Happy Wednesday. Here’s a dog in a jacket.


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This has nothing to do with privacy, but here’s our CTO Andy’s dog Rocko wearing a down jacket in the office:

Rocko jacket

It’s been absolutely frigid in Boston for the past few days, but Rocko is prepared. We had to share the goodness with all of you.

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  1. Jorge says:

    Hahahahaha Looks Good !!!

  2. Steve Phillips says:

    “Where the heck are my boots?”

  3. Sally says:

    Nice and comfy..Rocko looks contented.

  4. Steve says:

    It’s nice out here on the left coast. However we could use some rain and smow up in the Mts. Thanks for the Do not track me program. I down loaded it and am trying it out 02/01/2013

  5. The Grinning Doggy says:

    Very cute. Awfully cute, actually.

    Please keep in mind, many homeless animals are sitting at this very minute, in high kill, cold shelter kennels, with no blankets, often on cement, some even standing on painful wire bottom cages,( many are in facilities that often lack heat), with ice for water in their bowls.

    For most shelter animals they are fed ONCE A DAY. And the servings are puny.

    This goes on across our nation, and every abandoned, stray or dumped dog( cat, bunny, etc) is waiting for someone to come and give them a break.

    A life saving break.

    They wait, patiently, as time runs out-(which happens all to fast) hoping someone has room in both their heart and home for them.

    Seeing how comfy this doggy Rocko is: PLEASE CALL YOUR LOCAL SPCA or POLICE, IF YOU SEE A DOG LEFT OUTSIDE FOR MORE THAN 15 MINS IN THE COLD( AKA- YARD- TIED TO A GARAGE- STAKE – TREE- FENCE,ETC). Do this especially if you know this is a routine and there is no one home to let the animal inside. It doesn’t take long to freeze to death.

    The nation’s animal activists are working hard to stop ” chain out or tie out” dogs.
    Dogs that are not pets-not loved- just lawn ornaments, that are often given no shelter and all too, left to languish with no water or food.

    Too many times, they are found frozen to death – literally right in the place they were sitting. (In the summer the opposite happens, they die of heat stroke.)

    If a person can’t bring a dog or any domestic pet into their homes, they have no business owning one.

    Pets in our nation today are largely deemed part of the family, and to leave one out in all types of extreme weather is ANIMAL ABUSE.

    I want to thank cute little Rocko for giving me the chance to speak out on behalf of his fellow canine friends, as well as other animals that suffer terribly from a neglectful/abused life.

    It is bad enough we have the thousands of humans homeless, that are out there freezing to death- innocent animals shouldn’t add to the numbers.

    Animal or Human? Looking the other way is is just plain wrong. 🙁

    If you want to save a life and gain a new best friend, check out Petfinders.org and put in your zipcode to see animals for adoption in your area.

    Some animals are listed in shelters- others in rescue.

    Save from the shelter, you make room for another animal to come in.

    ( I will spare you the details of what happens when animals are being dumped off and there is no more room in a shelter.)

    If you adopt from a rescue, it makes room for the rescue to take in another death row shelter pet!

    Thanks Rocko for letting me vent for your friends! Woof!

    The Grinning Doggy-
    Animal Rescue & Welfare Advocate

  6. The Grinning Doggy says:

    BTW- I use DNT and I love it !

    I have told several friends about it since I have been using it.

    Hoping I keep getting more converts!

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