Abine to be Microsoft privacy partner on IE9 for “Do Not Track” tracking protection list


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Browsing with IE9 just got even safer.

We at Abine, Inc., The Online Privacy Company, are happy to announce the availability of our Do Not Track behavioral advertising lists for Microsoft Internet Explorer version 9.0.

”We’re pleased Microsoft is supporting IE users who want to exercise their right to online privacy,“ said Abine co-founder Robert Shavell. ”The level of intensity of spying and tracking going on without users’ permission while surfing is at an all-time high.“

You can picture a Do Not Track list like a Do Not Call registry for your browser:  instead of blocking telemarketers from calling you, you’re preventing advertisers from tracking you online.  When you use Abine’s Do Not Track list for IE9, your browser informs websites when tracking and targeted advertising are off-limits and blocks them from collecting information on you.  To learn more about about how advertisers track you online, check out our explanation of behavioral tracking.

Our list blocks many online advertising and marketing technologies that can track and profile you as you browse the Web.  We update our list weekly to keep you safer and more private.  If you’re an IE user, you can add Abine’s Do Not Track tracking protection list here:  http://www.abine.com/tpl/

Advertisers are tracking your activity online.  Yes, you.

Millions feel there is too much information about their browsing habits being secretly gathered and then shared among advertisers, marketers, and email spammers.

The 4 most common ways that advertisers track you online.

This increase in tracking is causing Internet users to flock to online privacy solutions:

  • 58% are concerned their browsing activity is tracked and recorded for commercial purposes
  • 96% worry their personal information on Facebook and other social networks will be leaked and connected to their search and browsing history. (Pew Research/Internal surveys)

The solution:  Do Not Track protection lists.

Users who add Abine’s Do Not Track tracking protection list to Internet Explorer will receive a continuously updated list of behavioral advertising networks that can track the sites they visit, on the content they click, and even the online shopping carts they’ve touched.

With Abine’s tracking protection list installed, IE9 users will automatically get:

  • More privacy at 86% of top sites that send an average of 83 hidden requests to other servers (often ad networks)
  • A continuously updated list of hundreds of tracking companies and technologies
  • The option to add Abine’s free PrivacySuite for enhanced online privacy

By adopting easy-to-use technologies including tracking protection lists and privacy add-ons from within their browsers, users can regain reasonable control of their online privacy while still allowing advertisers to advertise to them. The FTC has called for the market to innovate and provide consumers online privacy protection. Abine, Microsoft, and other companies offering consumers more choice and control over their privacy is a necessary step in the right direction.

Want to add privacy to your IE9 browser?

Add Abine’s Do Not Track tracking protection list for Internet Explorer 9 today, and you’ll enjoy a more private and secure browsing experience.

About Abine: Abine, Inc., The Online Privacy Company, is the leading provider of online privacy solutions for consumers. Abine’s products and services allow regular people to regain control over their personal information while continuing to browse, interact, and shop online.

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