Is privacy dead or a billion-dollar business?


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Voting ends on September 2nd, 2011.

Please help us out and vote for our SXSW panel, “Is privacy dead or a billion-dollar business?”  Your votes make up 30% of the decision process, so we really need you!  We’ll warn you that you need an account on to vote, but registering with a disposable email using our MaskMe tool makes that as painless as possible.  (Curious about how disposable email, also known as masked or anonymous email, works?  Read our blog post about it.)

In case you aren’t familiar with SXSW, which stands for South by Southwest, it’s a set of conferences and festivals that take place every spring in Austin, Texas.  Events fall into 3 categories:  film, music, and interactive.  We fall into the “interactive” part.

Our CEO, Bill Kerrigan, will be on a panel with Shaun Dakin of PrivacyCamp and Webbmedia, Denise Taylo of Privo, Shane Green of, and Noah Lang of  The panelists will discuss companies that are innovating around personal data privacy, including business models that are making money and helping consumers manage their data and privacy.  In other words, you don’t have to–and you shouldn’t–sell out your customers’ privacy in order to profit.

We’d be honored to speak at SXSW with such a talented group of our fellow privacy innovators, so we appreciate you taking a moment to vote for us!

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