The Facebook IPO in memes


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Annoying Facebook girl

In honor of the decade’s biggest IPO, we present:  the Facebook IPO in meme form.  If you have no idea what a meme is, check out Know Your Meme.  However, lolcats are memes, and if you’ve spent at least an hour on the Internet, then you’ve encountered a lolcat.  There’s just no getting around it.

Feel free to distribute these however you want.  And remember:  just because Facebook’s going public doesn’t mean you have to.  Try our Facebook Val-You calculator to see how much money you’re worth to Facebook in a given year.  Check out PrivacyWatch, an email alert system that tell you when Facebook changes its privacy policies and gives you exclusive, step-by-step instructions from our experts on what you should do to protect your personal information.  You can also find our list of the top 7 Facebook privacy settings you need to make, and follow our blog for Facebook privacy news and tips.


Conspiracy Keanu

Scumbag Facebook

Ned Stark

Push Patrick

Scumbag Facebook, version 2

South Park ski instructor

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