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  • Evan Carroll says:

    Thanks for posting about this important topic. It’s one that I’ve been studying since 2008. While seemingly simple, digital estate planning can be quite complex. The important thing is that you do something, even if it’s just for your most important accounts.

    For those interested in exploring the topic further, I’d like to suggest, my website dedicated to the topic, The Digital Beyond (http://thedigitalbeyond.com). I also published a book last year entitled Your Digital Afterlife (http://yourdigitalafterlife.com). Both are in-depth resources that I hope you find helpful.

  • Wow, this is something that no one wants to think about but very important to make preperations for. Especially if you are a website owner and you die you family will have no idea how to maintain or sell the website. What about your hosting if you have multiple sites? You need to leave detailed instructions for your executor. Morbid to think about but a necessary evil.

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