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  • John Hollister says:

    Hi From Bermuda,
    It would be Really Great if Abine allowed Android Phone users to download Mask Me for email and have the option to purchase the Premium Version.

  • Robert says:

    As for the question: “What does my E-mail reveal about me?” I know what my emails SAY (I do try to be polite.Its good business. AND THE RIGHT THING to do.) I use a caption that states: This E-mail does not contain any embedded image’s or data. I include a watermark to authenticate my E-mail’s. That’s all it is. Seriously. On the other hand, when I want to include “embedded data,” (usually textual in format), it’s not to be secretive, it’s about efficiency. It’s amazing how much text you can cram into a digital microdot. Using different optical/acoustic frequencies, one page is like an iceberg; Most of it is not seen, unless you have the “key” (more like an address/identity) specific to the technology used. Or under water, in which case unless your in a submarine, my E-mail is not all that important. I have an ego, but it’s not THAT ridiculous. God willing.

    As for how I do this? Hopefully, that will soon be proprietary. And any God/god has nothing to do with it. When I screw up, it’s MY fault. But I have no problem attributing any success to a creator. It’s just very shallow, IMO.

  • Noha says:

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