Meet Rocko, our occasional office dog


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From left to right: Brian, Rocko, Andy, and James

Our co-founder, Andy, has the best dog ever, and sometimes Rocko graces us with his presence in the office.  Despite his size, he doesn’t realize he’s not a lap dog (see picture).

He also has to howl at sirens and other high-pitched things, which is cool for conference calls.  You can see it in his face as he tries to fight his inner wolf and then utterly fails, letting piercing howls rip through the room.  We love him, though.  Every startup should have an animal friend.

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  1. Cat Blankets says:

    Looking around…

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  2. jason mase says:

    Couldn’t agree more. We have a pet turtle at Only problem is when he starts barking at the mailman.

  3. Carl says:

    He’s just asking for some of that bottled goods you have on the desk there.

    I’ve just started looking at your site, and I’ve had DNT installed on my pc (laptop) for about a week now and think its a really good idea.

    Which brings to my mind, and its what I’m searching for, is version to put on smart phones (android) and tablets (which I don’t currently own but would like to in the near future, IF they ever catch up the apple sauce stuff, which I don’t really consider to be an alternative, but more on my blog on that later.) So. long to short, can your products be installed on smartphones and tablets? In particular, the DNT, for now anyway.



    • Sarah Downey says:

      That bottled stuff was actually organic corn whiskey that someone gave us as a gift. I think he did want that.

      We’re working on releasing DNT+ for mobile devices, and we think there’s a big, big need for greater protection in the mobile sphere. That said, mobile is much more difficult to develop for right now. As developers, we have far less control and ability to work within these platforms, which is frustrating. We’re pushing for that to change. If you want us to add you to our notification list when DNT+ is ready for mobile, just let us know at support at abine dot com.

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