Make Tough Passwords Easier to Remember

Tap to generate a tough-to-crack unique password anywhere.

Browse Privately: Block data being collected about you

Automatically blocks tracking of what you do online

Protect your identity by sharing less of it

Tap Mask and your personal information is never shared

Stop typing: instantly login & fill forms

Tap Login: All your account info is a click away on all your devices.

Your data in sync wherever you are

Your passwords, accounts, addresses, and credit cards.

Protect your Accounts, Even if you Lose your Device

You can remotely lock or wipe access to all your private information.

Keep your purchases private

Keep your credit card off the internet

Who we are

Abine is a Boston-based privacy company. Led by consumer protection, privacy, and identity theft experts, we are passionate about making easy-to-use privacy solutions for everyday people. We strongly believe that these solutions must improve as online privacy becomes more difficult to get, and we work hard to stay ahead of the curve. We look forward to helping you navigate the complicated world of online privacy.

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