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Proving once again that reddit is the best site ever.

A week ago, I–Sarah Downey, an attorney and privacy analyst at Abine–posted a reddit thread as LawyerCT on how to remove yourself from the background check site BeenVerified, as well as a few others.  I was sick of people search websites making it hard for people to delete themselves, so I figured I’d share my tips and ask the reddit community to spread the word.

And spread the word they did.  The user Pibbman added to what I had started to create a second thread, titled “HOW TO:  Remove yourself from ALL background check websites.  Thanks to LawyerCT.”  It made it to the front page of reddit, and since then it’s been popping up everywhere, including a LifeHacker article by Melanie Pinola.  I’m thrilled to raise awareness of a major privacy issue, and I’m including the same info on our privacy blog at Abine to help the cause.

A little background on myself:  I’m a DeleteMe expert here at Abine.  I’m an attorney and a privacy advocate, and I spend a lot of time deleting people’s contact information from people search websites like MyLife, Intelius, and Spokeo.

As a result of doing all these opt-outs, I’ve become good at digging through long Terms of Use, privacy policies, and contact forms to find how to delete yourself.  I’m convinced that many of these companies try to make it difficult to remove listings; after all, your data is their lifeblood.

But I think there’s something fundamentally wrong with these sites.  They get your information through public record sources, like birth certificates, real estate purchase and sale records, lawsuits, and marriage licenses–for free–and then they stockpile it, post it for the world to see, and sell it.  They argue that they’re simply reposting public record info that already exists for anyone to access, but I disagree.  They’re doing something completely different:  they’re making all of our contact info more visible and more accessible than ever before.  It’s not public record anymore; it’s super public.  There’s a big difference between A), physically walking down to a courthouse and asking for a copy of a legal filing so you can find someone’s name and address from it, and B), Googling it from your couch.

New technology has made public record info far more visible and accessible than ever before, making it something else entirely.

I hear from people with stalkers, a history of domestic abuse, a vindictive ex, or just a general interest in staying private.  Having their contact information so readily available isn’t just annoying; it’s dangerous.  Getting it removed shouldn’t be as confusing and time-consuming as it currently is.

Lawmakers need to recognize that the super-public nature of these people search sites has strayed too far from our original concept of “public record,” and everything needs to be opt-in by default.  If these companies want to profit off the facts that makes us who we are–our names, ages, birth dates, addresses, and family members–we should have a say in that.  And if we decide that it’s okay, we should see a cut of that profit.  At the very least, these sites should have one uniform, simple, clearly-displayed opt-out method.

But until this happens, the burden is on us to play cat-and-mouse with these companies:  we follow their convoluted rules and delete ourselves; they try to find us again.  DeleteMe will do it for you if you want to save yourself the time, but if you’d rather do it yourself, see below for full instructions.  Using privacy apps in your browser that prevent tracking, like DoNotTrackPlus, and masked emails, like MaskMe, will also help safeguard your information.  And if keeping your contact information private is important to you, please keep spreading the word to anyone you care about.

In Part 2, I’ll discuss how these companies get your information in the first place, what you can do about it, and how you can better protect yourself.

And without further ado, here is Pibbman’s reddit post:

Thanks to LawyerCT for bringing this topic up on /r/technology. She also provided a list of the top sites online that hold data on you.

I decided to go ahead and use this list to collect removal procedures from ALL of these websites and provide direct links or instructions to do so.

The following list was provided as being the “big boys”, so if you remove your name from these ones then all the smaller “sites” should fall afterwards.

  • Intelius.com
  • Acxiom.com
  • MyLife.com
  • ZabaSearch.com
  • Spoke.com
  • BeenVerified.com
  • PeekYou.com
  • USSearch.com
  • PeopleFinders.com
  • PeopleLookup.com
  • PeopleSmart.com
  • PrivateEye.com
  • WhitePages.com
  • USA-People-Search.com
  • Spokeo.com
  • PublicRecordsNow.com
  • DOBSearch.com
  • Radaris.com

How to remove yourself from each of these have been listed below. I would recommend that you scan some form of ID such as a state issued ID like a drivers license. Black out your picture and drivers number. Leaving your name, address and DOB visible. Any sites that requires such a thing will have an * after the address.

Intelius.com* – Opt-out

Acxiom.com – Opt-out

MyLife.com – To request that a Member Profile or Public Profile be deleted, please contact Customer Care at 1-888-704-1900 or contact us by email at privacy@mylife.com. Upon receipt of these requests, and confirmation that you are requesting that your own profile be removed, please allow MyLife 10 business days to complete this removal. It may be necessary to contact you to validate that you are the profile owner requesting the removal. This is to ensure the correct identity and profile ownership before completing these requests, and is for the protection of our users and their privacy.

Zabasearch.com* – Opt-out


BeenVerified.comLawyerCT’s guide


USSearch.com* – Opt-Out

PeopleFinders.comOpt-Out: Annoying form you have to mail in

PeopleLookup.com* – In order for PeopleLookup to suppress or opt out your personal information from appearing on our Website, we need to verify your identity. To do this, we require faxed proof of identity. Proof of identity can be a state issued ID card or driver’s license. If you are faxing a copy of your driver’s license, we require that you cross out the photo and the driver’s license number. We only need to see the name, address and date of birth. We will only use this information to process your opt out request. Please fax to 425-974-6194 and allow 4 to 6 weeks to process your request.




USA-People-Search.comOpt-Out: Yet another form to mail in

Spoke.comScroll Down to Access and Correction Section for more info

PublicRecordsNow.com – Still determining how to remove…

DOBSearch.com* – In order for us to “opt out” your public information from being viewable on the public DOBsearch People Finder search results, we need to verify your identity and require faxed proof of identity. Proof of identity can be a state issued ID card or driver’s license, or notarized letter. If you are faxing a copy of your driver’s license, you may cross out the photo and the driver’s license number. We only need to see the name, address and date of birth. Please fax to 516-717-3017 and allow 4 to 6 weeks to completely process your request. It is your responsibility to ensure legibility of your document

Radaris.comOpt-Out; Thanks to those who figured it out.

171 Replies to “Spreading the word on removing yourself from background check sites: Part 1”

  1. Jamie says:

    Sarah Downey,

    One source which I wish you would have mentioned as far as opting out of is integrascan.com. I have been able to opt out of almost every database with the exception of a few sites such as integrascan.com, lexisnexis.com (and its other sister sites such as KnowX and Accurint), and a1peoplesearch.com. Could you please write a follow-up or another post about how to opt-out of these websites? I haven’t found a service that can opt-out of them.

    • Sarah Downey says:

      Thanks for the tip. I’ll certainly look into it and add it to the page we made listing opt-out procedures. In the meantime, you’d probably appreciate this article by Violet Blue. She goes into detail about how hard it is to remove yourself from LexisNexis on page 2.

    • Dude says:

      @Sarah Downey,–Essentially you can’t get out of Lexis Nexus–it’s a Corp to Corp product (your average Joe can’t sign up for it and access Data). Banks for example use it to verify you.

      AND BOY is is scary what they know. One of my accounts was shut down as they thought there was fraud activity going on (good for them). However, had to go in, show 2-forms of “Government ID” (DL/Passport)–*THEN* the fun started.

      The guy said, please bear with me, I have to ask you a series of challenge/response questions you have to pass, to get this turned back on to further verify yourself. I mean he asked some *WILD* WTH…..questions.

      Asked ii I had Siblings, if so, their names. –Gave them
      Are any siblings married? (brother was divorced)–Said well, the only is divorced now–Can me give me her name? Do you her approximate date of birth? What’s the highest level of Education your brother has obtained. What is the Highest level of Education you have obtained.

      Your Father, is he Divorced or Married. (well, had a mother pass away, he remarried, do you mean her? What is her name (with Maiden name). Approx how long have they been married. Where do they live.

      you name it, they had it. “eh, I rolled with the punches cause they were doing the right thing (locked my account)—but was flabbergasted —how much they knew.

      I have yet to read the article, however I *HIGHLY* doubt, she was pulled out of lexisnexis–essentially lexisnexis is to Humans what Dunn and Bradstreet is to Companies….

      • lj says:

        want your name remove, call john h restivo, irvine ca, listed in the yp, creater and owner of all the parasite websites giving out your informamation

    • Dude says:

      I have my Masters Degree in Information Security–so I know whence I speak.

      Do not use Opt Out requests on these sites. (read some of the articles—when the FTC “Fines” them it’s usually $100,000 some small amount for a corporation. It’s laughable—so they’ consider it a “cost of doing business to have to pay these fines.

      When you do try to opt out, you are simply VERIFYING—information they know and/or don’t fully know on you.

      ALSO. Please please
      1st-Do not use any 3rd party technology site that promises to remove for you. Let’s run with the assumption they are Legit, and mean well. Many are start ups. You never know who will eventually get a hold of your information. Should they go out of business (ie. Your Data–is valuable information that a judge might consider an ‘Asset” to sell to settle with creditors. .

      2nd-When you go to the sites that supposedly claim they know of you, it’s nothing that can’t already be found in Public (FREE/Nearly free ) Government Database searches. (where else would they get the information)

      3rd. Many of those sites have very “dirty” data to begin with. Example, most only have me listed back to addresses that are from 2000-ish. (Yes, this includes the “Granddaddy Lists”–Further Proof. I had a girl—friend pass away in a Traffic accident about 2005 (28-years old). *HOWEVER* Many MANY of the sites, continue to list her name—*AND*–continue to update her age. (ie–born in 1977, today 2012–showing up as 35-years old).–she passed at 29).

      I’m 100000% positive it’s her, because of the “Possible Relatives” are indeed correct–Dad/Brother/Sister/etc. It’s associating her with.

      As for Social Security Number Usages.
      –ABSOLUTELY MOST IMPORTANT!!! THE ONLY, THE ONLY–Entity allowed to “require” a Social Security Number is a Banking Institution (and employer of course)–This is due to IRS reporting issues.

      Companies *ARE NOT REQUIRED* to force you to give over a Social Security # to use their services. HOWEVER—NOT giving a Social. Companies CAN require you provide a deposit without a Social.

      MOST are reasonable. Comcast it’s like $60 (they then apply to first month’s bill). Power Company like $150–your 12th month bill.
      —FYI Some states have laws against having to provide and having to pay extra, deposit.check your state. .

      Do not EVER give out your Social Number. By the way, you might run into the “Mouth breather” type front line agent insisting you must provide. Simply ask to speak to a Manager. Google it–against the law to REQUIRE a SSN for anything but Banking/IRS related issues.

      Social Security Number is the absolute EASIEST number to track because it’s completely unique to you.

      Once huge Caveat–Cell Phone Providers will try to BEND YOU OVER—last i heard, AT&T required a $1000 yes (one thousand dollar) deposit.

      In situations like that, go to MetroPCS. When I first started using them, would not recco them, now, they are much better, have great coverage AND offer “good” to “Great” selection of Android Phones. (the $79 to $399–Galaxy III)—yeah, The AT&T’s just load that phone cost into your monthly bill. (Rip Off cell phone companies do that as it’s extremely easy to run up a $400-$500 bill, want to make sure they get paid.

      4th–This includes Social Security Number based “warehouse’ sites that claim to offer Millions in Insurance/Assurance. Should your SSN# be fraudulently be used.

      By using those sites, you are providing your SSN# to one central warehouse–where should hackers try to penetrate, I’m sure they’ll go after that vs a Credit Bureau. Credit Bureau’s have been in the business (back Decades–of protecting your Data)

      THE BEST solution, is to go to one of the major Credit Bureaus, put an “Email Alert” on your report. AS SOON AS-a credit account is attempted to be opened in your name, you’ll receive an email.

      5th-For those with reason to be paranoid (perfect credit–so safe to assume someone could get something in your name)–Simply put a Security Alert stating you’ve been a victim of attempted fraud and DO NOT EVER open a credit account without verifying with you. (can put phone number in there, etc.)—Most “scammers will go to a Major Retailer try to open a CC in the Major Retailer Name and go on a shopping spree. .

      6th-The Major Credit Bureaus allow you to “LOCK DOWN” your account in addition to the above. Trying to get a credit pulled once.

      Once, I forgot to unlock it. Could not get my account. Had to go home, unlock it (Even told it the time line to keep unlocked)–lest I forgot to lock back.

      Private Data Advice.
      As for Protecting your private data (Name/Address/etc/).

      1st–Get a Google Voice Number. Use it for sites that require Phone Numbers (also using a fake name and a “dead” email address). (most sites I’ve seen lately have gotten wise to the 555-555-5555 solution, etc.).

      2nd–Consider the Google Voice “spoiled” after 6-ish months Create a new Gmail/sign up for new number (doesn’t even match your city)–use that until it’s spoils.
      Also, consider the email “spoiled” after about 6-12 months. REMEMBER—You have a”MAIN”–you *ONLY* share with friends. Do not *EVER* use on a site. In Gmail, you can have all messages forward to another. So even if using the Fake, it forwards to your “real”

      2a–And dear *GOD*–NEVER use the same Password for all your sites….or same as your email.
      A GREAT WAY–to come up with *UNIQUE*–Passwords for sites, is to create a mnemonic (consisted to you–but will never make sense to a Hacker).

      For example the mnemonic : Abine is the Best Site I use for Security

      Take the first letter of each word, then add Numbers to both ends of the word.
      Say the last 4-digits of your home phone is 1234 (plain Text–at first–Shift key held 2nd).

      That password is about as secure as a “Lay Person” can some up with and should use.
      So long as you are consistent with your mnemonic , should not be hard to remember.

      Another Example: Amazon is the Best Site I use for Shopping

      –also take note “Best Site I”–was not accidently capitalized—many sites require a Letter, Number, Special Character and a Capital Letter.
      That should be good enouh.

      –Should go without saying, however never use the same USERNAME on multiple sites–dear DO NOT EVER use same PW’s… 🙂

      3rd–NEVER use your real name on a site unless necessary. You know, Pizza Delivery needs to know my Real name/address to get me food…soooooo.
      ==Sign up for a Gaming Site, whatever, Just fake it.

      4th My State (I’m assuming many more)—allow me to have my “Home Address” on my Drivers License as my PO Box. (yes, get one for all your mail forwarded to it–not your residence). –thus Databases if they “DO TRACK”–theoretically can only do so to the PO Box.

      I’d suggest EVERYONE-(at the very least, for women, EX:if you have to leave a DL with Bar Tender for you Tab, won’t have to worry about a creepy stalker dude knowing where you live.

      Finally,sites that require Credit Card/Address to sign up. Use a Prepaid Visa/Mastercard. –CAVEAT—you will have to register the card online, to allow to purchase online (needs the Zip Verification). Again, fake info. They don’t (least with me)–send anything in the mail to “verify” that I Have to send back.For security reasons, simply need that Zip to make sure it’s “you” using the card. (byk typing in Zipcode).

      The reason is, most of those sites, when you cancel, will do so after charging you a month of service (ie. .you cancel on the 8th day–sorry charlie–have to charge you the cycle).

      Those that do the $1-charge, make sure it’s real. When you use the Via/Mastercard prepaid loaded card. Have handy with about $5/loaded on it–so can’t charge you a full fee anyway).


      Summation–to prove how well this works. I just went to one of the most popular “FREE” based websearch (the “Z” site). They don’t know me/show me. Was there with an old old address at one time, looks like I’ve dropped off.

      THAT is how you solve it. Staying underground. Using Fake info (when Necessary)
      Please please please DO NOT–try the “OPT OUT* Functions or DEAR GOD–the 3rd pary people to get you off those sites (again, don’t doubt the 3rd party has any Nefarious means–it’s simply another Data base you’re allowing ALL your real info to be held in.


      Finally real world example. YEARS ago. Had a girl-friend. If she was not interested in a guy, she would say her came was “Claire”. So my signal, if I came by was her mouthing “Claire”–thus I’d know to stick around. Same concept. She didn’t want a stranger (especially a stranger she didn’t want to get to know)_–Her real name (even though it’s the most common of common names… Jennifer).

    • nirg says:

      Also checkmate.com is difficult to opt out

    • Josh says:

      What if we all just posted on the web fake addresses of ourselves to convolude the actual results? Just say you live at the White house’s address. That might help speed up some law’s getting passed.

    • Ms. X says:

      I am a frustrated victim of these websites. Ive suffered domestic abuse from my exhusband move to the other side of the state and even after 5-6 years later still consistently harassed and stalked by this person. I think for these websites are putting vulnerable people and their families in danger. I dont want my family to be harm or wait before something terrible happens. I requested for my information to be removed from these websites only to find my information popping again several months or weeks later. I would love for us to gather and sue these websites for violating our privacy and endangering us and our families. My exhusband has a mental health problem who threatens me and my family. These websites are enabling possible dangerous acts by mentality unstable people. I feel violated and constantly in a state of panic or alarm. Since you’re an attorney, i would love to ask if these websites are violating our privacy rights. I remember reading an article about Rebecca Schaeffer who was killed by her obsessed fan in 1989 after getting her address through a private investigator who then acquired it from the DMV. Only then after the incident the a law was passed to be prevent the DMV from releasing our private information. Im afraid that a similar situation might have happened or do not want anything similar to that happen. Being stalked is scary, it has affected me for years, it creates emotional and mental trauma. I hope we can raise more awareness and stop this. Please respond anyone and lets do something about it.

  2. Sabine says:

    I would like to know how I can get our house out of the Zillow listing. Since mid this year our Zillow listings have gone extremely down. More than any neighbors. Since July last month when Zillow supposedly changed their algorithms, our house became the cheapest on the block.
    My neighbor has been trying to sell his house for more than half a year. Maybe the Zillow rating of abt. 200K less is scaring buyers. Even though Zillow claims that it is not a guideline for potential buyers, why then do they publish ratings at all. I several times inquired how I can remove my house from the listing and did not get any satisfying response. The only thing I was able to do was remove some of the description data, but I want the Zestimate out.
    Do you know how to do that?

    • Sarah Downey says:

      In short, there’s not usually anything you can do. What you’re seeing on BlockShopper, Zillow, and City-Data are so-called “public record” listings:  they’re derived from real estate purchases or sales, and there’s no legal basis for blocking them unless one of the limited exceptions below applies to you.  They fall into the same legal category as birth certificates, marriage licenses, lawsuits, business filings, and other records that the law deems “public.”

      These sites make exceptions only for “certain government officials, law enforcement and public safety workers, individuals under court protection orders, or individuals with officially documented stalkers or other threats.”

      There’s been a lot of controversy with people wanting their information removed and sites like these refusing.  It frustrates people and it seems like a major invasion of privacy.  You can read more about this on BlockShopper’s FAQ page:  http://www.blockshopper.com/faq.html#q4

  3. anony-mouse says:

    Just found this site, love it so far, thank you.

    However, I found a “privacy bug” on your own site! Depending on your viewpoint, it could be considered relatively minor, but if anyone understands the problem, you will.

    Pick a page, for example, your Taco 4.0 page. View Source. Search for “https” and you’ll find this:

    By including this file directly from google’s server, rather than your own, you are unintentionally (I hope!) giving google information about everyone who visits your site. Not good.

    The fix, of course, is very simple: just grab the javascript code by entering the .js URL in your browser and then save the resulting text to a file on your own computer. Upload that to your own server and change the google URL to a simple, local reference and you’re done. At that point you won’t need to use https://, simply http://

    I hope this was helpful. -r

  4. anony-mouse says:

    Sorry, the URL got clipped from the previous post, I’ll try again:


    In case this doesn’t make it through again, it’s the ajax.googleapis.com jquery reference.

  5. Chris says:

    DOBSearch.com says “Please fax to 516-717-3017 and allow 4 to 6 weeks…”. I tried to fax the request with a copy of my ID and the number is no good. The message from the phone service said, “The number you have dialed, 516-717-3017, has not yet been assigned.”

    Also I worry about the stipulation that the document’s lack of legibility is not their problem. My ID is a little worn. You can read it if you’re viewing the real thing, but I can see how someone getting a faxed version of it could easily claim (whether it’s true or not): “It was not legible”. I just don’t trust these people at all, and it bugs me to even have to give them any information just to get them to stop disseminating my information.

    • Sarah Downey says:

      Here’s the problem: they actually updated their number since you checked. It’s 516-717-3012 now. These companies are so unbelievably shady; they change addresses and phone numbers all the time, but we stay on top of them 🙂 Give that number a try.

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  7. cal says:

    Can someone please tell me how to opt out when the fax number doesn’t work? DOBSearch and LookupAnyone both require to you to fax them your drivers license. However, when their fax machine fails to actually accept your fax, then what?

    • lj says:

      contact john h restivo, irvine, ca, creator and owner of the preditor websites, compromising your privacey he is in the phone book, he isthe one owning backgroundfinder and many more that refuse to remove your information even with an opt out., he is living off our confidential informaion

  8. cal says:

    (516) 717-3012 does not work either.

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  10. Dave says:

    This is great information. I am going to give these a try as my information seems to be everywhere!

  11. Jim says:

    RE: Dobsearch.com
    dobsearch.com has updated their privacy policy as of 12/6/11 and now do not allow opt outs.
    I think that these outfits are lowest of the low and need to be stopped.

    • Sarah Downey says:

      This seems like a perfect opportunity for us to expose them and draw attention to their complete lack of care of privacy. It may also make you feel better to learn that the FTC is currently cracking down on data brokers, by the way: http://www.nationaljournal.com/tech/ftc-official-calls-on-data-brokers-to-provide-more-info-20120126

      • Helen says:

        FWIW, I found this information on this web site:

        (est. 1992)
        516-717-3012 (Fax)
        1626 E 37th St, Brooklyn, NY 11234
        Official site
        The Details
        CYBER SCAM ALERT!!! * DOBsearch.com “opt-out” policy requires a person fax in their driver’s license. DO NOT FAX THIS COMPANY!!! * DOBsearch.com is owned by a PAUL STIRA (aka “Scorpion”) a CONVICTED FELON, charged by the attorney general of New York with credit card fraud, felony wiretapping, wire interception, conspiracy and computer fraud. [U.S. District Court Southern District of New York, Case# 1:92-cr-00563-RO (USA v. Fernandez, et al)]. * Paul Stira is the owner and operator of several sites engaged in identity theft scams under the umbrella of CONCERT TECHNOLOGIES, INC; DOBsearch.com, telephonereverse411.com (provides unlisted phone numbers), fullnamedirectory.com, deathdirectory.net (promises to provide Social Security Numbers for a fee), doblookup.com, instantmerchant.net, 411trace.com, and concerttechnolgies.net. * This Wikipedia article has some basic info about the group of New York hackers which included Paul Stira and 4 others. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Abene

  12. Joyce says:

    I have faxed numerous times to DOBsearch.com requesting to opt out my name along with copy of my driver’s license. My first request was sent 1/6/2012 and they still have not complied to my request. I even sent them an email and they responded with a generated email that states do not reply but part of their generated email does state they will opt you out and tells you how to do it. However, they haven’t opt me out yet. Does anyone have a telephone number for DOB search so I can call them to find out why they haven’t complied to my request. Jim’s email above states their privacy policy as of 12/6/11 states they won’t but their email they sent me states yes and I received this email in February 2012. Here is the generated email DOB search sent me.
    This a courtesy we can ‘opt out’ your specific information from the public DOBsearch People Finder search results. What this means is that your name, and the associated identifying information such as your address and phone number, will be suppressed from appearing in our public People Finder search results, if you request this in the manner described below. However, please note that any time your identifying information appears or reappears in a public record in a manner which is different from the record you opted out, it may again appear in our system. (For example, if your address or area code changes, or your name changes due to marriage, divorce, or other reason, your new information may again appear unless and until you opt out the new record.) There also are numerous other public records search services which are not affiliated with us, and your request that we opt out your information will not prevent your information from appearing on these other services.
    In order for us to “opt out” your public information from being viewable on the public DOBsearch People Finder search results, we need to verify your identity and require faxed proof of identity. Proof of identity can be a state issued ID card or driver’s license, or notarized letter. If you are faxing a copy of your driver’s license, you may cross out the photo and the driver’s license number. We only need to see the name, address and date of birth. Please fax to 516-717-3012 and allow 4 to 6 weeks to completely process your request.
    Each individual that wishes to be opted out must be accompanied by proof of identity and address. We will only process opt out requests we receive by fax and no request will be processed without complete information. Requests for opt out will not be processed over the phone or via email.

    NOTE: This is a computer generated message. Do not respond to this e-mail.

    • Sarah Downey says:

      They make it hard to find out who they are, don’t they? I did some work on this, and here’s what I found: orders made to DOBSearch.com are billed to Concert Technologies, Inc. That company was founded by Dennis Mazaris, and their phone number is listed as (304) 724-2113. They’re based out of Charles Town, WV; they were incorporated in 2005. Here’s their website: http://www.concerttechnologies.net/services.php

      Hope this helps!

      • J says:

        I went to that website and sent them a removal request via the contact form, letting them know that both of these fax numbers no longer work.

        I then found this on DOBSearch.com’s FAQ:

        Q: Is it possible to have my information changed or removed from the database?

        Records are gathered from diverse sources, including governmental public records and other publicly available information sources that do not have provisions for “opting out”, altering, suppressing or removing records. Our services are designed to reflect the underlying public records as accurately and completely as possible, and are not designed, intended, or permitted to be used unlawfully or for unsolicited marketing purposes. We cannot add, change, remove, suppress, redact, or otherwise alter any public records. Please note that it is not uncommon for some public records to contain errors. If a governmental or public record pertaining to you contains errors, you should contact the custodian of records of the appropriate agency with jurisdictional authority for assistance in correcting the error.

        If you have a compelling security or privacy issue, you may wish to contact the official custodians of the public records in your jurisdiction (often in your county clerk’s office), to determine how to remove your information from the public record. Typically you will need to get a court order to have public records sealed, and that will ensure that the information will not be made available to the public, to us, or to any other public records information provider. To contact us and obtain more information regarding your concerns, please submit your message via our contact form with valid contact information.


        So I went to their contact form:


        And send them the same request.

        I received an e-mail back from them with the content of the FAQ above in the body of the e-mail. So they may not even be reading these removal requests.

        I then sent it again to “Other Technical Support” rather than “Removal Request” to see if maybe a live person might read it.

        I attempted to send it again to “Suggestion or Comments” but it then said I made too many requests.

      • Sara Baumgarten says:

        You inaccurately list Dennis Mazaris as the owner of the dobsearch website. The company he owns, Concert Technologies, is not the same Concert Technologies listed on the dobsearch website. In fact, there are many companies with the name, “Concert Technologies.” You must have simply googled Concert Technologies, found us, and inaccurately assumed that we were the same Concert Technologies that owns dobsearch.com. I am asking you to delete all references to Dennis Mazaris, our company, office locations, and our phone number.

        Thank you

        • lj says:

          john h restivo is the owner of the preditor website sharing all our confidential information on the internet with out permission-parasite

  13. Jeff says:

    I removed my information from whitepages.com a few years ago (probably 3 years ago). Now my information is back on their website. How is that legal? Do they actually expect me to repeatedly remove my information?

    • Sarah Downey says:

      Sigh. Unfortunately, it is. That’s why our DeleteMe service is a subscription: keeping your information off these sites is an ongoing, continuous process. Sometimes they refresh their sources of data and put it back up. Other times they get entirely new sources of data. Sometimes it’s something that you may have leaked out yourself, whether you’re aware of it or not. All the more reason to guard your information and don’t give it out unless you absolutely have to.

  14. Joyce says:

    For the last several weeks, I have been unable to get on dob search website to see if they have opt out my information. In using my computer, it will state that their website is not responding. Then when I use other computers and type my name – it will take several minutes for the research and finally it will state no connection and then when I retry to get on their website – it won’t let me. I sent them a fax last Friday telling them about this problem and to fix whatever they have done but as of this date, correction has not been done. I just want to know if my info is opt out and I think that I am entitle to check on their website to do so without having this problem. Anyone out there having the same problem. It sounds like they have me blocked but I don’t know why they would do that because all I was requesting them on numerous occasions was to opt out my name and info. This website is surely not consumer/website friendly nor responsive on opt out request. I feel that this website needs to be investigated since I sent all the info that was required to opt out – copy of my drivers license blacking out my photo and license number per their instructions. Since they are so unresponsive on opt out request, it makes you wonder what other customers are dealing with.

    • Sarah Downey says:

      You’re not the first person to bring up that site. Here’s what I found out for the other commenter: “They make it hard to find out who they are, don’t they? I did some work on this, and here’s what I found: orders made to DOBSearch.com are billed to Concert Technologies, Inc. That company was founded by Dennis Mazaris, and their phone number is listed as (304) 724-2113. They’re based out of Charles Town, WV; they were incorporated in 2005. Here’s their website: http://www.concerttechnologies.net/services.php

      You can also go to our advocacy page all about people search websites and click the “where do I complain” link on the lefthand side. That will tell you all the places to go, like the FTC and the BBB. The Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) recently launched an online privacy complaint tool that you can check out, too: https://www.cdt.org/takebackyourprivacy/complainttool

      Hope this helps!

      • Concerned and Frustrated says:

        I too have tried countless times to opt-out from DOBSeach.com and have been unsuccessful as others have stated. Is there any new information you have that will enable us to do so? If so, as you can see, many of us will be extremely grateful.

        They seem to love playing smoke and mirrors. They never answer when you submit a message.

        Please advise.

        Thank you!

        In the information listed on their site they state:

        Records are gathered from diverse sources, including governmental public records and other publicly available information sources that do not have provisions for “opting out”, altering, suppressing or removing records. Our services are designed to reflect the underlying public records as accurately and completely as possible, and are not designed, intended, or permitted to be used unlawfully or for unsolicited marketing purposes. We cannot add, change, remove, suppress, redact, or otherwise alter any public records. Please note that it is not uncommon for some public records to contain errors. If a governmental or public record pertaining to you contains errors, you should contact the custodian of records of the appropriate agency with jurisdictional authority for assistance in correcting the error.

        If you have a compelling security or privacy issue, you may wish to contact the official custodians of the public records in your jurisdiction (often in your county clerk’s office), to determine how to remove your information from the public record. Typically you will need to get a court order to have public records sealed, and that will ensure that the information will not be made available to the public, to us, or to any other public records information provider. To contact us and obtain more information regarding your concerns, please submit your message via our contact form with valid contact information.

  15. methodactor says:

    That is a fax number now. Out of the websites that claim the ability to opt-out..DOBseaerch is by far the worst. Climbing Mt Everest seems to be less of a task than getting removed from their database.

  16. jay says:

    I thought that this post was interesting, and I hope that soon more will be done about folks like DOBsearch and others who refuse to allow people to opt out of revealing and selling people’s information. There ought to be a law!

    • Sarah Downey says:

      The Federal Trade Commission is putting pressure on people search websites because they’ve been found to sell personal info for illegal purposes, like hiring and housing background checks. It may never be fully illegal, but at least there’s movement towards a simple, one-stop removal method and greater punishment for websites who don’t comply.

  17. Scumbag Slayer says:

    How about a class action lawsuit demanding % of profits these parasites are making and have made off our info?

    My info got on blockshopper after the clowns from the county, decided to make the data available via the net w/o any restrictions, decision they since revised (somewhat), but …. the charlatans got to it first so now there it is.

    How do the “stars” keep their info private (other than using corporations and such)?

    As a side comment, another scam is the phone company charging for keeping phone #s private. I see absolutely no difference between that practice and black-mail. If I were to tell someone whom i dealt with “it will cost you $25/year to keep your phone # private”, I’d land in the slammer for extorsion/black-mail, yet, these lowlifes get away with it.

    Thanks for the info provided.

  18. Greg says:

    The Opt-out removal process is not working. Anyone have luck getting their records removed from Radaris.com?


    • Eiler says:

      Radaris appears to have adopted a policy of NOT honoring opt outs. Recent attempts to do so have met with no action OR response.

      • P says:

        Radaris won’t let you remove your information BUT they do let you “control” your page and block it out from being visible on the web. You have to go through the hoops and create a user name and password then verify your address and enter a code sent to your cell phon via text message. After you complete all that, only your name will show on their page, nothing else.

  19. J says:

    court-record-report.com asks people to pay them to have their information removed. When you go to their site you see this message:

    Remove Court Record 550015 from the Court-Record-Report.com website within 24 hours of payment clearing. See our Terms for our return policy and conditions.
    Remove from Website – $29.99
    Remove from Website & Google – $49.99

    • Sarah Downey says:

      So they’re charging you an extra $20 to remove from Google, which is something that A), would happen naturally by itself; and B), you can do yourself for free. Pretty scammy.

  20. J says:

    I can find no opt out information for backgroundfiner.com

    pub360.com has a procedure for removing information off their website, but when it’s attempted it gives an error while generating email message. I’ve tried it on multiple computers with multiple different browsers. I’ve contacted their customer support via customersupport@pub360.com twice via email with no response.

    Many sites like reunion.com, ussearch.com, radaris.com, and fullnamedirectory.com which looks to be connected with DOBSearch.com, list me as a relative of someone else. When contacted to have my name removed, they inevitably tell me that for that to happen, the original person has to request their information to be removed.

    Petitionspot.com otherwise known as the Bureau of Petitions has an old signature by me that they won’t remove because I can’t remember the password for my account. I’ve emailed them multiple times with no response.

    Two questions:

    Is there a part 2 to this blog post?

    Is there an active online discussion forum where folks go to discuss online privacy?

    • Sarah Downey says:

      Yes, the “we can’t remove a record that isn’t yours, even if it lists you as a family member” response is very common. We see that all the time with DeleteMe.

      To answer your questions:

      1. There didn’t end up being a part 2 because we built this do-it-yourself opt-out instructions page, which we’ve kept pretty up to date: http://www.abine.com/optouts.php
      2. One of the best places to discuss online privacy and find breaking news is Reddit, which is a massive online community broken into smaller communities, called sub-reddits. I’d recommend both the cyberlaws and privacy sub-reddits.

      • Emily says:

        I’ve had the same problem with Pub360. According to the Better Business Bureau, they’re out of business. So I’ve hit a brick wall in my attempt to remove my name from their website. Do I have any recourse when it comes to removing from name from the database from companies that are no longer in business?

  21. J says:

    I found this page for DOBSearch.com which appears to be affiliated with FullNameDirectory.com at least in terms of the search engine they use, which they’re calling People Finder?

    At any rate, here is the page I found:


    It does however say that this is for “blocking” the information, which I’m guessing is totally different from deleting the information.

    • P says:

      Yes, they are the same company. After your name is removed from DOBsearch.com, check to see if your name also appears on fullnamedirectory.com. If it does, contact DOBsearch via e-mail stating that your name was already removed from DOBsearch and that you found your name on their other website and would like for it to be removed as well. They removed my name from fullnamedirectory.com after it was removed from DOBsearch.com.

  22. Agarth says:

    It looks great until you get to the form where they insist on your email address and a telephone number for verification purposes. It made me think twice, so I checked out their privacy policy and here’s what I found:

    Information That You Voluntarily Provide
    We do not collect personally-identifiable information unless you choose to provide it to us. If you choose to provide us with personally identifiable information, for example, by sending an e-mail or by filling out a form and submitting it through our web site, you are indicating an implied and perpetual irrevocable consent to our use of that information.

    All messages and form data submitted should not be considered private, confidential, nor secure. All submissions become our property and we reserve the right to copy, forward, retransmit, or disseminate any information and communication we receive from you with our staff, attorneys, law enforcement, in response to legal process, or any other persons for any other reasons at our own discretion and without notice. Submitting voluntary information constitutes your consent to our use of the information submitted. When a user clicks the “Submit” button on any of the Web forms found on our site they are indicating voluntary consent to our use of the information they submit.

    Very shady…

  23. J says:

    Here’s another list I found:


  24. noosh says:

    I am going crazy removing my personal info from Radrais. I have emailed their customer support 3 times and no response. . Could someone help please? There is no opt-out button either!

    • Sarah Downey says:

      Apparently Radaris took down their privacy policy and their opt-out capability recently, so everyone’s been having the same problem with Radaris. Unfortunately there’s not a lot you can do, besides complaining about Radaris to the Federal Trade Commission or your state’s Attorney General’s office, or publicly complaining on social media sites or review sites. US law is the underlying problem here: it’s legal for these sites to repost public record info and they don’t have to offer any removal option. The state of the law needs to change.

      • J says:

        They used to respond to the profile-remove@radaris.com address, not sure if they do anymore.

        • Raven says:

          oh it doesn’t let you put an email okay…

          police-removal at radaris dot com

        • Eiler says:

          They do not. Their policy now indicates they do not remove without a court order.

        • Rachel says:

          Radaris took my photo and details from my LinkedIn account without any permission. After being forced to remove all online traces of myself and given a new identity (for my safety) I found that I still do exist – Googling myself brings up my picture and details on Radaris. I never joined this site or had even heard of this site. I’m even British and this seems to be a US directory! After two years they still refuse to remove my presence.
          They used (stole) personal information, this information is now inaccurate and harmful (to me), I have no access to edit it and they refuse to remove it. Legality?
          I need some UK/US advice.

  25. Jim Dmitos says:

    Has anyone been able to remove their info from pub360.com?

    It keeps saying error while generating email when I use their form.

    I emailed them separately and received nothing.

    What do we do in situations like this?

    • Raven says:

      I looked pub360 up on BBB and they say that it appears pub360 is out of business. they list a phone number on BBB but I’ve not tried calling it yet.

  26. J says:

    I’m having a real stubborn time getting my information removed from petitionspot.com, also known as Bureau of petitions. I discovered that the site is now owned by Change.org. I sent Change.org an e-mail to the owner of the site, got a response back saying they were forwarding my message to a support email address at Change.org. I never received a response.

    My question to you is, would your services work with Change.org to remove my information from the website they now own, petitionspot.com?

    If not, what would your suggestions be?

  27. J says:

    I’m really having a bear with census-online.us and census-info.us too. I basically received a response from them telling me that they’re within their rights to publish my name, and to take a hike. Would your service offer help with removing information from those sites as well?

    Also, I think everyone here is familiar with Google’s URL removal tool. Is there a listing somewhere for URL removal tools for other search engines as well, say the most popular 20 or so?

    Also, I thought this article was interesting:


  28. Casey says:

    Use this link to file a complaint against Radaris.com they’re one of the worst people search sites to be removed from. Even when you use their so called removal option on their site it doesn’t work, your information is still made available. I was actually told by a rep from Radaris that they couldn’t remove my personal information because they obtained it through other websites and public records. http://odrcomplaint.bbb.org/odrweb/public/NewComplaintForm.aspx?Qualified=y&BBBID=3&BusinessID=119946

  29. Raven says:

    I want to know why these places need proof of your identity before they honor the request to remove your PRIVATE information.. BUT they don’t ask for any proof of ID from the person purchasing your information. Nor do they ask for a signed written permission from the person who’s information the purchaser is buying.


  30. shifftee says:

    Has anyone had any experience with court-record-management.com? I understand court records are public but I recently had a minor legal issue that I would prefer remain private (as private as it can be) yet this site lists it as the #1 google response to my name…and to make matters worse they want to SELL it back to me, promising removal for $50. This doesnt sound legal… public information is one thing but profiting from selling someones privacy back to them?? Little help here??

    • Sarah Downey says:

      It’s an exploitative business model, and I’ve seen it pop up more and more lately. Mugshot removal sites are just one example of it. Unfortunately, it’s legal for them to do it. One thing to consider is that paying the $50 doesn’t necessarily prevent the same records from showing up on other sites after it’s removed. Sometimes the removal sites are also the ones that post it, which is really backwards.

  31. J says:

    Just found a site where you can close and delete your accounts at various places.


  32. Mary says:

    does anyone know how to remove information from http://www.advancedbackgroundchecks.com?

  33. Emme says:

    Thank you! Pleaes continue to spread the word! I went through every site listed above and opted-out of all this “super” public information. I believe a day will come when people begin to realize the Internet is more dangerous with information than ever expected. I hope strict laws begin to follow and regulate mass easily-available information.

  34. J says:

    In many cases, after sending requests to remove information doesn’t yield the desired results, the contact information for websites can be found through whois searches. With that, you can then file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Many will tell you that doing this is only slightly better than doing nothing at all. But it’s been my experience that many sites will respond to BBB complaints, especially if I inform them in the complaint that my next step will be to file a complaint with the FTC.

    In any case, this still leaves websites that are bases outside of the US with little to no recourse, I think the BBB redirects you to econsumer.gov to file a complaint then, which I’ve never seen a follow up on so far.

    The worst case though would have to be for http://www.census-info.us and http://www.census-online.us. I’ve filed complaints with the BBB in Lousiville and they initially outright refused to take the complaint, stating that they do not take complaints on government agencies. Apparently they were under the impression that these two websites are being run by the U.S. Census Bureau.

    I informed them that the government office for the U.S. Census
    Bureau is http://www.census.gov, and that the websites that are the focus of that complaint
    were http://www.census-info.us and http://www.census-online.us.

    I told them that the U.S. Census Bureau national processing center in Jefferson, Indiana is located at 1201 E 10th St Jeffersonville, IN 47190. Whereas the offices for http://www.census-info.us and http://www.census-online.us are located in a private residence at 1106 Pebble Creek Dr Jeffersonville, IN 47130.


    I told them that the contact number for the Jeffersonville processing center is (812) 218-3300, while the contact number for http://www.census-info.us and http://www.census-online.us websites
    is 812-993-0340.

    Even after all of this, it’s been months and the only response I’m getting is that management will look into the matter. I have yet to hear from management.

  35. XELEX says:

    You get a very quick response from Intelius when you email the owner Naveen Jain and the executives of his company directly.

    Here is the list:


    Here are the email addresses:

    naveen@intelius.com, njain@intelius.com, jadler@intelius.com, wbeaver@intelius.com, pkondepudi@intelius.com, epetersen@intelius.com

    I also threatened to lodge a complaint with the Washington State Attorney’s office which I have every intention of doing.

    After they received my threat, the “required” copy of ID and the photo and the notarized statement for name and current address to be furnished to them before they will agree to remove my information was waived.

    • XELEX says:


      Exe Naveen Jain [vcard] CEO/Chairman Email Avail: Free Trial 01-26-13
      Edward Petersen SVP Social /Mobile Services Email Avail: Free Trial 01-26-13
      Jim Adler Chief Privacy Ofifcer Not Available 01-26-13
      Prakash Kondepudi SVP Consumer Services Not Available 01-26-13
      William Beaver General Counsel Email Avail: Free Trial 01-26-13
      Margie Peralta Sales Supervisor Email Avail: Free Trial
      425-974-6100 01-27-12
      Sandeep Kanaparthi Lead Software Engineer Email Avail: Free Trial
      425-974-6101 01-21-12
      Todd Owens General Manager, Enterprise Email Avail: Free Trial 01-26-13
      Tec Niraj Shah Chief Technology Officer Email Avail: Free Trial 01-26-13
      Ravi Someshwar Vice President Engineering and Operations at Spock acquired by Intelius Inc Not Available
      877-974-1500 11-09-11
      Darren Bolding Network Engineering Manager Not Available
      425-974-6149 01-27-12
      Ken Goodhope Software Engineer Not Available
      425-974-6121 01-21-12
      Subhash Prajapati Software Engineer Email Avail: Free Trial
      425-974-8703 01-21-12
      Sales Susan Koehler CMO Email Avail: Free Trial 01-26-13
      Edward Peterson Executive Vice President, Sales / marketing Not Available
      877-974-1500 10-20-11
      Chandan Chauhan SVP Product Email Avail: Free Trial 01-26-13
      Fin Paul Cook CFO Email Avail: Free Trial 01-26-13

  36. Sam says:

    Hello Everyone!

    I have read all comments here but STILL there is no way to contact by phone
    dobsearch.com or fullnamedirectory.com

    Please help.

    I have given my name, email address, and telephone number, but so far they have not removed my name, age, city, etc.

    Sep 30, 2013

    Thanks for your help

  37. Kennedy says:

    Link to useful information about Radaris, owned by Humanbook, at Reddit:

  38. Kennedy says:

    Useful information about Radaris, owned by Humanbook, at Reddit:

  39. Helena says:

    Dear Sarah,

    Could you please also investigate the site called ‘DueDil’. Among other things, it copies personal information, including date of birth, from the Companies House in the U.K. and makes it public knowledge forever. It does not have any address and contact details. I just discovered that my personal information has been advertised on this site for years, I was a private director in a private house with four apartments, that we managed ourself, and sold the apartment over 10 years ago, but this site advertises me as a retired director and publishes all my personal details. I contacted the Company House but they replied that they are required to provide access to this information even if directors had retired. I don’t mind if they provide access in response to an inquiry made by an identifiable person to Company House, but I am very upset that a parasitic site like ‘DueDil’ spreads it without any right to do so and any reason whatsoever, and does not provide any contact information. Your help is greatly appreciated.

    • Anon says:

      Totally agree that Duedil is a parasite. Using information available to the public doesn’t mean you should display for all to see by a simple google search! This is a massive invasion of privacy and in about 20 years time, this process will be ridiculed as a gross invasion of privacy.

      There are bankrupts cleared after 6 years, criminals who have their data public but not published – Directors on the other hand must have their information at everyone’s fingertips.

      Here’s a tip for anyone wanting to launch a company in the UK – DONT. Your information will be available across Google and sites like Duedil for the rest of your life because data protection doesn’t apply to company directors. Think about that before you decide to run a business in the lame UK.

  40. Cherie says:

    How do I get yelp.com to stop posting damaging, & negative remarks against my company, and against my personal name? A vengeful, false posting shows in their directory in regards to me & my business. I have email and demanded that the “remark” and “my business” be removed from their directory at once, but they refused to remove. Anyone that Google’s my personal name or business name, can see it pop-up on Google’s first page. Please, I need help asap with this issue!

    Thank you for your time in this matter,


  41. Maxi Garrett says:

    BBB site is the they believe the company is out of business. Do you know how to remove personal information from a company that is out of business?

  42. Maxi says:

    I just wanted to repeat the question. Pub360.Com has my personal information on their site but most of the information about me is incorrect. I have email them many times asking them to remove my information from their site but they are refusing to remove the information. They do not respond to my emails and the Removal tab on their site does not work. When I enter my information to remove my information from their page I get an error message.
    I went to BBB to file a complaint and their page is saying the company is maybe out of business. I have also contacted Godaddy.Com to ask them to help me remove my information and I have contacted the hosting company asking them to help me remove my personal information.

    Do you know who else should be contacted to assist me with removing my personal information from Pub360.com site? Pub360.com does not respond to my emails, their site is not working properly, and they refuse to remove my personal information.

  43. Myra says:

    Pub360.com is another one of Gary Nard, Gary Narg, Gary Nordan

    Radaris, Comfi, Privet.ru, eProfit, Humanbook, CommonBook, AppLat, Unipoint Technologies Inc

  44. john says:

    if i opt-out of these websites can they still display my criminal background?

    • All of them have different definitions of what an “opt-out” means, but generally, they can’t still display your information. They probably still have it in their own records, but it won’t be visible online for people who search for it.

  45. guest09 says:

    Update on DOBSearch. You can now block your records easily:

    1. Search your name
    2. Check the box next to the records you want deleted
    3. Click on “Manage My Listings” (it’s in very fine print right under the search results
    4. This will take you to “People Finder-BLOCKED RECORD REQUEST” Complete as instructed.

  46. Have you ever considered creating an e-book or guest authoring on other sites?
    I have a blog based upon on the same ideas you discuss and would love
    to have you share some stories/information.
    I know my audience would enjoy your work. If you’re even remotely interested,
    feel free to send me an e mail.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Hey Sarah

    Thanks for all the info and support you give Im glad to see there are still decent people on the planet. I have a question about a more delicate matter and wondered if there was anyway I could pm you to ask your advice as I cant get some content removed with the methods you have outlined or perhaps the website owners are being cruel, I would be very grateful for any help


  48. Rachel says:

    Two years ago I removed myself in every way from the internet (Facebook, LinkedIn, they all went). When double-checking that if I Googled myself no trace of me would come up, my image and appeared.. I discovered that a US website called Radaris was showing all my LinkedIn data and photo.

    As I had set up no account with Radaris, there was no way of ‘getting in’ to edit/remove my details. I have contacted them three times over the past 2 years, had acknowledgement and my profile is still there. Incidentally, although this is clearly a US site, I am British and live in England – but just Google my name and my details appear,,,

    As someone who now has a new identity, I am concerned for my own reasons, I am angry that some site feels they can take all my that information I knowingly, willingly entered onto one site and transfer it onto their own. I am furious that with my profile on the original site deleted, and after two years of asking, my details are still there and I am continuing to be ignored.

    There seems to be a lot of advice out there, but Radaris seem determined to reject any requests (including my last contact stating that I will obtain outside assistance to ‘ensure’ that my details are removed. To be honest, I’m tired and really unsure as to where to turn for help

  49. UR says:

    I opted out from most of the databases using Opt out options posted on these sites. some of data brokers are making their online OPT OUT forms as data collection sources by making date of birth, address as required fields. I filed a complaint with BBB on Radaris and Instantcheckmate. I heard back from Instantcheckmate but not from Radaris. I filled Radaris Opt out couple of times but no response. I tried calling and sending mails to customerservice but no luck so far. I am thinking of taking this issue to state congress rep and file a complaint on federal sites. It is astounding that these sites are posting citizen’s data all over internet without individual’s knowledge. I remember opting out from telephone books in old days. but now it is a nightmare to opt out from 20+ online databases! They need to stop making age as a public data field.

    Please post if you were able to opt out from Radaris.com or contact their customer support. I hope more people file compalint on BBB, state and federal agencies..

  50. UR says:

    I couldn’t opt out from DOBsearch.com. I got the message below after fallowing the instructions and filling all fields. I am skeptical about their removal policy. I will post a case with BBB and fedral. The opt out process should be as simple as pipl and other data brokers provided. DOBsearch is gathering missing info thru OPT out form such as phone number and email adress etc., Speaking of individual privacy and security of US citizens! seems like everything is for sale ..down to individuals address and age….

    “ALERT! Please select the type of telephone and delivery method. Voice verification is only available between 8AM and 10PM Eastern time. Please try again during those hours, or use text message (SMS) verification. OVER LIMIT – TOO MANY UNVERIFIED BLOCK RECORD REQUESTS PER 24 HOUR PERIOD. “

  51. Radaris, pub360, humanHater says:

    Radaris, Comfi, Privet.ru, eProfit, Humanbook, CommonBook, AppLat, Unipoint Technologies Inc

    INDEMNIFICATION: You agree to indemnify and hold harmless, Radaris, and its data providers from and against any claim made by any third-party that may arise from your use or misuse of the Sites or Data.

    OPERATING COMPANY: Radaris is operated by Bitseller Expert LIMITED, Nicosia Cyprus.

    Public Relations Agency: Radaris has a public relations agency located in the US. All public relations inquires should be sent to Radaris America, Inc, 831 Beacon Street, Ste 129, Newton Center, MA 02459 USA.

  52. Ali says:

    I wanted to remove my name from “www.advancedbackgroundchecks.com” Funny thing is in response they want me to fill out a request form in which they are asking even more information that they currently have on their website. So, I guess these things are just spams, once your record is on any side, only way to remove is to hack the site and delete every record.

  53. Private says:

    Does anyone know how to get your information removed from DOBSEARCH.com?
    There is no phone number email or fax noted. The FAX number listed on this page from ABINE in invalid.

  54. SAFTEYGIRL says:

    FYI – PeekYou will no longer remove you for their website – they say they cannot because they arent actually collecting the info – just displaying what is freely available. However, in my case at least and several others reported to the BBB – they have info listed that is not available on any website so they are clearly collecting the info themselves. They have refused to remove my info, and also stated that they are in no violation of any privacy policy anywhere. When I pointed out to them that they are in violation of their own privacy policy that states anyone can easily opt out – they stopped responding and it has now been almost 2 weeks. I continue to ask that they respond and remove my info but I receive no response. Mine is a safety issue – so it needs to be removed immediately. Every other site that I contacted – I had no issues deleting myself and some even went above and beyond. A competitor site l that mines data like PeekYou was helpful and let me ask questions on how things worked and how things were likely stored and generated. They also stated that it is complete hogwash that they wont (because of their claim that they cannot because they are not in control of the information). I have court orders and restraining orders that I can show PeekYou proving the safety concern – but considering they have outright refused to help and stopped responding – i suspect any such documents would end up on the web posted next to my name. Any advice on how to proceed from here would be great – I am not opposed to getting an attorney – but in all honesty – the simpler the better because I am just trying to move on and start fresh. I have removed my name from the web everywhere else – this is the last remaining site.

    • JNB says:

      SafetyGirl, you have to go through the sites that they are hosting that have your info. Once the info is removed from the site, then PeekYou can remove it.

      If PeekYou is listing info of you directly on their site and not supplying a link, they have to remove it. PeekYou removed my info when it was directly on their site and not through another link.

      Mine’s is also for safety as well.

  55. TIFFANY says:

    No drop down button,
    No video to watch,

    These are misleading statements and fraud by the owner of the web-site

    GO To the top left side on Home Page:
    Click on 3 lines in box,
    Next page click on, Background check, it’s the first one listed at the top left side.
    NEXT PAGE, SCROLL to the bottom in the blue section,

    (( IT SAYS NO!!!))


    IN OTHER WORDS, the whole section on OPTING-OUT is a SCAM

    • JNB says:

      Tiffany, they worked for me. My information was blocked immediately and now a statement displays “this information is being controlled by” and states my name. Yes, my name is still there, but the information is gone and I had three pages of information. I have no idea how they got that info. I don’t even display my info anywhere.

  56. ted says:

    A person should not have to opt out of these databases. Why should I provide them more information than what they already have? Who is to say they wont add that information to their database? For example,. many of them have my phone number listed under someone else’s name. I assume they used to have the number and it is nearly impossible to get them to remove it.

    • Hello Ted– We agree with you, a person should not have to opt out of these databases. But unfortunately, that is the only way to get your information off these sites. If you’d prefer to not give them more information than they already have, that is completely understandable, but the result will be that you will remain on these people search sites. We definitely don’t agree with it, but that is the reality today.

  57. E says:

    The only thing that will change this stuff is to make a law against selling private information/personal identity info on people. I think Europe already has “privacy laws”.

    Time to write to Congress

  58. Mrinal Saha says:

    In the past I send several emails to Rdaris and after that I went to their wensite and followed all the steps and removed my information, but they have again put it back. What can I do?

    • Hi Mrinal,

      Unfortunately there is currently not much that can be done in terms of removing information from Radaris. They are either not responding to opt out requests, or simply reposting the listings once taken down. That being said, we suggest you contact both the BBB and FTC and file a complaint against Radaris. While these may not lead to immediate results, hopefully we will be able to see change in the long run.


  59. Dude M says:

    How to get yourself removed from pub360.com:

    Contact registrar: Current registrar is ARIN (American Registry) at 703-227-0660. Mike handle abuse complaints. They are an American company, and will likely try to send you to Canadian hosting company peer1.com. Peer1 abuse department can be reached at abuse-staff@peer1.com, phone number 888-979-2090, ext. 1183 for Kevin Kelly or Shawn in abuse department. I would recommend calling and abusing them several times. Just for being Canadian and ignoring our laws.

    Pub360.com is a private domain registration. Information on the website is largely inaccurate. The website just uses publicly accessible names (dead or alive), with vaguely accurate individual’s locations and ages, to generate a link to a paying affiliate website, where they get paid for the referral. In other words, it is a pass through dummy site. Probably a total waste of anyone’s time, but someone obviously thinks it’s worth something. The BBB and Massachusetts’ Secretary of the Commonwealth have the business shown as out-of-business, with the former manager no longer in the internet related business.

    Peer1 says the company that owns the site is in New York, and even though it is operating completely illegally, with no means to remove your name from the website (ie. the removal tool doesn’t work). The owner of the domain pub360.com said he (or she) will only remove the links, if given a court order, from a judge in the state of NY, where he is located, listing his website specifically on the court order. Cost to you, about $1000-1500, for removal from a dummy website? When you get all that done, fax the request and court order to the legal fax number at 404-745-8355, to an attorney representing the owner in Atlanta. They will take the required action when they receive these documents.

    Sounds like a lot of work, for someone clearly abusing the internet, with no easy method to remove one’s poorly referenced files. In other words, pub360.com is trying to profit off your good name! I recommend anyone interested in having their information removed from pub360.com, contact, and abuse, any of the above mentioned registrars and hosting company, or attorneys. Eventually they will be overwhelmed with requests, and will kick pub360 into the big trash pile of expired and defunct websites with bad ideas. The domain registration is paid for through 2017, but hosting companies will kick off abusers and non-administered websites, if they get enough complaints. You can help make that happen!

    Good luck with your efforts. Together we can delete a bad company.
    The Dude

  60. Fab Led says:

    In trying to minimize their displayed info (much of it wrong), I submitted a contact request form which they promise to respond to within 48 hours. No response or confirmation email was ever received.

    To “control your page” they require that you create an un-removable account, asking for d.o.b., address, and they request a cell phone number. They will text a “verification code” to you. I gave them a couple of cell numbers and never received any text -> dead end.

    Phoned them a couple of times. Waited on hold for awhile. Eventually after listening to their annoying commercials they will disconnect due to “high volume.”

    This is (there have been a few candidates) the sleaziest company I’ve ever had the misfortune to deal with.

    • Fab Led says:

      Talking about Radaris.com

      • Gina says:

        I fell for the same trick. I am 60 yrs old & do not have a cell phone, so I sent an e-mail. Radaris does not close accts, despite instructions on the site. I had my atty send a letter. Now I am worried they will sign me up for “services.” Have they tried to reach you, re signing up for a paid membership or whatever?

        • JB says:

          Not a trick.

          It worked for me. The blocking feature on Radaris. You have to wait a few seconds until the code comes through. Unfortunately your name remains, but atleast all of the info is gone now and it worked immediately.

      • Mark says:

        Still frustrated with Radaris. To be clear – even if you “hide” your info on Radaris, if anyone types in your name the page they go to has your name on it and if you mouse over the address bar for that page in your browser you see your name, age, city and state. That is not hiding!

        I suspect they have no technical staff left to do anything so this monster is just churning away doing only what someone long gone programmed it to do.

  61. David says:

    I’ve seen a couple posters mention advancedbackgroundchecks.com – I’d love to know if anyone has filled out their form asking for even more information, mailed it in, and seen results. This site is the only one I can find, freely displaying my cell phone number, full name, my last four addresses, and the names of all my family members.

    • Gwen says:

      I’m curious too, as that website has much more of my personal information all out there for whoever googles! (I decided to google my name and was shocked to find all my personal information and contacts all out there for the world to see.) It’s been two years since this 2014 post, just wondering if people are still working out the problem. I’ve printed out the form but I wonder if the address is still legit.

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  63. Steven says:

    I found two sites where you can contact them to delete your information. There are

    http://www.govbackgroundchecks.com/ and http://www.instantpeoplereport.com/.

  64. D. says:

    Hi. I’ve made an account with white pages opted out edited all my Info deleted my info I’ve emailed them several times yet my information is still being shared. If I search my name my address come up and a picture of where I love comes up on google images. (Map with dot indicating where I live) when I click the info it takes me to white pages but it said name not found. Which is good except the fact that my information is still being shared on the link. Sorry and I hope I make sense. I’m pretty pissed right now. What else can I do?

  65. Chris says:

    First of all, I think all of these sites should be prosecuted, and their employees forced to literally live in glass houses with no door locks or alarm systems. That said, http://www.advancedbackgroundchecks.com has my full name, address, and phone number on display for all the world to see. I wouldn’t want to encourage somebody…I dunno…take a sledgehammer to their servers, but there must be some way to force these scumbags to stop doing this.

  66. Janice says:

    DOBSEARCH.COM now allows you to block your information. You find your information, check off your name and any name associated with the huddle of other names and once you’ve clicked, they go through a number of verifications, including your e-mail address, date of birth and then they send a verification code to your cell phone. They ask for 7 to 10 business days, but it works within hours.

    Also, I would love to sign up for DeleteMe.com, but the yearly price is exorbitant. If it was a yearly price of $19.99, that would be more reasonable and more people would sign up, which would bring in more income for the company.

    • Phred says:

      “Delete me” is likely owned by the same people who own information brokers sites. They create the demand for thier service themselves.

  67. yea you think you are opted out alright wrong. when you log in your name does not appear only until you enter Court. They do not remove court records unless you prove to them that your court records are expunged. Also you have to be a paying customer so you pay the trial offer just to find out your court information is still there. so that’s why when you cut and paste the URL in the opt out page you get invalid URL and that also tells you your in their court section.

  68. Phred says:

    Considering how “toothless” law enforcement is in the USA, why not get together for a physical confrontation against the owners of the sites, or the businesses themselves? No server can stand up to an axe.

    What jury will touch us?

  69. jenisha says:

    Thanks for your details and explanations..I want more information from your side..please include some valuable ideas..I Am working in used laptops sales in chennaishould you need for any other clarification please call in this number.044-421 27512.

  70. Thor says:

    Can you investigate this one

  71. Rick says:


    I really don’t like the idea of myself and my relative’s information come up in a google search, Sarah, if you are reading this, I want to thank you for all of the time you invested to fight for our privacy. I am considering join ‘deleteme’.

    Will my personal information be safe with deleteme, (those info I must provide so it can help me delete them from online date brokers?)


  72. JR says:

    People finders lets you opt-out at http://www.peoplefinders.com/manage

  73. Phred says:

    It seems that we could ask the executive owners of Netdetective.Know-X, and Luxus Nexus to pay a monthly fee to not post all thier private info on a web site?

  74. Phred says:

    Many of the “opt out” do not work from Singapore. I emmigrated from the USA.

    I have managed to flood the brokers with “crap” info. I created two fake identities. Both have my same name, birthdate, birthplace, and went to the same school. They work in the same field. They lived in some of the same places. I used stock photographs of men near my same age on Facebook, and Linkedin. They work fake jobs at companies near where I last lived in the USA.

    I will create two more. I will send money and ask my brother to subscribe to some cheap newspapers or magazines to get some bogus addresses in “the system” for the bots to stumble across.

    Over 15 months ago I got married in California, when my forgien wife and I visited there. My wife has no last name. I think that trips up the search bots. They do not know that 80% of the world never calls themselfs Mrs X and does not use surnames.

    I gave a false address in the USA for the marrage certificate. It has yet to show up on any records search.

  75. Phred says:

    I have learded that Lexus Nexus is under contract the the DHS, and therfore gets “special protection” the “Patriot Act”.

    lexus Nexus is not a threat to ke because only businesses can use them. You average stalker cannot use them. I still consider therie sister ordgs “Know-X”, and “Accuprint” fair game. I will force them under duersss if needed.

  76. Phred says:

    I just found a new one: mooseroots.com

    I have not looked for an opt out yet.

    I have removed myself from about two dozen sites since last March. Solicitations to my work email have showed to a trickle.

  77. oneblankspace says:

    For businesses, there’s Owler. Quoting from their FAQ, complete with punctuation error:

    Can I Request Owler Remove My Company’s Profile?

    Our mission is to provide information on all of the companies in the land;, it doesn’t fit with our policy to remove a company profile. However, we’re absolutely committed to ensuring the data about a company is accurate.

    However, that does not mean they won’t remove a company. My company information reuses the URL of another.

  78. Liltamz says:

    Imy drivers license has my post office box as the address. What I really want to opt out of are the websites that actually contain my home address with a google map button that shows exactly where I live. What do I do if the address are not the same?

  79. Nicole says:

    To remove from Public Records Now:

    With your letter, please include a print out of the records that you wish to have suppressed, and send both to:
    Po box 110850
    Naples. Fl 34108

    It is the same address and information that you will send for PrivateEye.com

    • Nicole says:

      Letter will include:
      First Name
      Middle Initial or Name
      Last Name
      Date of Birth
      Aliases and A.K.A’s
      Complete Current Address
      Complete former addresses going back 20 years

  80. christopher says:

    I know an hacker who could clear your driving records so you can be hired by any company..This dude is world class.He hacks from destroying data and evidence against you,changing school and university grades,hacking into your cheating spouse phone to someone who is trying to blackmail you and etc.His services are top class! You can drop him an email “(614) 398-2396″…He’s kinda picky though so make mention of the reference Christopher waymire referred you…Goodluck!

  81. Jason says:

    Just to let you know, when you used to do something bad the whole village knew it, that would have been their whole world. Don’t do the crime if your not willing to defend it, instead quit bitching about it and go pay someone to take it away. That still is the american rule that you can buy away anything or annoy someone enough that they will do it.

    • George says:

      You are a complete moron.

      My background check showed a hit and run conviction. I had to goto the state driver licsense office and pay for an official copy of my driving record to prove to my insuance company that the data was incorrect, and I was never arrested for a hit and run.

  82. Amelia says:

    Dear Attorney, please tell us, if those public online web sites showing private unauthorized information from all of us, including age, address, phones, etc. are legal?, what we can do to protect that “show greedy business” with our personal information. Thank you!

  83. Liz says:

    Anyone have any ideas on mooseroots.com? Please help.

  84. Mitch says:

    This stuff is too above my head. I don’t know what 3/4 of you are talking about.

    I just want simple opt out. The first one I tried is white pages opt out link.

    Took me to a white pages page all right. But nothing about opting out.

    Only a legal description on why they collect information in the first place……sigh…

  85. Anonymous says:

    I found out by accident while looking up my own name and city and state that 2 big pieces of info on me was completely wrong! Also names of people I probably know, don’t know those people! Wrong zodiac sign and address!!!!!!! My age was correct and my name but several so called background check people finder places were incomplete and out of date but old addresses but other sites totally wrong address and zodiac sign. How awfull, ouch!!!! I read how people try to correct mistakes which I believe are done on purpose so someone else can redirect phone calls and plenty of other trouble, whatever!, but when those people whose reviews of these places tried to do so, things got much worse for them plus some were tricked into being put in a subscription to their service and pay and pay when all these people wanted to do was remove false or incomplete or out of date info. I won’t give out any credit card info. but I also won’t even bother to contact these BOZOS to even attempt to correct mistakes which I believe is done on purpose to ruin me! It’s a good thing I read those reviews from other people so I wouldn’t have to deal with that mess myself. That’s it I’m finished explaining this awful stuff!

  86. Anonymous says:

    I would like to keep my private information PRIVATE because I don’t think it is fair to have my information splayed all over the internet.
    I understand it is public records but I am not comfortable with the fact that anyone can look me up and find out where I live,my age,etc.
    If I opt out..would it really take off my information or take it off for a while then put it back?

  87. George says:

    If you are relocated for a job, whaever you do, avoid Greabel Logistics. They will sell your name, address, phone, future address, family status, shoe size, etc to anyone and everyone. They handled my relocation five years. My phone rang every twenty minets for about four days. The email contined for about a year.

    I handled my own move. All Greabel did was tranfer the payment, and sell my info.

  88. Phred says:

    I just thought of something.

    Various sites claim the use public records. If that is the case, why is the fake address I used when I got divorced in 2008 not showing on their web sites? Why is the fake address I used when I got married in 2014, noy showing on thier web sites? Perhpas it is the type of public record?

    Furthermore I stopped buying items with rebates, and filling out the rebate forms back in 2007. Funy how all the class action lawsuit cards I received where mailed to the address I used back when I last filled out a rebate form. Funny how the last addresses they have on the web sites. I assume if I am named in a class action lawsuit, my name will appear in the public record.

  89. […] you want to go further than that, you might want to go through the lists of data brokers and background check sites and request removal from their […]

  90. Bob says:

    Someone needs to make an app that will op out for you

  91. Fred says:

    I have done some research, and I have some info to share. There may be omissions, so please add to this.

    First, avoid public records:

    Do not get married in any of the following states if you do not want your address, and marriage posted online. If you must get marred in any of the following, then use a fake address on your marriage license:
    Alabama, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee, Wisconsin.

    Do not get divorced in any of the following states if you do not want your address, posted online:
    Alabama, Arizona, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee, Wisconsin.

    If you are not lifelong child-free (like myself and my wife), but do not want your name and address online, do not do so in any of these states:
    Arizona, California, Idaho, Kentucky, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, or Wisconsin.

    While home sales are public records, the home seller, and buyer’s names are no longer readily available online. If you bought or sold before 2015 or so, then the information is already in the wild.

    Second, avoid giving information to those who sell info to data miners:

    The following WILL, very likely, get your name, and address posted online:
    Applying for a grocery store, drugstore chain, or a department store loyalty card using your real name and/or address.
    Subscribing to the newspaper, or magazine.
    Filling out a warranty card.
    Sending in a rebate form.
    Participating in a class action lawsuit.
    Filing a lawsuit (even small claims in most jurisdictions).
    Getting arrested (I do not know in what jurisdictions).
    Never enter drawings.
    Never use a moving company to relocate. Those that are hired by employers (example: Graebel) sell your info.
    Do not use social networking (facebook, classmates, twitter, etc)
    Never give your unpublished number to any of the above. If you do, it is sure to be available from data miners. I found several of my old (unpublished) phone numbers online.

    Third, be wary of bank cards. I have worked in electronic banking for over 20 years. I write the software that makes it work. I can tell you stuff that the banks rather you not know. Here are some tips:

    1. Use your DEBIT card ONLY at your bank’s own ATM, and NEVER anywhere else.
    2. If you have an ATM card that is not also your DEBIT card, again NEVER use it anywhere except at your banks ATM.
    3. NEVER buy anything online with any site if you have not done a “whois check”. If you do not know what that is, then take a basic internet course BEFORE you get your identity stolen.
    4. Use your CREDIT card, and pay the balance at the end of the month. Be careful, because when you use ANY bank card, you are giving away your name, and other information. I ONLY use mine to rent cards, hotels, airline tickets, etc. I pay cash for everything else. I look over my statement very carefully.
    5. Why not use a DEBIT card? There are a 100 reasons why. The main issue is CREDIT cards are regulated by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. DEBIT cards are regulated by the banks themselves, and they are looking out for themselves not you.

    My data may me incomplete, or out of date. Please keep it up to date, by adding replies. Every little bit helps.

    • Phred says:

      Some other items:

      1. Never use a “gift registry”.
      2. Never pay, anything but cash, “Baby Depot”, “Toys are Us”, or “Target”, and never give your name.
      3. You know those “home inspections”? Why are they so cheap? Read over the privacy policy. Odds are you are giving them permission to sell you personal information to third parties like alarm monitoring companies, etc. keep in mind that they know the size of your home, the value, if you own a pool, and so on.
      4. Be wary of income tax accountants. Read thier privacy policy. They know you name, address, income, names, and ages of dependants, etc.
      5. Have you ever wondered exactly why some businesses ask unrelated questions? Why does a car dealer, or pest control comany ask how many children you have, thier ages, what you do for a living? Tell them you they are asking for too much information.
      6. Do not bother getting a wired phone line. Have you noticed that sometimes the wired line is free? Why is it free? Well, that is simple. Under the law you are NOT required to give your real name when you subscrbe for cable TV, or internet. That might not be the case when it comes to wired phone lines. The free line is a “tool” used to colect data.
      7. Always browse the internet using private mode, and get a proxy service.

  92. Angry says:

    Sarah Marshal who works for ProspectDB is in the business of selling stolen email addresses. Her email is Sarah Marshal .

    While I have not spoken to her directly, I have contacted their company and threatened them. They, of course deny that they obtain email addresses through unethical means. Furthermore they fail to recognize that they are exposing you are your workplace to potential phishing scams.

    For more information on their trash company, see here:

    • Angry says:

      Sorry, her email got cut short (damn iPad! Her email is “smarshal@pdb2b.net”.

      I consider those email list shitheads to be nothing more than stalkers.

  93. Anonymous says:

    I have a fairly public persona because of my work, but I work really hard to keep my private home address off limits. I’ve had several stalkers, one of which is a sincere ongoing threat to my life (not to mention my sanity). I am so frustrated and scared now. I cannot afford to move again, but recently these sites have published my home address. No one would have ever even thought to look here much less driven the distance to dig up the court record.

    Is there a class action suit? It seems logical. It can be argued that in today’s digital world, a physical home address is no longer needed to “find” a long lost friend. An email address is perfectly acceptable way to contact and infinitely safer.

  94. Anonymous Crime Victim says:

    I just opted out of Spokeo here:


    Goddamn sneaky bastards

  95. Anonymous Crime Victim says:

    They make you create an account to remove your information.

    The last step is an authentication code that they’re supposed to send to your phone. The authentication code never comes.

    Its a total GOTCHA SCAM. Now they have my email. Now they have my phone number and my information is NOT removed.

    I am a crime victim concerned for my safety and this company is totally fine with putting me in danger so that they can make money. Sickening.

    • Fred says:

      Now you know why my next step to dealing with said companies is the use of violence.

      After careful consideration, I have concluded that the governments do not care so long as the addresses and phone numbers of government officials are not posted. Therefore said companies are free to make your info available to stalkers, terrorists, and illegal aliens.

      I seriously doubt that anyone can ever be convicted for a felony if he or she commits acts of violence against said companies. Why? Because everyone serving on the juries is also a victim.

      I will be sending a very threatening letter to Mylife.com. I will include a copy of my driver licsense, millitary discharge, and passport (my current address will be blacked out, and my picture will be distorted, so that it will not be usable on thier web site, yet still recognizable). So why give them that info? By giving them everything law enforcement needs to lock me up, I am clearly demonstrating that I have no fear of law enforcement what so ever, and I mean business.. My millitary record is more than enough to show that I have specalized training to do what must be done.

      More people should follow in my footsteps.

      • Fred says:

        Jeffrey Tinsley Has decided to ignore my written threat. Be watching the LA times for his murder sometime this year. I have had enough, abd I am going something about it.

  96. Anonymous Crime Victim says:


    Or, do they just block our IP ADDRESSES to give us the false security of thinking that our information is removed?

    • George says:

      If you are clicking on links, or using your personal email to contact them, then you are foolish. Otherwise they cannot know you IP to block it.

      I have a special email that I use ONLY for opt out requests. I have usedit with a dozen sites. That email recieves about 200 SPAM a day. Never give them your email.

      They only allow you to opt out for one reason. They want more info on you to sell to others. You give it willingly.

  97. Wesley X. Vanderlin says:

    Nothing you will do matters. The FTC during the Obama administration, passed regulations restricting what businesses (including your ISP) could do with your personal information, in order to protect your privacy. Now is all for sale.

    Trump, in his all-out war against any regulation that protects consumers and regular folks from corporate greed (environment, health, privacy), is canceling all of the regulations the FTC had put in place to try to protect us.

    You mean nothing to the government or corporations. $$$$ is all it matters to them.

    • Phred says:

      My gun say they will not sell my information. That is the way it will be. No jury will prosecute me because everyone is a victim.

  98. Fred says:

    I set up email addresses just for the purpose of “opting out”. The one I used for Spokeo, White, and Radaris was never used for any other purpose.

    That email address recieved 109 sexually explicit, and Viagra SPAM in one day. Many of them have my name cited in the ad.

    I think the info brokers set up the opt out exclusively for the purpose of selling the profile with an email address.

  99. Michael Lipschutz says:

    Great article – have a question, I was Googling my name and I found a listing of some personal data on a site called newyorkrenters.us I contacted them through the link on their site requesting removal but have had no response or even an acknowledgement. The site doesn’t come up when I google it – seems no one is talking about it. Any knowledge of this site or a company whose data it’s mirroring? Would really like to get myself off of there. Thanks so much in advance

  100. Eb says:

    Can the write of this article somehow give me info on how to talk personally with them. I have multiple alarming questions I need answers to asap for safety reasons that I do not wish to discuss over a public post. I suffer from depression, anxiety, ptsd and have a serious issue pertaining to topic of article that is highly triggering my symptoms and I’m at witts end with not being able to get accurate information without paying an arm and a leg. Thank you.

  101. Me, Myself, & I says:

    I’m seeing allot of idiotic comments on here, the so called information professional [cough] bullshit I most of that crap he spewed out on and on for hours of reading. Also dobsearch.com does have a removal or records block. These parasite web sites and their owners should be sued for profiting on your personal information And likenesses. If they get enough people coming after them for invasion of privacy, defimation of character, false reporting, among other civil liberty violations, they will eventually shut down. Before all the “professionals” I whatever field starts blabbering about how it can’t be done, bullshit cuz I’ve done it and won my law suites. Just keep enundating them in lawsuits and they’ll get tired of spending the money to defend themselves or losing money in settlements or judgements am’s just go away. We just need enough committed people to initiate and follow through with going after them.

  102. Anonymous Breathtaker says:

    I’m glad to have this information. I’m currently suing MyLife.com for defamation after they defamed me with false accusations and allowed a guy I used to date and his workmates to do so too. Both the site and the individuals will be sued.

    What’s funny is the guy I used to date used these techniques to suppress his information after he stole my deceased moms stuff, had his friends harass and threaten me and now defame me online. I want no more incidents of this sort, so will be deleting myself from the internet.

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