6 new trackers added to DNTMe’s block list


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DNTMe privacy boostAdvertisers and trackers are always coming up with new ways to follow you online. Our collaboration on a Web Privacy Census with the UC Berkeley Center for Law & Technology found that online tracking is on the rise: the use of third-party tracking cookies on the 100 most popular websites increased by 11 percent from May to October 2012, and if present trends continue, the amount of online tracking will double in about two and a half years.

That’s why it’s more important than ever that privacy companies like us stay on top of the trackers. We just added 6 new trackers to DNTMe’s block list:


  1. BrightTagbrighttag
  2. Leadsius
  3. Nuggad
  4. Tealium
  5. Didit
  6. Snoobi

We’re always updating DNTMe to block new trackers. This time we added 6; last time we added 10; the time before that we added 28; and we’ll keep going.

These updates are free, automatic, and designed to keep you safer and more private online. They happen whenever we add trackers to our list of things to block, and you don’t have to do a thing.

Enjoy your improved online privacy, and thanks for using DNTMe!

9 Replies to “6 new trackers added to DNTMe’s block list”

  1. wes says:

    just wanted to say thank you! i never take for granted the work you do and provided a free service to protect us from these wolves in sheep,s clothing:))lolwes

  2. Barbara Z says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with Wes. Thank you!

  3. Ross Dutcher says:

    I have used “Do not track me” on all my computers, such a great product I signed up for “Delete Me”, couldn’t be more satisfied as I disappeared from so many consolidation sites. Your customer service is nothing less than top notch; your products are so vitally needed in this era of “Big Data” moving into our lives.

  4. Frank Castle says:

    Thank you for the free basic protection, that’s all someone like me will ever need. I hope that a lot of DNTMe users find some of your products useful and become paying customers, you deserve it.

  5. Edward Nace says:

    Thanks for Do Not Track Me and Mask Me. I use both of these products and am very happy with them. I feel more secure when on the internet.

  6. Sachin says:

    While many other competitors like ghostery and disconnect tells you exactly how many trackers they can block, there is no such information from abine. How many trackers list are there in abine’s database ?

    • Sarah Downey says:

      Good question. Right now, DNTMe blocks about 220 companies and 630 tracking technologies. However, companies can define “tracker” however they want–as detailed or as broadly as they feel like. We’ve chosen to define “tracker” pretty broadly so it has more meaning: a tracker is a connection that your browser makes when it loads a webpage that’s intended to record, profile, or share your online activity. Usually these connections are made to entirely different companies than the website you’re actually visiting.

      In our research, the most common types of trackers are:

      Javascript: 43%
      Images, such as 1-pixels: 14%
      iFrames: 14%
      Flash cookies: 5%

      We could define a tracker as any unique piece of code, and then we’d have millions of trackers in our block list…but it wouldn’t really mean anything. The number of companies and technologies we block is based on meaningful categories: separate companies whose business is collecting people’s personal information online, and the distinct tracking techniques that these companies use to actually pull that information from you.

      Adding that total number to DNTMe so you guys can see it is a good idea. We’ll see if we can add it to a future version of DNTMe!

  7. struhar000 says:

    After seeing how well it worked on my old PC I wanted it for this new one. It has already been busy and ALL privacy should be protectable.

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