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MaskMe Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

MaskMe is a simple tool you can add to your web browser that prevents nosy websites from getting too much of your personal information, like email addresses, phone numbers, and credit cards. With MaskMe, you can protect your real information by giving out Masked – and protected – information. You get to decide if and when to disclose your real info to websites, and when to Mask it. MaskMe is smart and shows up when you need it, like when you click into an online form that’s asking for your email address (but gets out of your way when you don’t want to use it - because we know that is important too).

MaskMe has a ton of other optional features that make your web browsing faster and easier, like strong password generation, account storage, auto-filling, sync, and its own mobile app.

Nope! All you have to do is download MaskMe and you’re done; just go back to browsing the web. MaskMe shows up when you need it to, like when you click into an online form that’s requesting your email address or when you’re creating a new password, and it goes away when you don’t want it (just start typing as normal and it disappears).

MaskMe Form Show

MaskMe Form Dissapears

You always have easy access to all of your Masked Emails, passwords, and accounts through the green icon in your toolbar.

MaskMe in browser
  • Eliminate spam from your inbox
  • Get access to the websites you want, without being forced to give up your real email address
  • Keep your info out of the hands of companies that sell, share, or lose it
  • Secure your credit card from getting hacked
  • Make life easier by keeping your accounts organized in one safe place
  • Create secure, unique passwords for every site
  • Safe online shopping.
  • No more surprise credit card charges
  • Stay one step ahead of hackers and fraudsters
  • Log in and sign up for websites super quickly
  • Reduce tracking and profiling about when you sign up with websites or purchase things online

MaskMe is available as a free download for the Firefox and Chrome web browsers.

Nope! MaskMe was specifically built for those of us that hate websites demanding your personal data even when they don’t really need. Once you install MaskMe, you can start using it right away.

That said, if you’d like to use all of MaskMe’s features, then we do need to know some of your information. For example: we can forward all your Masked Emails right to your real inbox, instead of only sending them to MaskMe’s temporary inbox, so you can keep them permanently (and so you don’t have to check two different inboxes). To do that, we need to know your email to send it there.

With MaskMe, this could very well be the last time you ever give out your real email address. We’ll never share or sell your email address with anyone, ever. We’re a privacy company after all.

Currently MaskMe is available for Firefox and Chrome. We hope to add support for Safari and Internet Explorer in the future. Currently there are no plans to add support for other browsers, although that may change.

How It Works

Masked Emails

Masked Emails are disposable email addresses that you can create whenever a website asks for your email. We recommend you use them all the time, but they come especially in handy when you want quick one-time access for a new site, or if you are afraid a site might email you too much in the future.

You can then check your Masked Email inbox right from MaskMe, or you can set up forwarding directly to your real email. If you do that, you can easily block/unblock any Masked Email.

Next time you click into an online form that’s asking for your email address, here’s what you’ll see with MaskMe:

MaskMe with Mask my Email in Form

When you provide a website with a Masked Email, they can still contact you, but if they start to spam you, or lose or share that email address with another company, you can banish them from your inbox for good with a single click.

Now, the choice is yours: to Mask, or not to Mask? You get an UNLIMITED number of Masked Emails for free, and we encourage you to use a different one at every website. You can access all of your Masked Email info by clicking the email icon on the MaskMe homepage.

  • No more spam! MaskMe is like an unsubscribe button that always works.
  • Access websites that require an email address, without being forced to give up your real one.
  • Stop companies and advertisers from getting your real personal information. That way, they can’t lose, share, or sell it, because they’ll never have it.
  • Signing up on sites is super fast with MaskMe’s handy dropdowns that autofill your Masked Email.
  • Forget maintaining your “junk” email accounts
  • Stay safe from the next big data breach
  • Sign up for free trials, coupons, sweepstakes, and more without hesitating to give your email away to a site you don’t fully trust

It depends--

If you only use MaskMe’s temporary inbox:

  • Click the blue icon on MaskMe’s homepage to view all of your Masked Emails. Click the email icon to navigate to MaskMe’s temporary inbox which holds email messages up to 4 hours.

If you have free email forwarding to set up to your real email:

  • You’ll get all your email messages sent through Masked Emails in both your real inbox, as well as MaskMe’s temporary inbox.

Glad you asked. Just open up MaskMe (click on the green circle toolbar icon on the top right of your browser screen), and go to Settings. Now, just click on the blue Setup button next to Email.

Once you do this, all your Masked Emails will forward to your main inbox (you’ll still be able to see them inside MaskMe if you want). Best of all, you can easily block or unblock any Masked Email from forwarding to you at the click of a button.

That’s easy! When you decide you no longer want to receive email from a particular sender, you can block that Masked address in one of two ways:

  1. Straight from your inbox at the top of the email message. Click “Block this email address” in the yellow box.

    Block an email

  2. Inside MaskMe. Just click the email icon on the MaskMe homepage, locate the Masked Email you’d like to block, and click the green “Forwarding” button to change it to “Blocked”

    Clicked block in MaskMe

*Note that you have to have email forwarding set up to your real inbox to use these

Yes! When you reply to a Masked Email we still keep your real email address private. Reply away.

Unfortunately, at this time you can’t initiate a conversation using a Masked Email. We hope to add this feature soon.

Unfortunately, this feature isn’t currently available, but we’re hoping to add it to MaskMe soon.

“Masked Account” refers to accounts you create with MaskMe that "mask" your data from websites. This usually means you created a Masked Email for a website instead of disclosing your personal email address to them.

An Unmasked Account is one where you haven't masked anything, so the website has some of your personally identifiable information. Unless you trust that website with your data, you should consider updating your account with masked info. Otherwise, if the website ever decides to make some quick money by sharing or selling your data (and a lot of websites do), your personal info could be compromised. Make sure you consider that even trustworthy sites get hacked.

Learn how to turn your Unmasked Accounts into Masked Accounts.

Yep; navigate to Settings from the MaskMe homepage and click “Change” next to your current email address, under "Personal Information."

Yep; navigate to Settings from the MaskMe homepage and uncheck the box next to "Suggest when I should mask my email address," under “Website Forms."


MaskMe takes the frustration out of coming up with secure, unique passwords for every website by creating encrypted passwords for you on the fly. Don’t worry about remembering them

MaskMe will remember any passwords you generate and autofill them for you later.

The next time you click into a create password form, here’s what you’ll see with MaskMe:

Masked Passwords

You can view your saved passwords by clicking the yellow key icon on the homepage. Plus, MaskMe shows you how many times you’ve used each of your passwords: more uses means more risk.

Optionally, you could even have MaskMe remember all your logins for you, even ones you don’t generate with MaskMe (check the Logins preferences under Settings to turn this on). This way you can save some time typing the same old logins over and over again.

Most people use the same passwords everywhere because it’s easy, but it’s a risky practice. MaskMe makes it easy to have a unique password at every site you use. If hackers ever breach a site where you have an account, you can rest easy knowing they won’t be able to reuse the stolen info to get into your other online accounts.

Sure! We give you a lot of control for how MaskMe should work for you. Just navigate to Settings from the homepage and look under Logins. You can decide what login accounts MaskMe should save, and whether or not you want MaskMe to automatically fill in your account data into forms.

No problem; just navigate to Settings from the homepage and uncheck the box next to “Show ‘Generate A Strong Password’ for password fields” under “Website Forms.”

Even without MaskMe’s password generator suggestion form, you can still create strong passwords whenever you want. Just click Encrypted Passwords on the homepage and scroll down to the bottom to use the password generator.

Sure! We understand if you are tied to another product, but still want to use some of the unique features MaskMe give you. Look under Settings, and set MaskMe to “Don’t store any of my login accounts.” (under Logins section) and disable “Show ‘Generate A Strong Password’ for password fields.” (under Website Forms section). This way your password manager will handle all the login savings for you, but you can still use MaskMe to create masked credentials.

No problem. Just navigate to Settings and uncheck the box next to “Prompt for MaskMe password to view my sensitive account information,” under “Privacy.”

Account Storage & Autofill

MaskMe can automatically store all your account information, like usernames and passwords, giving you one less thing to remember. By default only accounts you use MaskMe to create will be stored, but MaskMe can remember all your accounts for you if you’d like. Just look under the ‘Logins’ section in ‘Settings’.

Once MaskMe has stored your account information, you don’t need to remember it later. When you return to a site, MaskMe will automatically fill your login info for you, so all you need to do is click Login.

Absolutely! Just navigate to the Settings page and under “Logins” choose how you want MaskMe to save your login information. You can have it store all your logins, just your MaskMe created credentials, or none at all.

Just keep in mind that if you use MaskMe’s password generator and have MaskMe set not to remember your passwords, you’ll probably want another program to save it for you!

Yes! Go to the Settings page, click the “Manage Ignore List” button under the ‘Ignore List’ section, and enter your MaskMe password. Add the address of the website that you’d like MaskMe to ignore.

Sync & Online Backup

By default, MaskMe only stores your logins locally on your computer. However, you can use Sync to access your MaskMe accounts wherever you are, even if you don’t have MaskMe installed on that that particular device or browser. Syncing securely stores your encrypted account information on our cloud servers.

Once you’ve synced MaskMe, if you find yourself needing quick access to your accounts on another computer, simply go to the dropdown menu on and log in with your MaskMe account info to see a full list of your online accounts.

Sync is a free feature, but to use it, you must first activate it by clicking Sync on the MaskMe homepage and selecting the “MaskMe Online” plan.

Additionally, if you are a MaskMe Premium subscriber, you also get access to our iPhone & Android apps for easier access and more control on the go.

Note: if you never set up an email and password for MaskMe, then you won’t know how to login to Simply go to Settings in MaskMe on the computer you have it installed on to set these.

By default, MaskMe only stores your logins locally on your computer, but you can use Sync to share your saved accounts and passwords with other devices or browsers where you’ve installed MaskMe. Syncing securely stores your encrypted account information on our cloud servers.

Sync is a free feature, but to use it, you must first activate it by clicking Sync on the homepage and selecting the “MaskMe Online” plan.

Here’s how to get it working:

Click Sync in your original MaskMe account. Once you have MaskMe installed on a second device or browser, simply click Sync for immediate access to all of your accounts and stored in MaskMe.

Rest assured this is done in a private and secure way, which you can read about here.

Note: if you never set up an email and password for MaskMe, then you won’t know how to login to your account on a different computer. Simply go to Settings in MaskMe on the computer you have it installed on to set these.

Premium Features

For $5 a month, you can become a MaskMe Premium subscriber. This gives you access to premium features: Masked Phones, Masked Credit Cards, and the MaskMe iOS and Android apps. You'll also get exclusive access to cool new features as we continue to develop MaskMe.

Plus - you get the personal gratification of knowing you are helping out a private company that is dedicated to empowering users like you.

Well, that’s easy! Simply navigate to Settings in MaskMe and you’ll see an orange “Upgrade” button. Click that, quickly fill in your billing info, and voila!

Premium upgrade

Masked Phones

The same Masked protection you know and love from Masked Emails is also available for your phone. You’ll get one brand new phone number that is set up to forward calls and text messages to your actual phone number. You can then block/unblock any number from calling you. Say goodbye to telemarketers!

You can use your Masked Phone both online and offline. The next time you click into an online form asking for your phone number, here’s what you’ll see:

Masked Phone

Yes! MaskMe supports landlines, cell phones, and feature phones.

At this time, Masked Phones are supported in the following countries:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Ireland
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • United States
  • United Kingdom

We hope to add support for additional countries soon.

It’s as easy as going to the Masked Phones page inside MaskMe, finding the number you want to block, and switching it from ‘Forwarding’ to ‘Blocked’ with one click. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can also do so from MaskMe Mobile (and soon, our Android app).

Nope! They’ll hear a recording telling them the number is no longer available.

U.S. users can initiate phone calls from their Masked Phone number with MaskMe Mobile for iPhone and Android. That way the person you call won’t see your actual phone number.

If you are a premium subscriber to MaskMe, simply download our iPhone or Android app and look under ‘Masked Phones’. Similar functionality is planned for international Masked Phone users.

Not at this time, though our system tries to assign you a Masked Phone number within the same area code as your real phone number.

At this time only U.S. and U.K. users can receive text messages on their Masked Phone (although your telephone plan and receiving device must also support text messaging). We are working with our partner to provide texting functionality for other countries.

Please note that some US phone carriers will not allow forwarding of “short-code messages.” This means that some of the texts used for user authentication by websites like Google and Facebook may not be compatible with Masked Phone numbers at this time. We hope carriers loosen these restrictions in the near future.

Yes. Calls to your Masked Phone number are forwarded directly to your personal number, so a caller will be able to leave you a voicemail as if they had called you directly.

Yes, there are limits in place for the number of minutes and texts you can use per month. Because calling rates differ by country, these limits vary depending on your country. That said, over 99% of our Masked Phone users do not run into any limits on an average month. If you would like to know more information, please contact our support team.

MaskMe Mobile

With MaskMe Premium, you get access to the MaskMe Mobile app for iOS and Android, which lets you view all your account information and block/unblock any masked email or phone, right from your pocket. The iOS app even lets you initiate calls from your Masked Phone right from your iPhone (similar functionality coming to Android soon).

MaskMe Mobile for iOS can be downloaded from the App Store here, and MaskMe Mobile for Android can be downloaded from Google Play here.


Locking MaskMe allows you to prevent other people from seeing your MaskMe account data and from using your logins on websites.

You can enable the Privacy Timeline under Settings. This is still a beta feature.

Ever notice how every website these days requires you to register? We made the Privacy Timeline to show you how often this happens and how many websites now have your information. You'll be surprised how many websites have your data after only a month or two. No wonder we all get so much spam! Click any of the website names in your Privacy Timeline to view your account details.

You can enable the Privacy Timeline under Settings. This is still a beta feature.

You simply need to remove the extension from your browser.

Chrome removal instructions

Firefox removal instructions

This will remove MaskMe and all its associated data from your computer. If you'd like to also remove all records of you ever having a MaskMe account with Abine, you can do that through the "Delete My MaskMe Account" button at the bottom of the Settings page in MaskMe.

We've made it possible for users of our legacy product, PrivacySuite, to import their existing login accounts into MaskMe. Just follow the steps below and you'll be ready to use MaskMe without the hassle of making new accounts.

Note: Only your PrivacySuite logins will be imported into MaskMe. Your list of Masked Emails from PrivacySuite will not appear in MaskMe. You can still block/unblock Masked Emails directly for your inbox though.

  1. Make sure that PrivacySuite is already installed in Firefox and unlocked
  2. Install MaskMe in Firefox, and then register or login
  3. In MaskMe, go to Settings and click the "Import accounts" button at the bottom
Import Accounts

Setting up a password for your MaskMe account is the most secure and private way to go. So when you start using certain features, or upgrade to premium, MaskMe will remind you it’s a good idea to set up a master password. Here’s what you’ll get if you do:

  1. MaskMe will encrypt your data with your own password, meaning you hold the keys.
  2. Ability to Lock MaskMe so no one can access your data.
  3. Option to use MaskMe's Sync feature to securely backup & access your MaskMe data online.


You can 'Lock' MaskMe so that no one can view its contents without your password. This is perfect from anyone who shares a computer with family at home, or if you have guests over who will be using your computer.

In order to use the “Lock” feature, you’ll have to set up a MaskMe password. To do this, simply navigate to settings and click “setup” next to the Password.

While locked, MaskMe won't allow anyone to view your account information or automatically log you into websites as you browse the web. You can unlock MaskMe at any time by clicking on the MaskMe toolbar icon, which will bring you to a page that prompts you for your password.

If you’d like MaskMe to automatically Lock itself every time your browser is restarted, simply navigate to Settings from the homepage and check off “Auto-lock MaskMe when I restart my browser” under Privacy.

Our team has spent a lot of time trying to ensure that MaskMe comes up when you need it to but never gets in your way. One thing you'll notice is that while you are browsing the web, you never need to directly interact with MaskMe when you see it. The "pop-ups" or "dropdowns" that appear underneath website form fields can be ignored completely and they will go away after you type a few characters, or when you move beyond the field.

That said, we understand that some people don't always like even seeing these in the first place. For example, you might like Masked Emails but you don't like using MaskMe's password generator. We get it, so we let you you easily customize a lot of MaskMe's default behavior.

Under Settings (one of the navigation bar choices inside MaskMe), scroll down and you'll see many preferences. Look under the ‘Website Forms’ and ‘Notifications’ sections for options to turn these off.

Sure thing; just navigate to Settings and uncheck the box next to “Enable privacy timeline,” under Privacy.


The first thing to remember is that for a 4 hour period you can always check mails going to your Masked Email right from inside MaskMe. Emails appear here instantly, which can be convenient when you are waiting for a confirmation link.

If you’ve waited a couple minutes and still don’t have the email in your main inbox, be sure to check your email client's Spam or Junk folder. If you’re ever expecting an email address from a Masked Email and don't see it, more often than not the issue is that the email was flagged incorrectly as spam. Because of how Masked Emails work, sometimes email clients are more prone to think a Masked Email is spam. Abine is actively working to minimize the chances of this happening.

If you still don't see the email you are looking for in your Spam folder, you can check to see if MaskMe is actually aware of the website that’s sending you emails to the Masked Email in question. To do this, open MaskMe and go to the 'Masked Emails' page. You should see a 'Times Emailed' column, which will tell you how many emails the website sent you to each Masked Email. If you see that an email was sent, you can contact us. In your message, please let us know which Masked Email you haven't received emails to so that we can investigate the issue for you.

In an ideal world this wouldn't happen, but sometimes mail clients incorrectly mark a message as spam. Most mail clients provide an easy way to flag a message as not spam, which not only moves it back to your inbox but also helps prevent it from happening again in the future. Every mail client is different, but for your convenience, here are instructions on how to do this in Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail.

You can go one step further to try and prevent emails from Masked Emails from going into your Spam or Junk folder in the future. Some clients let you create a filter so that all emails from aren't treated as spam. Here are instructions on how to do this on Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail.

We forced you to create a password hint when you first set up your MaskMe password, so be sure to take a look at that hint if you haven't yet! Depending on where you’re trying to enter your MaskMe password, you might see a 'Show Hint' button on the page.

  • If MaskMe is locked, click on the MaskMe green toolbar icon in your browser (it'll have a small black lock symbol on it), which will take you to an unlock page where you'll see the 'Show Hint' button.
  • If you are on a page where MaskMe is asking you to log into your account again (usually after your account information has changed, or if you are attempting to log in on a different computer for the first time), your password hint will be displayed if you enter in the wrong password.

If you've tried everything and really don't remember your password, you'll see a "Forgot Your Password?" link on the password screen. Following the on-screen instructions will allow you to reset your password, but please note that this will actually reset your entire MaskMe account.

Note: If your password hint is displayed as “Never set up” - it means you haven’t yet created a password for MaskMe! Doing so will allow you to login to your MaskMe account from multiple computers/devices. To set one up, open MaskMe on the original computer you installed, it and go to Settings.

NOTE: This answer applies to resetting your password, and not changing your password.

At Abine we take the security and privacy of your data very seriously. The safest way we came up with to have your data completely secure was to encrypt it with your own password. This means that your MaskMe password is actually the key to unlocking all of your account information. In terms of privacy, this means that absolutely no one, not even us at Abine, could ever look at your data. If someone hacked your computer, or our servers, your data would be unreadable to them without your master password.

An unfortunate side effect of this extra security is that if you've forgotten your password, you can't reset it like you would on a regular website. This means that if you choose to reset your MaskMe password, all your current account information that is currently encrypted with your existing password will be lost. It’s like throwing the key away to your safe and getting a new safe instead! In more detail, resetting your password means:

  • Your logins (usernames and passwords) that are stored in MaskMe will be deleted. Your login accounts will still exist on each website, but unless you remember your username and passwords to these sites, you won’t be able to log back in. If you remember your username or email, you could reset your password on each website.
  • Your existing Masked Emails will still continue to forward to you, but you'll no longer be able to manage them inside MaskMe. Remember: you can still block individual Masked Emails right through incoming emails, so you'll still have control over them that way.
  • Any other information stored in MaskMe, such as your settings, etc. will be lost.
  • If you are a MaskMe Premium user: you will maintain your MaskMe Premium access, and your existing Masked Phone call log and your Masked Cards will be maintained.

MaskMe sometimes gets confused and updates some of your account information when it shouldn't. We're always working to fix these issues, but in the meantime, rest assured that there's a way to recover from these annoying moments:

  1. If you aren't already looking at your account information inside MaskMe, browse there by clicking on the MaskMe toolbar icon to open the MaskMe home page. From the home page, click on the Accounts List icon. Now pick the website with the account in question.

    MaskMe Account List

    Select the account

  2. Once you're looking at your account information inside MaskMe, you should see a blue box below your account that allows you to view your account history information. Click the "Show Me" button to expand this box and you'll see all the data you gave this website while using MaskMe.

    Show Me

  3. Now identify which piece of information in this blue box has your correct data. If, for example, you had a password correctly stored in MaskMe before but it's no longer correct in your account, you should see it listed in this blue box. Use the timestamps next to each field to help you pick out the right information.

    Copy and Paste the correct info into field above

  4. You can now easily copy the correct piece of information by hitting the "Copy" button. Now scroll back up the page, where you can paste this information into the appropriate account field. Hit Save and you’re done.

    Save before leaving page

This problem typically happens if you've logged into your MaskMe account on a second computer (not the original computer where you installed MaskMe) and activated Sync there. If you did so, your initial synced data on our servers is from your account on this second computer, which doesn't have any of your original computer's information yet.

Not to worry, though! All you need to do is go back to your original computer and hit 'Sync' there. You'll probably be prompted to log back into your account, but you can sync like normal after you do so. Once you do, your online synced data will have all your account information. When you go back to your second computer, Syncing there will retrieve all your data.

Websites like to do things in unique ways, which means that MaskMe doesn't always understand things correctly. For example, when you click into an email field on a registration form, MaskMe does its best to recognize that it's an email field and offer you the ability to mask your email. But under the hood, some websites don't do a great job of labeling that as an email field, which might confuse MaskMe.

If you ever encounter this issue but you'd still like to use MaskMe's features, not to worry! You can simply right-click into that field and you'll see a MaskMe option in the menu that comes up. This gives you all the same options you normally have. If you don't mind, we'd also love to hear from you about what websites MaskMe didn't recognize properly so that we can fix it.

Right click into form field and select mask phone

Websites like to do things in unique ways, which means that MaskMe doesn't always understand things correctly. For example, when you've finished filling out a form and click the 'Submit' button, MaskMe checks to see if you have a login account it can store for you to make your life easier next time you visit. Every website handles that 'Submit' button differently though, and sometimes it can be tough for MaskMe to tell if you've actually submitted the form or if the website accepted your information (or gave you an error instead).

Our team at Abine is constantly looking to improve how well MaskMe works on as many websites as possible, but you might sometimes run into places where your login information isn't saved correctly, which we know can be frustrating. You can always edit your account information yourself. Also, please let us know about these cases so we can improve the MaskMe experience for you and others.

Absolutely! If for whatever reason MaskMe didn't correctly capture your account information, you can edit any of the current information saved in your account or even add new, missing fields to an account. So, for example:

Let’s say you have an account on saved in MaskMe with a Masked Email as your username, but the password saved in MaskMe is incorrect (meaning when MaskMe fills your information in the login form of, they tell you the password isn't right). If you know what the correct password is, then simply hit the pencil icon next to the password field, type in the correct password, and hit Save. (If you don't know the right password, look here.)

Edit your password with MaskMe

Now lets say MaskMe has an account stored for with your username and email address, but for some reason there's no password saved in it (so when you go to to log in, MaskMe fills in your username, but you have to type in your password yourself). To fix this, simply go to your account inside MaskMe, and click any of the pencil icons you see for that account (in this example, there would be one next to username and another next to email address). You will notice that not only can you edit the existing username and email fields, but you can also optionally add a password or phone number to this account. Simply type in your password and hit Save.

New Password for Account


By default, MaskMe stores all the masked information you create using it, and any passwords you generate with MaskMe. Your Masked Emails are stored on the Abine servers (so that they can actually work properly), and your generated passwords are stored locally on your machine. You can change this behavior in Preferences under the 'Settings' tab.

There is an Ignore List for websites under MaskMe Settings. You can also manually remove any accounts from your account listing within MaskMe by clicking on the 'X' icon next to your accounts.

As an online privacy company, the security and privacy of your data is our number one concern. All your MaskMe account information is encrypted and stored locally on your device.

If you use MaskMe's Sync feature, your data is transmitted through secure network connections to the Abine servers. Furthermore, all your data is encrypted locally on your computer using your actual MaskMe password, meaning that you are the only one who has the key to unlock your information. This means that even if we wanted to look at your data--which we don’t--we wouldn't be able to do it.

You can 'Lock' MaskMe so that no one can view its contents without your password. While locked, MaskMe won't allow anyone to view your account information or automatically log you into websites as you browse the web.

You can unlock MaskMe at any time by clicking on the MaskMe toolbar icon, which will bring you to a page that prompts you for your password.

If you share your computer with others and would like MaskMe to automatically lock itself every time your browser is opened, enable the preference under 'Settings' to "Auto-lock MaskMe whenever I restart my browser."

DeleteMe Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our new & improved FAQ section

DeleteMe FAQ