Regular people are fighting back against big tracking companies


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Privacy, please!

In a USA Today article earlier today, Byron Acohido reported on how more and more regular people are taking online privacy into their own hands and fighting tracking with free tools like our Do Not Track Plus.

It makes sense:  big companies in Madison Avenue and Silicon Valley make money off your data, so of course they’re opposed to anti-tracking rules.  Less tracking of you means less money for them.  They’ve continually lobbied against the adoption of Do Not Track rules.

So because the big guys aren’t going to push online tracking protection, it’s up to individual people to ensure the privacy of themselves and their families.  And that’s exactly what you’re doing by downloading privacy add-ons and spreading the word to the people you care about.

Sure, more and more people are using tools like Do Not Track Plus to stop Facebook, Google, and hundreds of less well-known advertising companies from following them across the web, but why should you?  Well, a few reasons!

Why you should try Do Not Track Plus

  1. The more data you’re leaking about yourself, the easier it is for thieves to steal your identity.
  2. You know those Facebook Like buttons you see everywhere?  They’re not just buttons; they’re sophisticated tracking devices.  Do Not Track Plus blocks them from tracking you, but still let you use them to share.  Good deal, right?
  3. Your browser’s private browsing mode isn’t going to cut it.  Here’s why.
  4. Online tracking is only getting more widespread and invasive.  The industry is growing, and their tactics are getting better (and scarier).
  5. Why not?  It’s free, it’s simple to install, it runs in the background of your browser without messing up anything or slowing anything down, and it’s got a cute icon.

We also realize that you have several options for tracker-blocking software, so we made this handy feature comparison chart so you can make an informed decision about which to use:

If you have any questions, we’re always here to talk in live chat or over email.  Also, check out our informational page all about Do Not Track Plus.

Here’s to real people taking a stand against secret internet tracking!

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