It keeps getting better: DNTMe is now blocking 28 more trackers


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DNTMe_new_tracker_alertDid you know that we’re always updating DNTMe to block new trackers? You’re seeing this post because one of these updates just happened: we added 28 new trackers to DNTMe’s block list. These updates are free, automatic, and designed to keep you safer and more private online. They happen whenever we add trackers to our list of things to block, and you don’t have to do a thing.

How do we add new trackers to block?

We detect new trackers in all sorts of ways, like through scans of the web, researching new advertisers and tracking technologies online (as we do in our collaboration with UC Berkeley Center for Law and Technology on their Web Privacy Census), or–our favorite–hearing from you. Tracking technologies come in many forms, and some are more invasive than others. As a DNTMe user, you know we’ve always categorized trackers into segments such as social networks, analytics companies, and ad networks, and that you can control what categories are on or off at any time.  Now, we’re doing even more.

What’s the new category of trackers we added and why?

We’re adding a special new category of trackers: those we’ve researched and wanted to tell you about in-depth. They may have been in the news or are doing unique things with your data. When you run across one of these trackers, they’ll show up in your personal trackers blocked chart (remember, this data is never shared with Abine and is stored on your computer only).  Each tracker you block in this category has an explanation in more detail so you can find out more about what these companies are trying to do with your personal information. 

For this update, we chose to describe 10 out of the total 28 we added in greater detail. The trackers we chose were:

Whenever we add a bunch of trackers, you’ll see a notification about it in your DNTMe window. It’s just going to keep getting better from here as we work to stay on top of trackers doing everything they can for every last pixel of your data.

Upgrades to your blocking chart

We’ve also heard from many of you that you really like the chart in DNTMe that shows you how many trackers you’ve blocked, so we made it more powerful (and prettier). Now you can compare your all-time trackers blocked against the number you’ve blocked that day, which appear as green bars. Click on the “My Stats” magnifying glass to see a big version of your chart in a new webpage.

And if one of the new category of trackers is one you’ve blocked, you’ll see a green dot for it in your chart. Hover over the green dot with your mouse to see how many times you’ve blocked it, or click on the dot to read more about that particular tracker.

2 Replies to “It keeps getting better: DNTMe is now blocking 28 more trackers”

  1. Jeff B says:

    Thank You! I had no idea how many of these Co’s there are, I had some idea but not as this shows

    i also have the feeling for every-one blocked there may be two new ones born in there Place?!

  2. jeff m says:

    These are old sites that now use flash cookies, If I turn off my logging I would not even know that they were present. My hard drive starts going nuts, when they are tracking. So I delete their cookies. wait with my privacy browser open and they temporarily stop. This is annoying because I share my computer with a roommate. Is there a way to block any flash cookies?

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