WikiLeaks vs. the C.I.A.

wikileaks vs cia

Last week, in one of the most controversial stories in recent history, WikiLeaks released a trove of documents that details the tools that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) uses for hacking into personal computers, web servers, smartphones and even televisions.

WikiLeaks, the website that has become notorious for its publishing of secret information, news leaks, and classified media from anonymous sources, is in the news once again with its most recent data dump. Read More

Abine, Adam Tanner and Big Data: Who knows your medical history?


Many of us have friends or family with serious medical conditions—or cope with our own medical conditions—be it mental health, cancer, or other conditions.  What many of these people who visit doctors may or may not know, is that data about their medical records and conditions is being bought and sold to data brokers like IMS Health (among others) for a profit.  Read More

Everyone’s personal private Data is for Sale in China – and at cheap prices

chinese-flagIn most of Western society, breaching personal privacy in the name of national security isn’t necessarily “an okay thing to do”, however, our counterparts to the East in China have a much different perspective.

Whether a Chinese citizen or simply living in China as a non-native, it is generally a safe assumption that the Chinese government is constantly watching— and basically knows everything about you both, online or off. Read More

What a Trump Presidency means for Online Privacy

trumpAs President-Elect Trump prepares to take office later this month, online privacy advocates are wary that Trump’s stance on many issues could result in a variety of changes to the online privacy world.

While Trump’s platform does not include anything explicitly regarding the issues of online privacy, his stances on encryption, internet freedom, government surveillance and cyber-security are all examples which illustrate that he may believe: “privacy must be sacrificed in order to preserve security”.

Read More

Safe Secure Holiday Shopping with Masked Virtual Credit Cards

black-friday-2016Between Cyber Monday Nov 28th 2016 and Christmas Eve December 24th – or perhaps December 25th with Amazon same day delivery – US consumers will spend over $50 billion dollars on e-commerce holiday shopping primarily by going online and using hundreds of millions of traditional plastic credit cards from Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover to pay.  These credit cards are a target for hackers, scammers and disreputable marketers alike because they can be stolen, charged, and re-charged easily before banks catch on and shut them down.  Read More