The anti-privacy Facebook glitch that’s driving me insane


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facebookI’m stuck in an endless loop on Facebook, and it’s infuriating.

I like to review which photos and posts people tag me in before approving or rejecting them.  It’s a failsafe called Tag Review–you should try it (here’s how).

So I’m going over the things I need to review, and one of them is a picture in which I’m tagged from Christmas vacation.  Looks fine, nothing embarrassing, so I approve it by clicking the check box next to it. You can see all this below:

These are the things I was trying to approve.

Except that doesn’t approve the picture.  Instead, that launches a window that says, “Enable ‘Friends can check you into Places?'”  Umm…no thanks.  “Places” is the Facebook equivalent of Foursquare.  I don’t want to broadcast where I am, and I certainly don’t want other people broadcasting where I am for me.

No thanks. Seriously. Stop asking.

So I hit “Not Now.”  But the picture still isn’t approved.  Even hitting the “Approve all” button for all my pending tags does the same thing:  it launches a prompt for me to enable my friends checking me into Places.

Why is Facebook forcing me to say where I am in order to approve a photo tag?

Let me get this straight:  is Facebook saying that I can’t review tagged photos of me unless I enable check-ins?  Because that’s what it’s forcing on me.  And the craziest part about this is that check-ins and Places have nothing to do with photo tags.  Or at least this particular photo tag, which isn’t connected to any location.

So. Frustrating.

I took steps to protect my privacy by reviewing my tagged items.  Now Facebook is giving me an ultimatum:  either I opt-in to their Places functionality–which I will never do–or I’ll have my pending photos stuck in review purgatory forever.  I guess it’s a standoff, Facebook.  I’m not going anywhere.

So let me know, readers:  is this just me, or is this happening to you too?

5 Replies to “The anti-privacy Facebook glitch that’s driving me insane”

  1. A says:

    I have been frustrated by exactly the same glitch and haven’t yet figured out how to resolve it.

  2. Lake says:

    I got around it by enabling check-ins, approving the photos, and then disabling check-ins.

  3. Drew Jensen says:

    I hear you! Oh man, I just wrote my first iTunes app review and I put EXACTLY what you are saying here on there. Sounds like they want to be our mothers. I’m not likely what Facebook it becoming but of course that’s how everyone interacts these days. I honestly feel it’s a matter of time before Facebook loses it’s “hip” status. My wife and I were just talking about how it feels like its losing its appeal.

    • Sarah Downey says:

      Oh, I totally think it is. It used to be an isolated community of college students, and now everyone and their mother is on there (literally). Plus it’s getting very MySpace-y with spammy apps and an onslaught of stupid information and, of course, absurd privacy violations left and right. Anyone who truly understands all the tracking and storage they’re doing–and who values his or her reputation–stops posting anything controversial…or interesting. It’s sad.

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