More than a password manager

Blur helps you fill out forms and login faster while protecting your passwords, purchases, and personal info in a new, smarter way.

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Protect your life online. Is your current security software protecting your data and identity? Nope. Basic protection is free (optional premium protection recommended). Award-winning and loved by millions, just like you.

Smarter Passwords

Stop forgetting passwords and easily create tough-to-crack new ones.
Access all your account info instantly from every device.

Masking Protection

A revolutionary and simple-to-use approach to securing your personal info: don't share your real data with companies; share masked data instead.

Browse privately:
block data being collected about you

Not your browser's Private Browsing: Blur automatically blocks hundreds of tracking and data collection companies, whether they use cookies or newer technologies.


Stop typing. Fill in forms faster with a single tap or click. Choose to fill with masked or real personal info. Save time, be private, and speed up your life online.

Sync securely across phones, tablets, and computers.

Simplify where your passwords, account logins, and other personal information can be accessed. Work, home, phone, computer, tablet: every device should be instantly synced.
With Backup & Sync, it is.

Masked Cards keep your credit cards
off the internet

Don't trust your credit card with a merchant?
Don't want a charge showing up on your statement?

Masked Cards protect both your security and privacy. They let you use your existing credit card to instantly make Masked Cards (similar to gift cards) wherever you shop. You don't have to ever give out your real credit card number again.

Get Premium Protection

Premium service includes a second dedicated private phone number, unlimited new credit cards, as well as the ability to add unlimited synced devices to an account for one subscription price (a few bucks a month).

Who we are

Abine is a Boston-based privacy company. Led by consumer protection, privacy, and identity theft experts, we are passionate about making easy-to-use privacy solutions for everyday people. We strongly believe that these solutions must improve as online privacy becomes more difficult to get, and we work hard to stay ahead of the curve. We look forward to helping you navigate the complicated world of online privacy.

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