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We'll find, monitor, & control what's publicly available about you.

For only a few dollars, anyone in the world use people search websites to find your name, address, age, phone number, family members, past residences, how much your house costs, and more.

But we can help. A DeleteMe subscription helps you take control of your personal information online by removing you from the largest people search websites.

How does DeleteMe work?

We'll search all major people search websites
looking for any of your personal information that is publicly available.

We'll delete your info from the largest people search sites that share it
and send you a customized report showing what we found about you and where.

We'll monitor the web to spot your info in public
to make sure it doesn't come back. If it does, we'll get rid of it for you. Every 3 months, we'll send you a report showing you the current status of your online privacy.

A DeleteMe subscription offers you worry-free privacy protection for just $99 a year (which evens out to just $8.25 a month). After you've purchased, you'll be directed to our secure webform where we'll gather the data we need to opt-you out, including a copy of some form of official ID.

Need more info? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions, a sample DeleteMe report, our customer testimonials, and the list of people search websites from which we remove you.

Price: $99.00