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The details of your life are being collected and sold.

As we go through our life, records are created about many of the things we do. Things like what web sites we visit, what we read when we’re online, photos posted of us and our family, census data, and legal and employment records.

Today, large data companies commonly known as “data brokers” or “people search companies” are collecting all of your data and developing a common profile about you. This profile includes information like your net worth, religious & political views, photos & contact information. Much of your profile is likely publicly viewable, and the rest can be bought by anyone with a computer for as little as $3.00.

Your information can be removed, but it’s a lot of work. Different policies and procedures for each company create a series of emails, faxes, snail mail, and phone calls. Then records often reappear, and you have to start the process all over again.

That’s why we created DeleteMe to take the difficult work of removing your private data from the web. Just sign up, we’ll do all the work, and send you a report showing where we found you and where you’ve been removed. The best part? Your personal DeleteMe advisor will scour the web for you every 3 months, making sure your information stays gone for good.

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