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Using a Master Password

Master Password Basics

One of the things the Privacy Suite is safely and privately store the logins and passwords you use for you accounts.

If the master password is on, this box will come up each time you open your the PrivacySuite (or as often as you like) to verify the user.

What is a Master Password?

The "Master Password" is just a password you can optionally add in order to protect others from changing your privacy settings and accessing your personal information stored in the PrivacySuite. This valuable information is encrypted and stored on your computer.

For example, if you use the Login Helper App to login to Facebook, Hulu, or other websites, these passwords are stored in the suite using the Master Password.

What happens if I forget my master password?

Since we dont' have it, you can A) reset it or B) try to remember it.

Sorry! But we don’t have it. By design, we want you to be the only one who has access to your passwords, so we don't have a copy of it. So… you’ll have to start over. The good news? Re-setting is easy. The bad news? Re-setting deletes any data (typically saved logins and passwords to sites you use) you have stored in the Privacy Suite. Here’s how to do it step by step:

How to reset your Master Password

In the event you forget your password, you’ll only be able to access the PrivacySuite login window.When you type in a wrong password, a link will appear asking you if you’ve forgotten your password.

Clicking "I forgot my password" will open the window below.

Click "Ok, reset it" to reset you Master Password.

To find out why we don't have your password and check out the Detailed Guide

I don't remember making a Master Password

If you don't remember making a masterpassword, there is a simple way to check.

Here's how to check:

If you’re already in the PrivacySuite, visit the Security section located under the Preferences tab, and you can see the status of your Master Password as On or Off.

Do I need a Master Password?

If you are using the PrivacySuite to manage your logins and passwords, it is important to use the Master Password to protect them. Here's how to create a Master Password

It feels like I'm being asked for my Master Password too much

You can change your settings for when you are prompted to enter your master password in the Security section of the Preferences tab in the PrivacySuite