something.

Telemarketing calls not only ruin your supper. More importantly, they make you wonder who’s giving out your phone number so freely.

The average US Internet user gets 5.5 telemarketing calls per week to their landline phone and 1.5 to their mobile phone.

Want to fight telemarketers? Read on for 4 easy tips.  

1. Keep your number to yourself

Your phone number is worth a lot to telemarketing companies, so it’s useful to learn how to prevent them from calling. The most important tip we can give you is this: do not give out your phone number unless absolutely necessary.

Once your phone number is out there, all bets are off.  It can be stored, sold, and traded on all kinds of marketing lists and databases.

One way to keep your number to yourself is by giving out a fake phone number. Two-thirds of people we surveyed reported giving out a fake phone number: 78% did so when signing up for a website, and 53% did when signing up for a poll.

But even if you’ve already given out your number, you can still stay somewhat private.


2. The FTC’s National Do Not Call List – Swiss Cheese protection

how to block calls One of the easiest things you can do to reduce the number of unsolicited calls you get is register for the FTC’s National Do Not Call Registry.  You can enter up to 3 numbers, so start with your home phone and cell phone (even though, legally speaking, some types of telemarketing calls to mobile numbers are illegal, like robocalls) to remove these numbers.

You might find yourself saying, “Well, wouldn’t I just be confirming my number to the FTC and giving them an email address too?” The FTC’s Frequently Asked Questions address this concern:

“We collect your phone number and store it in the National Do Not Call Registry so that telemarketers and sellers covered by the FTC’s rules can remove your phone number from their call lists. Telemarketers are required to search the registry every 31 days and delete from their call lists phone numbers that are in the registry. Phone numbers in the registry also may be shared with law enforcement to assure compliance with federal and state law.  If you contact us via the Internet, we also collect your email address to confirm your registration request. We will store your email address in a secure manner, separate from your telephone number. We will not share your email address with telemarketers.

The Do Not Call list won’t protect you from all types of annoying callers. Here are the callers you’re not protected from by being on the list:

  1. Charities;
  2. Political organizations;
  3. Telephone surveyors;
  4. Companies with which you’ve done business in the last 18 months (and their affiliates and business partners) are still allowed to contact you unless you specifically request to be removed from their lists; and
  5. Debt collectors

3. People search websites: connecting a number with a name

how to block calls For those of you who have navigated to people search websites, AKA data broker websites that sell your personal information, you might notice that most have a portion dedicated to reverse phone lookups.  This means that not only can someone search for you by name, but that same person can look up a phone number, and these websites will associate it with your name, address, and other personally identifiable information.

To remove your phone number from many of the websites that provide the reverse phone lookup, use these directions. Keep in mind that you’ll need to do a reverse phone search rather than a name search, and follow the same directions as those for removing information in a name search.

4. Use your phone carrier to assist you (a little)

If you have caller ID and use it to actively screen for potential unsolicited calls, then you are ahead of the game.  However, for added protection, you can also contact your phone carrier to assist you with blocking a particular number(s) that may be calling you incessantly.  Most carriers have blocking protection that they offer to consumers, although they may restrict how many numbers can be blocked.

To sum up–and we cannot state this enough–never give out your phone number unless you absolutely have to. Warranty cards, surveys, loyalty programs, retail counters…just say no!

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  1. Mary says:

    Not a time waster as jwmithy suggests. This reminded me to put my 3 brand new phone numbers on the DO NO CALL REGISTRY. I had an unlisted number that got out and it had to be changed to a new unlisted number, and I have 2 cell phones, for which both have new numbers as people I did not want to associate with had my old numbers. Sometimes we forget to do the simply things to protect ourselves from intrusion of others. Thank you Albine for reminding me to put my new home phone and cell phone numbers on the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY!

    • Holly says:

      Try not to get your hopes up about the Do Not Call Register. I have been registering my numbers every year or so and continue to get at least 10 telemarketer or spam calls a day which I have reported to FCC. I also use http://www.800Notes which is a site that users enter nusiance phone numbers to report and to see if other’s are being pestered . On every listing’s page some kind consumer has done the legwork to identify and makes it public- . It’s a free online webpage which I use regularly.

      • AN says:

        I use these websites too. A friend told me about Nomorobo, which stops these calls. Unfortunately, my phone numbers don’t qualify for their program. I think it only applys to users of uVerse and maybe cable phones. I do report all numbers to the FTC and FCC. If they get enough reports, they’ll follow up.

        • DennisTheMenance says:

          I just Changed my Phone # and Had it Unlisted
          It was the Only way to Stop all of them

          We used to have a Program that would Call their 1-800 Phone # they give, but at 10x per Min for upto 24 hrs = 240x per a Day and cost them the ave of $24
          Then They would call us to ask us to stop calling them
          And it was a Easter Seals Charity and a Credit Card Company no less!

      • George says:

        Also you can get a device called the T-Lock.

    • JACOB says:

      I am on do not call list since it started , I file the complaints as they came in for years. I still get the same Fing telemarketers calling me anyways

      the national do not call list is A JOKE

      More waisted tax payer money

    • Terena Powell says:

      The Do-Not-Call Registry works to a certain extent, however it’s defeating the purpose. These telemarketing agency don’t remove your number. Yes, they should comply but let’s face it it, how long can they get away with it? A long time. Also certain websites have a really, really small field hidden on the page in the terms of use section ( with your number entered) that says: By agreeing to these terms you agree to be contacted by us and/or our affiliates, even if your number is on the do not call registry.

  2. Paul says:

    A word of warning about the phone companies and their blocking programs. You will be charged a hefty fee for this service and there are all kinds of restrictions on how it is applied. For instance – they don’t tell you who the number to be blocked belongs to. They’ll tell the police, but not you. Don’t trust the phone companies to help you. They’ll help you, alright. For a $10 fee that won’t do a damn thing for you!

    • JD Straw says:

      @Paul: Absolutely! All the telephone company wants is your money and it’s ridiculous what they charge for these services that cost them almost nothing to provide. I have worked AT&T, Sprint, and the old Bell System (Southern Bell) that AT&T re-acquisitioned then degraded and disgraced very soon thereafter by providing poor service. This occurred a few years ago with AT&T also gobbling up a few other telecommunications companies along the way. AT&T is a very poor service provider, almost a monopoly again as they were back in the 80s before it was broken up by the FCC.

      Folks, please believe me when I say that it really is not complicated or costly to provide the services such as call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding, etc. but because they are so popular with the users, of course Comcast, Verizon, AT&T (and others) will take advantage of the “demand” for these features, and being greedy, will continue to charge unreasonable prices for them.

  3. Robert Ritter says:

    Get an Ooma Phone. They block out private and unavailable and anonymous numbers from even reaching you. The phone also lets you block numbers that show up on your caller id. It has a bunch of other features and long distance although the extra service is 10 dollars a month. The phone modem is 150 I think but it hooks up to any cordless and from what I heard the call quality is really good.

    • L says:

      I found a panasonic phone with call block and it’s unlimited.

      • B says:

        Hey “L”….. Thanks for NOT telling us WHAT MODEL of panasonic phone it is !!
        ( Comments like THAT are Worthless. )

        • jp5472 says:

          True, because my Panasonic KX-TG155SK only blocks 100 numbers. Verizon, my VOIP provider only lets me block 10 numbers through their site. Just between the political and charity calls, the totals were reached about a week ago.

  4. CT says:

    As one plagued with telephone spam for the last couple of years I was hoping for a more substantial article from Abine. There was not very much ‘How to’ only what I would expect to find in a PSA.

    It maybe on the edge of Abine’s mission, but a more detailed approach to telephone security, control and mediation would be greatly appreciated. There are a lot of products on the market to block calls, what else is available?

    Abine has a number of great products I use and recommend, adding phonsec seems like a good idea.

    • Stay tuned…we’ll have something for you in just over a week 😉

    • donna says:

      If you are using an android phone, check out an application called Call Control. I went ahead and purchased the Pro version and have been really happy with it thus far. I do not have a land line and have not had one since 2003. I’m keeping an eye on the application’s activity and just how much I use it or need it, so I’ll post if there is anything I should note or bring to the attention of groups like this.

      Good luck to all …. and to those who are hunting down the folks harassing us all by phone ~ I am hopeful about these Abine programs on the phone ~ otherwise, good hunting.

  5. Steve says:

    Panasonic has a pone that will block 30 calls. My phone service will block 30 also.

    Im in the process of erasing old numbers to list the new. However im down to

    perhaps 1 or 2 calls per month.

    • Holly says:

      I love Panasonic phones. Question: Verizon provides a service that blocks “private” numbers , it’s free. But I wonder how the Panasonic deals with Out of Area ? Many of those numbers are cell phone calls placed by prospective customers. with the Panasonic, I get to pick and choose which numbers to block ? That would b great. What model is it and will it support Verizon Voice Mail system ?

  6. Steve says:

    I asked the {DO NOT CALL} people if they sell these numbers to the

    telemarketers. I’m receiving more calls now than ever. In a letter reply they said the

    lists are given away. So now u know why they have ur cell phone number also.

    You’re friendly folks at work, working for u. GOD HELP US

    • LAGraham says:

      Of course they FTC gives away the lists! How else do you think a telemarketer knows you’re ON the list!!! DUH…

    • Holly says:

      Son of a gun. The very service pegged to help us is exacerbating the problem. Great. Your tax dollars at work.

    • Anonymous says:

      They admitted publicly a couple of years ago they were releasing all cell phone numbers (don’t ask me why, our government is stupid) to the telemarketers, etc.; that’s our government for ya.

  7. Diana says:

    A few months ago when a telemarketer called and asked the me, I told the caller that person was dead (yes, it felt strange to say that). The next day I had a call from the same number! I did not answer, and they have so far never called again.

  8. Raja Srinivasan says:

    Or use Google Voice and then screen your calls. Once a week weed thru the calls and mark the telemarketer calls as junk.

  9. Steve says:

    Hey DUH,,,,,,,I was under the impression along with others that “DO NOT CALL LIST” will actually remove you’re number from telemarketers. Now you know how they got you’re cell phone number. How many people would opt out if they knew you’re number was going to go telemarketers. Yea DUH I’m here from the government and I’m here to help you.

  10. George Fuhrmann says:

    The no call list seemed like a good idea first, and calls dropped to almost zero.
    Then people figured that the do not call list is inconsequential, and everything is back. The FCC’s yearly average or at least last year’s score was prosecuting maybe 1 telemarketer, but if I am off, the number was in the single digits. Just me alone reported more numbers.
    Yes I am biased. I do not like the FCC.

  11. Ken Workman says:

    For some lucky folks there is a great solution – I’m not one of the lucky ones! The telephone company CenturyLink in the Pacific Northwest has a service called “No Solicitation”. I have a friend in Spokane that subscribes to this service. It costs about five bucks a month and I’d gladly pay twice that amount if I could get it! When you call the telephone number you receive a recording informing the caller that the number does not accept solicitation calls and if you are NOT a solicitor press “1”. There is an option to add specific telephone numbers _Preferred Caller List) so that the message is not received. for people you select I’ve repeatedly requested my TELCO to add such a service. My TELCO is AT&T. Need I say more?

    From CenturyLink’s User Manual:
    When you receive your No Solicitation, it will be turned on and will screen calls between the hours of 8:00am and 9:00pm. Callers will hear the following message:
    “You have reached a number that does not accept solicitations. If you are a solicitor, please add this number to your do-not-call list and hang up now. Otherwise, please press 1, or stay on the line.”
    During non-service hours, all calls will simply ring through to your phone as usual.”

    • Robert ingreenH says:

      I’ve got CenturyLink, but how the heck will that service protect me from robo-calls, like the supremely annoying and ceaseless “Rachel from Card Services” junk? Who’s supposed to listen to CLINK’s message and act on it? Especially when most of these phone spammers don’t give a rip, anyway?

      • There’s not much you can do for a number that’s already out there, but from this point on, you can use a Masked Phone. Then when annoying people call you, you can block them. You still keep the number but block the individual caller.

        • Anonymous says:

          How?? I have an unlisted number, but the idiot scammers got ahold of it…how do I make my number invisible to everyone?? And get it off their lists?? Do I really have to search the Internet and check each site that lists it?? It’s supposed to be unlisted!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        That “card services” is a major overseas money scam/theft ring…DON’T talk to them, and report their number/block it…Century Link, although there’s a small fee, will do a call trace on them every time you dial *57 after every time they call…after the third time, the call trace feature will be available to use. Then they also have an annoyance call department, who can take it further. Those people try to scam the elderly or unsuspecting…I had a call from them a couple weeks ago, told the b-tch to stop calling me, put me on their “do not call list”, hung up; the b-tch actually called me back, harassing me, cussing, calling me names, and told me they were going to continue to stalk me and call me and I told her the f-ck you are, you stupid b-tch, and I hung up…tell them you’ve got law enforcement on the phone and they’d like to speak to them…see how fast they hang up and hopefully don’t call you back…

    • AN says:

      The problem is ATT makes money off of telemarketing calls, so they won’t give us an efficient and foolproof way to stop them. I read an article about this a few months ago.

  12. Bill L says:

    I will offer two other VERY effective methods.

    Cell Phone

    Set a silent ringtone as default. Give another ring tone to all in your contact list. Your phone will only ring if a contact calls. Others go to voice mail.

    Land Line

    Purchase a Digitone Call Blocker. You put 30 numbers you want to be allowed to ring in it. All others go to the answering machine. Friends that are not on your call list will leave a message and or be logged in to your received call list.

    I have tried many other things but this is the only one that has worked thus far.

  13. Mr Dee says:

    I use Google Voice. Full featured and absolutely free. I did pay to port a local phone number though, so I could have a local number here in my rural community. But many metropolitan areas have local numbers available as part of the free service! I rarely get telemarketing calls and when I do, I go to my Google Voice account online and block the number.

    I have the Google Voice Android App on my smart phone to send and receive texts through my GV number. I rarely get spam text msgs because when I do, I flag it as spam and Google filters them out of the system.

    I have my Google Voice phone number set up to ring both my home phone AND smart phone, and is the only phone number that I give out because I have total control of my account.

    If you are fairly computer literate, Google Voice is a fantastic service and FREE!!!

    • Mr Dee says:

      Also… I use the Google Voice extension on my Chrome browser to send and receive texts from my desktop computer. Very handy!

      • Mr Dee says:

        And all Google Voice calls and texts from my smart phone use data and do not count as air time or texts on my cell phone bill… another plus!

    • jwjb says:

      Thanks for the great information, Abine. Also, I really like the comment by Mr Dee which I have been meaning to set-up for myself for quite some time and reading this comment spurs me to finally take action and set this up with my own mobile phone.

  14. Barry says:

    I put my number on the “do not call list” over a year ago. It has made no difference whatsoever. I have gone to the complaints website, numerous times, and reported calls. Still no difference. Barry.

  15. jwjb says:

    Found the article quite informative as a reminder more than anything and the posted comments quite telling too and hope you will also in time.

    P.S. Interestingly when I tried posting this reply right after my reply to Mr Dee, I received this WordPress Error “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.” which I thought was not conducive to a lively discourse on a blog notwithstanding its probable intent of targeting and weeding out serial posters.

    • csam says:

      we are on the do not call list, we have an unlisted number and we still average 3 to 5 calls a day from telemarketing firms and robcalls….this is outrages….and this is a land line and we do not give out the home number to anyone… so any more ideas.. this telemarketing has gotten a lot worse the past year and it is annoying to say the least.

  16. Al says:

    Get a caller ID phone. If you don’t recognize the number, don’t answer. Just don’t answer. Use a cheap answering machine to screen your calls, No message frequently means it’s a garbage call.

  17. Aurora says:

    I never had a single telemarketer call on my mobile unit UNTIL I registered my home and mobile number with Do Not Call Registry here. Apparently the website was hacked within the first few months of going live!

  18. Hobart says:

    I registered my number with the National Do Not Call Registry, and a month later, calls dropped off dramatically. As for the ones that I did get, I told them that I was on the Do Not Call Registry, and told them that I would be reporting them. Most immediately hung up on me.

    I duly reported each one, and within another month, calls dropped to nearly zero.

    That was six months ago.

    Since then, I have received two calls, both from companies with whom I’ve done business within 30 days of the call (which is allowed).

    It takes a little persistence, but in the end, it has paid off.

  19. Keith Halliday says:

    Thanks for the headsup on this issue.

  20. JD says:

    I tried to click on your “new mask me banner” many times, but all I was sent to was this error:
    Not Found The requested URL /maskme/blog/ was not found on this server.

    As far as the “do not call list” it wont work because a lot of so called telemarketer companies or scams mask there phone as well. They mask using a different number and State. A lot of them sub lease to other countries as well to get away with this.

    So whatever it is I need to do with my pay as you go phone, I wish they do something soon. These scam artist are eating up my pay usage!

  21. rod says:

    Question: How much dissuasive power do you think US/UK/Australian/etc Do Not Call registers have over telemarketers based in India/Pakistan/Myanmar/Thailand/Philippines/Indonesia/etc ?

    Clue: The only correct answer is ZERO!

    Do Not Call registers are a treasure trove of live and active telephone numbers!

    They’re the telemarketer’s best friend!

  22. robert arrowood says:


    • Anonymous says:

      i use the do not call registry, but i programmed the number in my house phone and cell and just redo it once a month, when I renew my monthly services.

  23. she says:

    I save all unwanted calls under the contact called: JUNK
    then I give it a mosquito ring tone (the one only little kids can hear).
    all those other service’s do not work because phone companies LOVE telemarketer’s and debt collectors. after all, they make money on them since calling is their business.

  24. horqua says:

    I’ve found three different approaches to be effective. The first involves my iPhone. Since both Apple and AT&T want to charge me a hefty chunk of change to block calls, I found a Silent Ringtone that I added to the phone. Then I created a new contact called SHIT (Sure happy it’sa telemarketer). Whenever a telemarketer calls to lower my credit card rate, they call from an open number. I add that # to the SHIT contact and from then on, whenever SHIT calls, the phone rings with a Silent Ringtone and no vibration so I don’t know they’ve called. The second approach is whenever the caller ID shows BLOCKED, I ignore the call. I wish there was a way to add BLOCKED to my SHIT list. Third, if a telemarketer does get thru and I answer, I wait thru the crap message and make sure I tap whatever number to reach an actual person. The minute that person comes on, I harass them until they hang up, starting with “Take me off your @$#@!%$ list!” Show no mercy. Hope they call back. Cut them no slack. Waste their time as much as you can because time is money to telemarketers. Get militant!

  25. LaTasha says:

    In these dark days of government infringing on our 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendment rights, in collusion with Google, Facebook and Microsoft, why would anyone give out their personal info to any of these fascists? Does Abine have any ideas about this?

  26. Robert says:

    I take it, from his comments, that JWSmithy thinks we are all a bunch of know all smart arses like him.

    I am 70 years old and just learning about computers, worked for 52 years without them, why are they so important, especially to know alls.

    I find abines article very informative, especially as , unlike JWSmithy , I do not know everything


    Robert Grimes

    • Lee says:

      Robert, good for you for learning all you can. A word of caution, however: don’t sign your REAL name on any online correspondence. Just not a good idea. You’ll want to use an alternate name. The internet is full of crafty, sneaky people who can aggregate your information and use it in less than positive ways. Just a warning but do keep learning, as there’s always so much to know.

      By the way, jwmithy is a pompous arse. At least this article was honest enough to tell the truth about the Do Not Call List. I’ve seen countless others referring to it as helpful, when it fact it doesn’t do much-just ask my mother.

  27. Holly says:

    Another approach, if you are home or in home office when they call- if I’ve verified that it’s a telemarketer or an unwanted caller (using 800Noteswhocallsme) when the phone rings, I push the speaker button to ans call and immediately push it to end the call. After a few more calls they eventually give up.

  28. Protima says:

    This is definitely a topic that’s close to me so I’m happy that you wrote about it. I’m also happy that you did the subject some justice. Not only do you know a great deal about it, you know how to present in a way that people will want to read more. New Free Games

  29. David says:

    Illegal / unregistered telemarketers and call centers abroad, do not have to filter numbers through DNC. They use stolen database and sets up autodialers to make robocalls. If you are registered with DNC and still get telemarketing calls, you can take it for granted the caller is operating illegally and hence you should not engage with the caller.

    More at:–Why-do-I-get-Telemarketing-Calls–blog-59.html

  30. Matthew says:

    There is a canadian made call blocker (, by the good old Nortel folks, that block phone number with wide range of options (e.g. area code, unknown numbers etc.) and I it claimed it stores more than 200 numbers from it youtube vid.

  31. nanny says:

    You receive them because some of them are still
    Legal. Charities,which I hate most are still legal.and
    Telemarketing companies have a slew of charoties under one roof.
    Once they get a .umber it goes on every charitu list
    They contract with.

  32. Anna says:

    If you have an android phone you can get free apps that will block calls. I love “Mr Number”. You can block as many as you want, see if other users have marked it as spam, I think you can see user comments on numbers that you are blocking (like what they’re trying to sell), and even have 20 number look ups for free.

  33. Charli says:

    I haven’t found anything that works. And I’m sick of it. Too many times it’s a robo call which I report although I feel it’s a waste of time because the Do Not Call List is useless. If it’s a political call I tell them that when I get a robo call from them I take their candidate off my list of potential people I might vote for. Call the local political party and let them know. I figure that if enough of us do this they might get the idea.

    If it’s a live person calling I ask for their credit card number and tell them I charge $50.00 a minute to listen to them. They usually don’t call back. I have a friend that gives the phone to her 4 year old, again no more calls. But for each one I get rid of there are hundreds that create new calls. Until THEY pay for my phone I should be able to control who calls me. The government could do some things.

    First these “services” that sell your info should be banned. And anyone selling personal info should go to jail.

    Second write your legislator and let him/her know that you’ll be voting based on how much they get done to fix this problem. If they can’t fix it…I’ll vote for someone who will.

    I didn’t like Mask me. Total Pain in the ass. I got rid of it after 2 days as it kept trying to sell me the paid version. I hate the captcha which are not easy for disabled people.

  34. mr lower price insurance says:

    call me
    +353 (87) 633 2696

  35. Mark says:

    The only time waster was the 2 lines of text exemplifying the extent of your intellectual abilities on this subject. Time waster.

    • Lee says:

      “…was the TWO lines of text.” Dear intellectual but not smart, numbers under 10 are always spelled out. How ridiculous of you to take the time to write that this is a time waster. So much irony! Thanks for the laugh today, I needed it.

  36. No Cold Calls says:

    My solution 100% effective.

    Home Phone – Protected by a Truecall unit = 0 junk calls

    Mobile Phone – Inbuilt blocking and a silent ringtone, all my contacts have a different ringtone so I only ever have to talk to the people I want to.

    I also have a cheap pay and go mobile with a throwaway number for when I need to give out a number, and need to talk to someone who I don;t want to give my main numbers too, if I get any cold calls I just get a new sim, and start again.

    I also have a Virtual mobile number which I use when signing up for web sites etc, it goes straight to answerphone and I never check it, it also costs a lot to ring so basically just wastes their time and money.

    Works perfect for me.

  37. tom snape says:

    ‘ Locking the stable door after the horse has bolted ‘ I believe is the correct expression hth.

  38. Yes says:

    jwmithy, Sounds to me.. like Mr. Lessard hit a nerve with you! This can only mean one thing, You are part of Telemarketing or Someone who calls people to scam them out of their money….So which is it? Maybe Both? Nobody in their right mind would knock on someone trying to give free advice to people..unless it targets their wallet……

  39. Gary says:

    I’ve found a two step method that blocks the majority of telemarketers from my Android smartphone. I installed a free app called “Call Control”. It blocks the phone from ringing for thousands of telemarketer phone numbers that have been added to a black list by the “Call Control” community of users. When an incoming call number is on the black list, you can either forward the number direct to voicemail or automatically hangup before the phone can ring (You may hear a very short peep). Or you can add all your telemarketers to a specific contact in your address book named “Telemarketer”, and ask Call Control to hang up on them. I have done this for over a year now, and the only evidence that telemarketers are still calling me is the “blocked calls” log inside the Call Control app.

    On rare occasions, my telemarketers call from a new number that is not in the blacklist. I immediately hang up on them and add them to the blacklist, which helps me and thousands of other members of the “Call Control” community. My phone never again rings for calls from that blacklisted number.

    I’ve recently installed another free app called “Youmail” which allows you to provide a custom voicemail for every one of your callers. Now, my telemarketers are forwarded to a voicmail recording of the “number not in service” beep tones and voice.

    Hopefully, as time goes by, the robot dialers will be convinced my number is no longer in service

  40. jm says:

    To get yourself removed from robo-calls, respond to the robo-call as you would an answering machine. First using keypad “0” then “9”, “7”, “5”, “3” and “1”. Take note: “7” will commonly delete these messages. Some robo-call managers will thereby answer or delete your number from their system. Sometimes leading to call list removal from all other robo-call lists. If someone answers you while you are rotating from “0” to “1”, tell them to lose your number and hang up!!!
    P.S….. I hope this helps….enjoy!

  41. seriously says:

    Seriously people….just do not answer your phone if you do not recognize the number!!!!! DO NOT ANSWER IT…DON’T DO IT!!!! 🙂 And this especially applies if you are receiving unwanted calls. I quit answering them a year ago, and I do not receive ANY more bogus calls…zero, zip, nada. The minute you answer, even if it is just to hang up, they know they have a real number that they in turn can sell to someone else, etc., etc., etc. Just don’t answer…don’t, don’t don’t. It may take a while, but it will solve all your problems.

  42. angela says:

    jwmithy- how would you know the article is a “time waster” unless you read it? What a moron you are! You wrote if the article was written for ” a year olds?” WTF? What is a year olds?
    You probably don’t like the article because it’s too advanced for you. Bahahah

  43. Nancy says:

    People123 let me verify who I was but would not process my opt-out. If these sites offer opt-out pages that don’t function, what’s the point?

  44. Daddy's accident says:

    I don’t understand why we can’t just block certain numbers with a push of a button? I mean come on already, there is a way, let’s do it!

  45. Jeff-Bobb says:

    This *IS* a waste of time!! I’ve been doing ALL of the recommended steps for at least 3 years (I’ve been registering on the DNC-list for 7 years), and still get calls for installing solar, remodeling, “Card Services”, etc.

    I am either going to buy or build a box that will ignore all unrecognized calls! I am sick and tired of paying good money for telephone service, only to have it used as a nearly-free marking tool!

    • Joe says:

      Right on!! Build that box and I’ll buy it, as long as it has a button that lets me incinerate the phone equipment of the annoying caller.
      To tell us not to give out our number is preposterous. We have been in the local phone book always, and it’s way too late. On top of that, robodialers just call all possible number combinations just like porn and Nigerian scam artists just email all possible email addresses at, comcast. net, etc. I think the phone solution is to drop the landline. The personal landline phone is nearing obscelescence anyway. Use your cell phone for the occasional phone call and otherwise text like the kids.

  46. Joanie says:

    This would be a lot easier to deal with if there were NO EXEMPTIONS for Charities or Political reasons; why should they be any different? IF I Wanted to reach a Charity or a Candidate, it would be Very Easy to do it WITHOUT giving them Free Access to my Privacy. Burns me up! I try to keep an active list of these people, organizations and .Email Spam, too! I will Never Knowingly buy from, vote for or participate with any of them! Even if I am Actively searching for an item or service online, etc., I will NOT do business with someone Offering that, if THEY contacted ME! Let ME do my own Shopping!

  47. mdemon3800 says:

    We can learn something by sign up. Here is the way you can get solution visit the Link

  48. patch says:

    Everyone should go to It has made my life a little better as far as the robo calls go.

  49. patch says:

    one more thing…the FCC’s DO NOT CALL registry DOES NOT WORK. Many people believe that it is actually used by telemarketers to generate their calls.
    If you read what’s out there, you will find that those who complain are usually on this registry.
    Since the FCC won’t be proactive, I suggest everyone call them to speak to a live agent there (not at the DNC) and give them your list of telemarketer calls. Maybe if they get enough complaints, they’ll do something.

  50. Matt says:

    The Do Not Call List is absolute garbage. I get a dozen calls a week from telemarketers still. They are not political, charities or anyone I have ever done business with. I get sales calls and robocalls. Constantly. Have filled out over 30 complaints on fcc website and haven’t heard back about one. This is all a scam. This list is 100% BS.

  51. aggelaki says:

    This did not help at all. I put my number in the FTC. Now I call back these numbers and I tell them one more phone call and you will be out of the picture lol. I tell them take my number off the list and don’t let me see this number on my callers ID again. I will not only report you to the FTC but I’ll take any measure to agonize you with phone calls. Maybe we should find one of those robo automatic phone services and do the same to them lol.

  52. aggelaki says:

    Cool where do I ask for a Virual mobile number? and about that throw away number don’t they charge you for the new number change? If not I’ll do that.

  53. Eric Glasscott says:

    I have been told that the services that keep you credit score such as Equifax and Experian actually sell your phone number to telemarketers.

  54. Tee says:

    Get a Air Horn and when the Robo Call is connected to a real person. When the real person says, “You said you want to talk to us” blast them with the Air Horn.

  55. According to our research many do not call registers are not effecitve. I would recomment to buy a call blocker which can be easily connected at your home phone. Our product, the sentry blocks effectively all the incoming cals and requires no action from your side.
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  56. AnonymousCaller says:

    Ironically, you are supposed to give your email address to even reply here… yeah, let this company SPAM your actual email box. NOT.

    The problem people I know are having is that you CANNOT block “anonymous” callers (i.e. the ID has been stripped from the phone line as if they lived in an area without caller id encoding; there are no more areas like that so it’s a black box they use to strip their calls before it leaves the building and it should be illegal to do so, IMO). You can block PRIVATE calls (i.e. you punch in *whatever and it indicates you don’t wish to give out your number. Most cable phones and cell phones let you block these, but most do not let you block the anonymous “stripped” ID calls. Most of these calls do not have a person on the other end either. They are data mining calls from companies looking for active phone numbers to sell to other companies and/or criminals calling to see when you are at home (if you answer the phone) so they know the best time to rob your house. You cannot and will not be able to block these numbers for reasons only known to god himself. The phone companies won’t let you block them. They are free to harass you 24 hours a day and there’s little you can do about it short of an old fashioned wire-trace and good luck keeping them on the line long enough for that to work (they just call; see if you answer and hang up). Lovely isn’t it? We need to be able to block anonymous calling.

  57. Miten Kashiyani says:

    Guyz, to block the spam calls and to see who is calling to you even you don’t have their numbers, Go and download one of the finest app I’ve ever seen.

  58. Brad Wolfe says:

    It is a waste of time stopping the telemarketers and here is why.

    1. Companies are set up to just call numbers in a sequence. Ever noticed that you get a phone call, answer or your answering machine or voice message on your phone system picks up and then there is a click.

    This is the companies who are computer logging all the numbers that are active.

    Now what they do is sell all these numbers (hundreds and thousands of these) to the telemarketers of which all they have to do is put all of these numbers into their automatic dialers and now you are getting the calls.

    2. Because you have received a call from the telemarketer you will notice that the number that they are calling from is a ‘fake’ or ‘not in service number’. So now you don’t know who it is even if you call back (I will explain this one further down.) So now you cant complain because you don’t know who it is.

    3. If you call the number back and if you have not blocked your number, then again their system will log your number and so now it goes on again to be calling you.

    4. If you do try to listen to the sales pitch, most of the time, its a scam (selling you a free cruise or some such) of which the company is not even in North America. So now if you make the biggest mistake and buy whatever they are selling, you have been scammed and lo an behold, you are now on the ‘marked list’ as someone that they can sell more rubbish.

    5. With enough complaints this company closes up shop and at the same time they have more than one running so they then can start up another new one and start again, without missing a beat.

    SO now here is how I stopped them. There are apps that you can get for free for your cel phones that once you have received one of these calls, you just put that number into your Black List and your phone does not ring, it just goes to your Black List and your phone will not even answer the call it just rings and rings and rings to them and their system now thinks that they have a none working number and this one company (scammer) stops calling.

    Basically, there is no way to stop them … but there is a way to deal with them. Getting mad or screaming at them on the line does nothing.

    Good luck.

  59. Mugstump says:

    I never had robo calls until I switched to Verizon. I have two lines and they are both getting these calls. I think someone at Verizon is selling phone numbers.

  60. jacy says:

    Time waster

  61. Robert Lane says:

    As a freelance graphic designer I usually give out my phone number so potential clients can contact me. I get quite a few “spam” calls, but I try to deal with each one by blocking the numbers on my phone.

  62. NtDemon says:

    I figured out how tele-marketers kept getting my numbers. It was my friends & family – unknowingly, they sold me out. Every time I got a new number they put it in their cell phones… and in a few days telemarketers begin their reign of terror. You see – the problem wasn’t actually that they sold my info – they gave it away, by agreeing to the permissions “requirements” of some silly app they downloaded, the permissions the apps require have access to their contacts, phone calls, camera, etc… So here I am with a pristine new number and blissful quite… I’m sure it won’t stay this way for long as those apps have access to every phone call they make or receive, and that data is GOLD for the telemarketers – as it’s a guaranteed valid number that a person will utilize. So while the app is “free” … it’s us that pay the price for their lack of morals, selling our information to the tele-terrorists. Thanks Friends & family Phone-zombies.

  63. Gille Morgan says:

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  64. David Powers says:

    Here’s a way to get these low-lifes……keep them on the phone as long as possible. If they ask for Mr. XXX, just say “hold on, I’ll get him”, then wait for a while and answer again. Say, “who was it you wanted?” and say, “Oh, I’ll get him….” in other words, use up their time and then just let them sit and do not answer any more. They’ll get tired of it and hang up. I HATE those puke loser piles of garbage.

    • Aaron says:

      Nice. I too have taken it upon myself to waste their time. Most of the calls ( avg 3 per day) are for home improvement. I go through the 2 mins and tell them to send their estimator and schedule an appointment for sometime in the evening when I know I’ll be home. The estimator shows up, I’m sitting on the porch with my 2 Rhodesian Ridgeback Dogs while cleaning my 12-gauge Browning. As the guy walks up…I tell him to stop and take me off their list. I joyfully explain that if they are going to keep wasting my time, I’m going to keep wasting theirs by making them drive all the way out here.

  65. M R says:

    I have hit on something that makes telemarketers hang up very quickley. It works like this….. As soon as you find out who they are you start with a long string of non stop profanity and sexual coments toward them and their mother they hang up quickly and don’t call back. It works better than the do not call list ever did “@$!?-“@$”

  66. FightBack says:

    If these Indians want to call and harass us, then MY ANSWER IS TO CALL THE INDIAN EMBASSY IN WASHINGTON AND HARASS THEM.


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  68. KissMyAss says:

    I don’t Trust you! So I have no intentions of Giving you Shit! What makes a company to have people of all nations get lured into your propaganda bull? marketing off substantial amounts of numbers doesn’t automatically have to be shared or given by it’s Users. Most are unlikely used by hackers peeking into ones computer let alone a mobile device.
    I don’t trust things that steal from us. or call unexpectedly and only want the owner of the house to answer Freaking India servey clowns who are probably from a overseas business are a nuisance Constantly ringing My home. In accordance of Wanting us to give them information that should only be used once a month. Not every fukk’n day of Week or selling me Shitt! I’m not even fukk’n interested in or think I’m willing to Pay! Once the servey is Complete. These clowns keep brushing us off Changing the Subject. Like, as to say Oh wait but your rich send us your bank accounts. and. we’ll BANKRUPT you for everything you own… “Well,.. FUKK That!!! and we isn’t Fukk’n Rich! “We live in Poverty” We STRUGGLE with Everything!

  69. LookupReact.Com is dedicated to helping people to discuss and report annoying callers and marketers.

  70. NoNameNO says:

    hey doc how can i hunt them all down and disable instead of blocking them
    like as soon as possible with force

  71. Steve says:

    I am not sure this poster knows what he is talking about:

    “This site will help anyone find out who is calling you
    from unknown or hidden phone number, you need to
    Only specify any phone number and you will find out who owns this phone number and why he is calling you!

    Very often unfamiliar with the caller telephone numbers and telephone scammers, spammers, advertisers, our website is designed to
    help all the people in the fight against telemarketing fraud and other unwanted spam kakzhdy person can leave your opinion and review to any phone number.”

    The best way to stop pesky telemarketers is to report them to the FCC.

  72. felice arata says:

    I am getting phone calls from all over the US in different states and cities. They never call twice from the same number so it’s impossible to block them. how do we stop that?

  73. a says:

    I just take my phone off the hook…(landline)…while i’m trying to sleep, at least.

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