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Using the Master Password

Learn more about the Master Password

What exactly is a Master Password?

The "Master Password" is just a password you can optionally add in order to protect others from changing your privacy settings and accessing your personal information stored in the PrivacySuite. This valuable information is encrypted and stored on your computer.

For example, if you use the Login Helper App to login to Facebook, Hulu, or other websites, these passwords are stored in the suite using the Master Password.

If you use the PrivacySuite to store logins & passwords, we recommend that you use a Master Password to protect your login information and privacy settings.

Why should I create a Master Password? Do I already have one?

During installation Abine recommends that you setup a Master Password. If you haven’t, you can create one under "Security" in the Preferences Tab of the PrivacySuite. Master passwords are optional. If you are using the login and account manager, we recommend that you use a Master Password to protect your logins.
You don't need a Master Password if you are not using the PrivacySuite to store your logins, are worried about forgetting it, or you're the only one with access you your computer.

Where are my passwords and other data stored?

The software encrypts and stores all passwords and account data you have put in the Privacy Suite on your computer. It can only be seen by you with your master password. We do not store your data on our servers and cannot access them, by design. They are encrypted using industry standard 256-bit AES encryption.

Windows: If you are a Windows user, all your data can be found in your application/data directory: For example: C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Abine.

Note: on Windows 2000 and Windows XP, the "Document and Settings" directory is generally hidden; to access the directory, you may need to set Windows Explorer to show System and Hidden directories and files.

Macintosh: On Mac OS X, a typical profile location is: ~/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profile Name/Abine

Linux On Linux, a typical profile location is: ~/.abine