The new age of anonymous email: why do you still give yours out?


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anonymous-emailThe term “anonymous email” can refer to many products that either temporarily or permanently shield your actual email address or provide you with a disposable email address. Let’s take a look at the different types of anonymous email, what separates them from each other, and how each can be most effectively used.

Why use an anonymous email address?

One of the biggest misconceptions about anonymous email addresses is that they are only used for unsavory criminal activity. In reality, they’re a prudent method for protecting online privacy and shielding yourself from spam. Anonymous email addresses allow you to do the following:

1. Sign up for different accounts that require an email authentication without giving out your actual email address

2. Keep your social sites free of your actual email address

3. Protect other accounts (because if one account with a particular email address is compromised, all other other accounts would be protected if you used a different email for the different websites)

4. Decrease spam by giving an email out that you can simply delete or block future emails to

According to a June 2013 survey we ran of 1055 adult US Internet users, 96% of people sign up for online accounts with their real, primary email account.  Of this same group, we found that on average users create 3.61 “junk email accounts” used to catch spam. If this sounds like you, note that anonymous emails, in all their forms, provide a quick and simple solution to keep your email private and reduce the hassle of juggling multiple email accounts.

What are the types of anonymous email?


Pros: Disposable or temporary email addresses are just that: they are for one-time uses such as when you are forced to create an account to access a part of a website that you may never return to later.

Cons: You probably won’t be able to return to the inbox after a period of time. Inboxes may also be open to the public and may be shared by multiple parties if you happen to create and use the same fake email address.


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Permanent Shielded:

Pros: Permanent shielded email address providers allow you to use a fake email address and have messages sent to a private inbox.

Cons: If you already use a major email provider like Google Mail or Yahoo Mail, you will have to switch to a new inbox or forward the email address from the permanent shielded address to your actual inbox.


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Masked Emails:

Our newest product MaskMe combines the best features of both the disposable/temporary and permanent anonymous email providers by doing the following:

1. Create unlimited disposable emails that forward directly to your current email address

2. Block/Allow future emails from a particular sender with the click of a button right from your inbox

3. Create emails on the fly – MaskMe will autofill any email field with either a Masked email, or your actual email address

4. Use MaskMe for “non-shady” websites too, like social networks or financial institutions; your Masked Email will not be deleted without your approval

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  1. wonder woman says:

    FWIW, I went to check out HMA and their account isn’t permanent: the longest you can create it for is 12 months. I did finally sign up for Hushmail, though, which is permanent. (It looked like your extension would conflict with Dashlane.)

    • Noha says:

      Stop sending your private informations !

      Privacy online is important and email are a big problem to keep our data private. There are a lot of services out there that monetize your privacy but we should never pay for that.

      We created a free service that permits user to send encrypted email for more security, it’s called Jumble and it’s free and easy to use. It was design to melt with gmail and will support other platforms soon. We choose not to store any of these mails just because they belong to us and only us.

      We are looking for testers that could experience the service. With jumble email encryption you can send private, sensible email with a top security and privacy level. We look forward to read feedback from you.

      See jumble’s features at Jumble feature page

      Tell us if you like it and any way we can improve it.

  2. John says:

    Thanks for the valuable information.Very useful indeed!

  3. White Hawk says:

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information that’s whh I have signed up maskme to protect my privacy. Regards

  4. Thanks for those tips.
    Whenever I just need access to.information such as on the website I have given above, I make up ‘credible’ non-existent info such as as my email, 020 7766 7304 as my phone number and SL4 1NJ as my postcode. I also clean out any cookies on my PC and realise that whenever I surf, my MAC address always identifies where I am.

    • david e says:

      Use cyberghost. mac address is hidden behind a free random global mac generated through their screen service.

  5. Dog Toys says:

    Masked email is great, you can forward it to any email and actually keep a list of each email for each site. Its also nice to know you can stop all spam on one email by deactivating it.

  6. latovmark says:

    Hi everyone! Who can give information on services such as and Are they reliable? Has anyone encountered with vulnerabilities? Thank you!

  7. latovmark says:

    Hi everyone! Who can give information on services such as and Are they reliable? Has anyone encountered with vulnerabilities? Thank you.

  8. Sheri says:

    Thanks, you guys, for ALL of this useful information. I write controversial news stories for submission to major media sources, and have experienced a fair amount of luck getting published thus far. It’s my gig, I do it well. But as a ‘professional’ (a term I use lightly, because a couple of science degrees in college does not qualify one to call oneself a professional writer. That takes digging in, getting your hands and sometimes soul dirty, and grinding out something that’ll wow ’em. And I’m just getting started but may have the right idea. For now. But I digress.) This line of work requires a degree of privacy I haven’t even thought about before now. Funky things happen in my email accounts. I think I’ll try covermyass first. I’m told I could be doing plenty of that down the road. Thanks for the great info. Take care.

  9. U can still be traced and tracked with all these their is one solution stay off a computer. And another way but i just can’t share that with u bc then there will be no way sorry people but being annoymous u will no simply find in a search engine

  10. Tajba says:

    Your disposable email is wonderful.
    Keep only for 4 hours and then deleted forever.

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