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  • Prof. Wolford says:

    Every service you offer, (thank you, they are all good and moving briskly in the right direction) is done over the Internet and relates to an ISP (that is all bad.)
    I would like — and pay for:
    1. Encrypted everything, not the kind of encryption that raises flags, but maybe something like big packet double nested VPN encryption.
    2. A proxy setup. HTTPS is too easily defeated, so are proxies…..whose proxy servers are in the middle offering the fastest relay? Paranoid? I’m realistic.
    3. Hard copy software or *hardware* firewall mailed by UPS or such, that really works. Anything downloaded is suspect no matter what the web page says. Keeping X out of my computer is every bit as important as secure transmission.
    4. I have other ideas. No techie here, but some savvy. My background is in Clinical and Community Psychology (CommPsy does for any size to a nation) what a Clinical Psychologist does for a person. Change mass thinking. I’m not really looking for another job, but this is worthy as anything I can think off — right now. I am also a double excellent copy writer.

    Let me know if I can help or we can work together.

    Prof. Wolford

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