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Here you can find a bit more information on the features in each of these areas, as well as a few other details of Abine's capabilities, but you'll need to join our closed beta to get all the details.

Abine is a browser add-on (a/k/a plugin) that is designed to give control over privacy and personal information back to its rightful owners, the users. The suite of features to protect your privacy also includes some tools to make daily browsing more convenient and secure. The suite has 4 key privacy protecting areas.

Browsing Privacy

Alerts will also show you who's tracking you at each website you visit, and stop them if you want. Privacy Alerts shows the tracking networks in use at the sites you visit. These tracking networks can track you from site to site as you browse and use the web. Now you'll be able to see and stop these networks from tracking you -- you can automatically block and opt-out of hundreds of advertising and tracking systems.

Since cookies play an important and useful role in today's websites, it is not longer practical to turn off cookies entirely in the browser preferences. Abine can block cookies from online advertising networks, switch cookies when you switch online profiles, thereby reducing the chances of all of your online activity from being tracked and correlated.

Encrypted Password Management

The Abine add-on will help you manage all your accounts and passwords. When you login in and register at sites, Abine will ask if you want to manage this account. It will default to yes if you have not changed the default in the Preferences tab.

When Abine manages an account, it will create an account card under the "My Sites and Accounts" tab. The software will also encrypt and store your username and password in an encrypted file on your computer. The next time you are required to login at this site, Abine will automatically show you an auto-fill window with a list of all your accounts at this site. You can select your account and auto-fill your name and password with one-click. If you want you can tell Abine to also click the submit button. This setting can be different for every site.

Smart form-filling

In Abine Personas (also called Identities) are used to auto-fill forms, such as registration forms and checkout forms. You can set up your personas with the data you want to use.

You already have differen online personas on different sites and in different situations, and this concept is extended by the Abine software. At the simplest level, personas are simple convenient sets of information you have saved to auto-fill into forms later when needed and associated privacy settings. It is what you permit a site to know about you. For some sites (like your banks and travel sites) you'll need most of your real information. For many others, you can choose to provide less information or easily keep your home, work, and other data separated.

When you are on a page with a registration or checkout form, just click the Abine logo in the toolbar and Abine will show you a list of your identities.

Use Abine to pay online faster without ever retyping in your card information. It's also safer than storing your card information online where it is an attractive target for hackers. Abine payments saves your existing credit & debit card information and encrypts it on your PC. By adding your cards, you can fill entire checkout forms with a single click. Remember, nobody but you with your master password, can access any of this data.

Shielding and anonymizing

Signing up at a new site? Don't feel perfectly confident you want to let them spam you, sell your email address to other 3rd party "partners" or whatever? No problem.

Shielding your personal information to give you more control AFTER you've signed up or made a purchase is a big part of how you can stay protected online, reducing spam and identity theft targeted at you.

It takes just a click to shield an email address when signing up for a new service, a newsletter, or anywhere that asks you for your email address.