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It’s easy for businesses to start fantasizing about all the benefits knowing where you (a potential customer) are during the day.

It’s also easy to start getting frightened if your location is known to others – see a great example here.

Welcome, internet user, to the new phenomenon of location privacy.

Starting this year, because major services like Facebook, Twitter, and Google are going to be making our locations more easily available, we’re all going to have to start “managing” this additional personal information more closely – for good, and for safety and security.

As ITworld points out in a recent article, “Your location privacy is up for grabs,” and “mobile targeting” is the new catch phrase for advertisers who will sell you anything, anywhere, at any time – whether you want them to or not.

“It’s the ad served while you are reading the news in the morning on an e-reader that knows you’re at home and three blocks from a Starbucks. It’s a loyalty program on your phone that, through a hotel-room sensor, sets the lights and thermostat and turns the TV to CNN when you walk in the door. It’s finding a restaurant in a strange city on a Tuesday night, discovering that a store nearby stocks the TV you’re looking for, or that a certain grocery on the way home has the cut of meat you need.

Read more at ITworld.

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