Who are these tracking companies? Meet LeadLander.


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LeadLander helps salespeople close deals by providing intelligence around anything a potential customer has viewed or submitted on their websites. Besides offering those analytics, LeadLander also has the capability to alert salespeople in real time while a customer is currently browsing their website.

How it works:

When you visit a website that is using LeadLander’s service, that website installs a tracker on your computer. This tracker monitors what pages you visit on that particular website and reports it back to the owners of that website. If you happen to fill out a contact form on that website, your contact information is reported to both website owner and sent back to LeadLander. Later on, if you visit any other websites using LeadLander’s service, both the website owners and Leadlander will see what pages on their website you’ve visited, and LeadLander will automatically give them the contact information you provided to the first website. That means those websites don’t just know what pages you visited on their website: they know your email address as well.

So what?

LeadLander is personally identifying site visitors–they don’t pretend to keep tracking data anonymous. One of their sales pitches is their ability to provide the email addresses of allegedly anonymous site visitors. We know about this tactic because Darren Nix, co-founder at the company 42Floors, wrote about LeadLander approaching him and offering these services, which concerned him.

LeadLander has a smaller reach than some of the big data-gathering companies we’ve profiled with only about 4,000 customers worldwide, so the likelihood of you being personally identified on any of the websites you frequent is pretty small. But if you’ve ever filled out a form on one of those websites, you may not want any of LeadLander’s other customers to ever know who you are. One person even reported on the disconcerting experience of receiving email from a site he had only briefly browsed and to whom he’d never provided his email address in the first place.

Image: 42floors.com/blog/youre-not-anonymous-i-know-your-name-email-and-company/

How could LeadLander benefit me?

This is a sales intelligence tool meant to help salespeople close deals. Frankly, there’s not much benefit to the average person to allow LeadLander to collect any information about them. No data is ever 100% safe, so there’s even a risk to you if LeadLander’s data should ever be compromised.

Want to dig even deeper? Check out LeadLander’s privacy policy.
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    Thank you for the information . Seems to be no protection out there to keep our privacy in tack.

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    I’m going to try leanlander. Thanks for sharing.

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