Friday pancakes at Abine’s office


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We’ve had a griddle in here for a while, but today was a first:  pancakes.  And not just ANY pancakes, but banana chocolate chip ones.  Turns out our engineer, James, is good at building both software and high-carb treats.

This is James. He is master of both griddle and code.

The entire floor of our building now smells like breakfast.

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  1. Courtney says:

    I’m jealous! THIS breakfast treat I’ve actually gotten to preview =)

  2. A. Thompson says:

    Hi there.

    Pancakes! Such pleasures to eat,are sometimes to good for us, But a Little Home made Lemon Curd, and a Light squeeze of lemon goes down well! when you feel like something Different. ( love your Albine, but Facebook mess you about with all these find Friend’s; then they block you when you found them. Instead of Invite Fr ends and block them if you dont like them.

  3. Yellow Eagle says:

    After reading the papers that were sent to the FTC and checking for myself, I was floored, And the Do Not Track has already Blocked for just one month is now is up to 14,663. so far. Well really a little over three weeks.

    This is astounding to say the least. I went and Checked on some of the Info on that Site about me and my Wife, and we were floored on what little we did see as i didn’t pay their fee to get all the info.

    I’m a 100% disabled and on a fixed income. Next month i will see everything they have. And will be getting your Delete Me product.

    Don’t get me wrong i don’t have anything to hide but i seen information that was twenty years old there. And I want as much of it wiped as possible.

    I don’t do Face Book or any of the Social Sites I do mostly Security Research for my self and so the few peoples systems I work on and our kids systems stay up to date, and check on Technology’s and Gaming.

    I’m and old bird as the Mrs puts it. But what i did see is just plain invasion of Privacy. They garner this information like a Thief, and to me that’s just what they are.

    I did know about the tracking but not how extensive it is. Most people would be really floored if they knew all the info that these company’s really glean. This isn’t Advertising or Publishing this is just a Blatant misuse of the terms of those words.

    Where I come from they would have been run out of town on a Rail and Tared and Feathered, and that’s the easy version. They aren’t any better then the Scum Hackers. that break into servers and data bases to steal. It’s a shame we don’t have laws to keep that info away from them.

    And not meaning any disrespect to your IT people I do know the difference between Black hats and White hats and Scum Hackers. Been in site development and forum development a few times.

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