Stop secret tracking of your web browsing

Download now for Google Chrome.

ChromeBlock has been temporarily removed from the Google Web Store, but you can still get it here.
Protect your privacy by stopping secret tracking of your web browsing!

ChromeBlock automatically blocks 100s of web beacons, bugs, and other tracking technologies that advertisers and others use to track your browsing.

ChromeBlock also includes all the opt-out cookies of Chrome TACO.

  • See how Web sites are trying to track you: ChromeBlock looks at each web page and identifies what tracking tools are in use, and shows you a quick easy to see count of the total #. If you're curious, just click and display all the details

  • Block tracking when you want, where you want: Choose to block tracking everywhere or at just specific sites. This actually lets you permanently stop advertisers and other companies from tracking your browsing behavior.

  • And there's more: ChromeBlock also includes all of the advertising opt-out cookie features of Chrome TACO (also by Abine), which let's you opt-out of targeted advertising!

Abine TACO automatically sets permanent, generic, non personally identifiable "opt-out cookies" in the browser, which together prevent over 100 different online advertising networks from subjecting users to behavioral profiling and advertising. At each website you visit you'll see how many and which advertising networks you've opted-out of.

Download now for Google Chrome.

"Abine projects the number of Internet users in North America using anti-tracking tools and services will be 28.1 million by the end of 2012." - USA Today

"I was very surprised to see pictures of my former places of residence in your report - it's amazing how much detail these sites are able to obtain. Thanks again for your help. I'm glad I found your service." - DeleteMe customer, Neil

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