Who are these tracking companies? Meet Meteor Solutions.


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Meteor Solutions is a social audience marketing (SAM) tool that lets companies identify their biggest fans using social media, engage those fans in conversations, and measure how successful that form of “word of mouth” advertising is for their company by tracking how people share things using social media.

How it works:

Meteor Solutions’ Tag & Trace technology creates unique links for things like special offers that you receive in your inbox. These links allow them to trace when you share that offer to Facebook, when your friends share it further, and so on. This allows them to figure out who is in your social network. Additionally, when you visit websites working with Meteor Solutions, they will attempt to install a tracker on your computer that can gather anonymized data about what websites you visit.

So what?

If Meteor Solutions is tracking something you share, they continue to track it through all your friends who also share it, tracking them as well. The tracking technology follows everyone who spreads whatever you shared, involving people in tracking who may not know they’re being followed across “social networks, email, IM, mobile, and blogs.”

While Meteor Solutions state that they don’t correlate your social media presence with your browsing data, they sell these pieces of data to third parties (advertisers) who aren’t strictly bound by this same privacy policy. In fact, their customers use Meteor’s data to find the “influencers” in your network so they can engage them in conversations on Twitter and Facebook. The installed tracker can theoretically allow these customers to see what websites you were visiting, and they may be able to correlate that with your social network identities.

What might be useful to me from Meteor Solutions?

Meteor Solutions ultimately uses data it gathers about you and your social network to serve you special offers from companies it thinks you might like instead of the typical spammy email blasts you receive in your inbox. In the end, it’s up to you and whether you mind this data being collected about you and the people in your social networks.

Want to dig even deeper? Check out Meteor Solutions’ Privacy Policy.
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